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Where’s fall? (Some Random Thoughts)

It’s been a hot summer in the San Fernando Valley, and I keep waiting for those cool fall days. That’s one thing I really miss about Colorado; they do have real seasons there unlike the consistently sunny and sometimes really hot weather of L.A. But hey, I’m only complaining a little. I do have some good shoots coming up soon in October that I’m really looking forward to, including shooting again with Sybil, who’ll be in town, and very likely getting to shoot with Sissy Paige (from the Yahoo Group). Really looking forward to seeing both gurls and some others too!

The Master – So over the weekend my friend Kim and I (in guy mode) went down to the old Hollywood Cinerama Dome theater to see the new movie by Paul Thomas Anderson, “The Master,” which was a little puzzling though I enjoyed it a lot. There’s nothing really kinky in it but there are a couple erotically-charged scenes that caught my eye (Amy Adams, for example, would be a great domme!) I also felt like a bit of a perv watching the scenes with crazy Joaquin Phoenix and his very young penpal / flame, played by Madisen Beaty (who I think is like 17 years old in real life). Not a lot happens but she’s shockingly pretty and fresh in that girl-next-door kind of way and there’s so much sexual tension between them (the picture here isn’t that great but she really stands out in the movie). This one will almost certainly be noticed at the Oscars next year. If you like this kind of “auteur cinema” you’ll love it (or scratch your head).

Some Other Celebrities – So while I’m on the subject here are a few other female celebrities, more on the mature side, whom I also like. Kyra Sedgwick and Mary McDonnell from, respectively, The Closer and Major Crimes definitely have that domme thing going on. And I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus (formerly from Seinfeld) could have it, though in Veep she seems a little too scattered and unsure of herself. Then, of course, there’s always Sarah Palin, who just looks amazing in this black suit. And finally, although Gwyneth doesn’t seem particularly domme-ly, she sure looks great in this black coat and sleek hair (and hey, it’s Joaquin Phoenix again!)


A friend recently sent me the last couple seasons of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and I’m really enjoying it! I’d seen bits of the show before and don’t normally get to see much TV, and I’m always totally out of the loop on what’s current, but this one’s really hilarious. Larry David just makes you cringe. If you liked Seinfeld, it’s more of the same. In fact, they’ve been doing a Seinfeld reunion show this season, which I’m looking forward to seeing. There’s some clips on the link above if you haven’t seen it before, or don’t have HBO, like me.

Laura Dern as Katherine Harris

I was out of town for a few days last week with my best friend K. and saw the new HBO movie “Recount” while on the road (I love cable TV in motels). The movie’s about the 2000 election and is very good, but Laura Dern as Katherine Harris steals the show. She plays the part like someone who’s blissfully in over their head and doesn’t have a clue. And of course I couldn’t help but notice the awesome business suits that she wears. Here’s a good review of the movie from Roger Ebert with a nice picture of the actress. And a clip of her on YouTube. Did I mention she wears some awesome business suits? ;-) There’s also a very brief shot in the movie of protestors with duct tape over their mouths.

As for the events of the movie, it left me frustrated and dismayed, especially in light of events since 2000 – if only things had gone differently…

Depression: Out of the Shadows

Last night on PBS there was an interesting documentary on depression that examined some of the underlying brain chemistry that’s often involved, and talked to many different people suffering with some form of the disorder, from mild to severe. A lot of it was fairly grim but overall I found it quite hopeful. I’ve been using alternative methods – St. John’s Wort, social support, and lots of exercise – the last six months or so for my own occasional low moods, but to be honest about twice a week I still think about going back on prozac. I do fine without it but 2008 so far has definitely been a tougher year than last and some of it is no doubt because I’m not on the pills. It would be so nice to do it without the meds, but I still may go back on them.

If you’re interested in the subject PBS actually has the entire show online here.

Also a shorter preview here.

They also talked to Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon, which is one of the best books on the subject that I’ve read. He suffered a very severe case several years ago and I was amazed to see the number of different pills he takes everyday to keep himself together.

Primetime Bondage on “Las Vegas” TV show

A friend recently wrote me about a good bondage scene from the season finale of “Las Vegas,” the TV show. Vanessa Marcil’s character Sam ends up bound and gagged with duct tape and locked in a small trunk. My friend mentioned how disturbing he found the scene, as she really is quite helpless inside the trunk and actually ends up being whisked off to the airport and some unknown fate.

I was sorry I missed it, but, pervert that I am, I did a little Google search and came up with just the thing. You can actually download episodes of the show as Windows Media files from links on the following pages. Enjoy them while they’re there.

Episode 16 (begins in “Part 4”)

Season Finale (continues through episode, especially in “Part 3”)