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Model Call, Los Angeles

I'm currently living in Los Angeles, and am always looking for attractive models who love bondage for Trannies In Trouble.

If you're a TV, CD or TS with your own outfits, who does your own makeup, and would like to be considered for bondage modeling, I'd love to hear from you! Here are some more details:

I enjoy shooting with models who are into bondage, as I do real bondage with real mouth-filling gags. Favorite outfit styles are secretary wear, sexy girl next door, formal wear, maid's outfits. Fetish wear is also good, although I don't do much of the Goth look. My budget isn't huge, but I do paying shoots for attractive models and rates are negotiable. Alternatively, I also shoot some models who just want to experience nice tight bondage in a safe environment, and as payment I give them a long-term membership to the website. I'm also often open to doing a test shoot. Shoots usually last half a day - about three or four hours. I usually shoot at my place, or a hotel room, or at the model's place if they prefer.

I try to keep photo shoots simple and relaxed. If the model wants to, I sometimes meet briefly for coffee or ice cream beforehand, in boy mode or girl mode, just to cover everything and put both of us at ease. This can be nice but it's certainly not required. Sometimes we just talk on the phone and go from there.

During the shoot itself, there's no nudity or pressure to do things that the model is uncomfortable with. Sometimes it's just a straight photoshoot and sometimes more like a play session but it all depends on the model's expectations and comfort level. All models do have to sign a STANDARD MODEL RELEASE and provide proof of age, usually a photocopy of a DRIVER'S LICENCE (all documents are kept strictly confidential and locked away). It's all right for a model to bring a friend or spouse along as long as the person doesn't interfere with the shooting.

If you'd like more information and would like to be considered for modeling, just send me an EMAIL. I can't guarantee anything, as I get loads of email and have limited time and budget. So if I say no please don't be offended or take it personally. Sometimes potential models will have a nice look but for whatever reason they're just not the right "type" for the site. Also please mention "modeling" in the subject line and send along some dressed pictures for consideration (jpeg or webpage URL such as Flickr), bound or unbound (larger-sized pictures are of course better than small ones or thumbnails). I look forward to hearing from you!

Are you a Bondage Photographer?

I'm also always looking for skilled bondage photographers / riggers in the Los Angeles area to take pictures of me or other models on the site. My budget isn't huge but if you're good it can be a paying gig. Alternatively, I also sometimes do shoots in exchange for long-term membership to the site, or sometimes for content sharing, or even occasionally for a session tied up afterwards if the photographer enjoys being bound ;-) If you have sample pics of girls you've tied and photographed, please send me an EMAIL. I'm always looking for talented and sane people to work with. And just to be clear, I'm not looking for sex. It is work (but fun work): The aim is to make hot pictures for the website. Also please mention "bondage photographer" in the subject line of your email so that I don't accidentally delete it.

Do you have your own Tranny Bondage Picture Sets, Stories, or Artwork?

I'm also always looking for original picture sets and artwork for exclusive posting on the Trannies in Trouble paysite. If it's high quality material that would be at home on the site, I can offer a couple months of free access to the members' area in return and can post a link if you have your own site. I'll also consider outright sales if it's something that I absolutely love, though to be honest that doesn't happen very often and even then the amount would be pretty small. Of course it has to be your own artistic work or photos. Also, if they are photos, I would need a signed model release and for proof of age, a photocopy of a driver's license. To inquire or to send a sample, just send me an EMAIL and please mention "photo sets" or "artwork" in the subject line (I get a lot of spam and don't want to accidentally delete your e-mail :-)