Ts in Trouble on Tyler’s Porn Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tyler’s Porn Reviews just posted a nice review of Trannies In Trouble. It’s listed among the transsexual and shemale sites, which may not be the best fit, but I understand it’s hard to pick a category – bondage or TV/TS? But hey, I scored 8 to 11 points better (there’s two different scores) than Kink.com’s TS sex site TS Seduction – and they’re a huge company! Thanks, Tyler!

Club Fantasy Next Friday, March 5th

Another month’s almost passed and the next Club Fantasy party will be next Friday, March 5th, from 8:00 PM till 1:30 AM in North Hollywood, CA. I’m really looking forward to it, but it’ll be a little bittersweet for me. A lot of my friends already know that I’m moving to Denver in April, so it’ll be my last party for a while. I do hope to come back to visit from time to time, though, and do more shoots in L.A. And I don’t anticipate any real changes to the website, as I spent last summer in Colorado and was just as busy shooting and working on it there as I am here. L.A.’s been good, but she’s a cruel mistress. Lots of great things here, and lots of pressures, and I ain’t gettin’ any younger. I’ve actually been thinking of moving for a couple years and the timing feels right about now. So hopefully all the regulars and new friends will make it out to the party. It’ll be a good one. Hope to see you there!

Club Fantasy Details

Fun Shoot with Sybil

Sybil and I have been talking about doing a shoot for about a year and we finally had the chance yesterday while she was here in town. I had a really fun time with her, getting her all tied up and hanging out afterwards. She’s a fabulous girl and just as nice as she is gorgeous! We shot in Hollywood, and if you look really close you can just make out the Hollywood sign way off on the hill in the first shot, with the tiny radio tower just above it. I’ll post the full set of these shots in a few weeks on the site, where Sybil gets rope tied and ball gagged and looks really really cute.

As the afternoon faded Sybil’s friend, the amazing Jean Bardot, stopped by to visit and was so nice to actually help us out behind the scenes. Jean’s terrific and great fun to hang out with. I’d met her briefly last year at a party and was a little star struck, but it’s always amazing how when you meet someone in real life whom you’ve admired online, they’re usually just like regular people (though really really attractive!) It was a fun time and I’m looking forward to getting Sybil’s pics up on the site and hope we get a chance to shoot again before too long.

Sade’s Style

I got a little hypnotized the other day when I saw this picture of Sade in the newspaper promoting her new album. I saw this and just stood there staring at it at the newsstand. I love her dress and especially the high neck line and elegant hair style. And this is a woman who’s 51 years old – very impressive!

More from Syren!

Here’s another small picture from the Syren! party from a couple weeks ago. Ryan Beyer had a really impressive photography set up for this one where he shot lots of pictures of all the girls. It looks like a Photoshop cutout but actually he had a white background that was brightly illuminated, his ring flash on the camera and a couple other strobes on both sides, so that everything was majorly lit!

Sweater Dress

I got together again with my friend Al from Altomic Photo and we took a set of pictures with this new sweater dress that I really like. Here’s an “extra” shot from the gallery. I’ll post the full set this Friday for the next update on the site, with tight hemp rope and a really tight cleave gag to go with it.