Back In Colorado

Well, my move was quite an adventure, with car trouble in Santa Fe, but I’ve been in Denver for one day now, with my good friend K., cleaning and moving in to my new temporary sublet where I’ll be for a few months. It’s funny but whenever I travel I always find myself growing terribly horny after a few days – probably due to the stress of being out of my usual routine and maybe also from not being able to easily look at any bondage pics ;-) Earlier today, for example, I saw a woman wearing a tight white blouse and my mind instantly went to duct tape and tight chest ropes. Makes my toes curl.

Seven Years of Trannies In Trouble

Every year when I hear about the anniversary of the Iraq war on the news I’m also reminded about the anniversary of Ts in Trouble. I remember it was that same week that the bombs started falling that I went online with the site. I’m always amazed when another year passes and it’s still humming along (and the war too!) I’ll be making some new contacts in Denver, I’m sure, but I’m planning for the basic look and feel of the site to remain the same. I’m really looking forward to that ten year anniversary, which I’m sure will pass just like that…Let’s hope the war isn’t still going on, though it sadly seems naive to think otherwise…

Big Move

Well, my big move to Denver is bearing down on me. I’m getting a truck in exactly one week, loading it up, and hitting the road. I’ll apologize in advance about my response to emails (which is always so so), and it’ll be really bad for the next couple weeks till I get a little more settled. But of course the updates will continue on the site as usual.

It’s crazy, but getting a UHaul truck is so expensive in L.A. that I’m actually going to go with a good friend to Vegas and drive it back from there to Los Angeles, and then head off to Denver, which allows me to save hundreds of dollars. It’s nuts but is a big enough difference that it’s worth the hassle.

So right now I’m in that every-minute-counts mode where there’s never enough time. Moving’s never fun but this too will pass, and hopefully I’ll have some new club news and some new shoots from the mile-high city fairly soon.

Threshold Shoot

Speaking of Club Fantasy, a few days ago my friend Chainguy and I shot some pictures to help promote the party and also the club, Threshold, where it’s held. We also shot some bondage, of course, so some of these shots will show up on the site later this year. We had a really fun time and had some other friends also stop by to visit and help out (thanks to D. especially!) The club is very large so it was great to be able to spread out and shoot in such a variety of different rooms. We even did a couple smoking shots at the makeup mirror. Now, I don’t smoke and don’t advocate smoking for anyone (and it’s really not a smoking club), but I’ll admit it was surprisingly soothing and pleasant, so I’d better watch it and not light up again or it could become a habit. It certainly does look cool for pictures, though, so maybe I’ll have to get some clove cigarettes and shoot some more. Anyway, it was a fun couple of days.

My Last Club Fantasy Party for a While

Since I’m moving to Denver soon the Club Fantasy party on the 5th was my last one for a while, and it was really nice. I want to emphasize that the parties will be continuing on like normal, every first Friday of the month in N. Hollywood, and I will really miss being there, but hope to come back later in the year for a visit. Like I say, this last party was terrific and became something of a going-away party. Everyone was so generous – especially one reader who knows who he is – Wow! There’ll be some really sharp pictures in the not too distant future ;-) We also had all kinds of food, including three cakes! I ate way too much but it was delicious! I won’t try to name everyone who was there, as I’m sure I’ll forget someone, but so many friends had such kind things to say. I was really touched but thankfully I didn’t get teary-eyed till much later. The parties have been going on since around 2005. We’ve had some really fun evenings with good play, and also those times when only a handful of people showed up, but even some of those were enjoyable when we’d all hang out in the break room and visit. These parties will always have a warm place in my heart, and it’s going to be tough leaving it behind for now. I will miss you all.