Ts in Trouble on Tiffany’s Trapped Transvestite Caps

Tiffany Manners has a terrific captions blog, definitely one of my favorites, with lots of sexy pictures and clever captions. We recently exchanged some emails and she graciously agreed to do her caption treatment on a few of my shots. She has two series, here and here, and also another set of pictures with a Latin theme, which she did while on vacation in Cuba. Thanks so much, Tiffany – Nice work! Her entire blog is worth checking and she has a wicked and very sexy imagination ;-)

Anyone Know This Pic?

A friend in California gave me a copy of this wonderful picture, which I scanned here, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the photographer or model, or if there are any other shots that go with this one? It looks like it could be an old Irving Klaw picture, although I’m not sure if it’s exactly his style. In any case it’s a lovely shot and a great outfit and tie. If you’re familiar with it, please feel free to leave a comment below or to email me directly. Thanks so much!

Update – Thanks for the comments and to everyone who emailed me directly. Yes, it does look like the lady in question is Pia Sands from an old Harmony magazine. Here’s another pic below that a reader just sent me. The wild hair at first threw me, but I’m guessing that it’s probably just bunched up behind her back, since everything else – the outfit, hose, heels, gloves, tie, even the blotchy carpet – all seem to match up. So if anyone has any more scans from this set, feel free to email them to me – I won’t mind! ;-)

Update 2-28-11 – Another reader kindly sent in a few more nice color pics from the Pia Sands gallery, so here are a couple more below. Check out those seamed stockings!

Update 3-15-11 – Another kind reader sent in another Pia Sands shot from a different set of pictures. It makes you wonder if these shots were all done at the same photoshoot. She’s wearing the same heels and it’s probably the same room with that same carpet. Hmm, interesting…

Heading Back to Denver

Well, here I am sitting in the Sacramento airport listening to the bland smooth jazz muzak. My flight was cancelled so they routed me up here before heading back to Denver later tonight. I don’t know what it is about travelling that makes me so, well, horny, but I’ve got it bad tonight. I did buy a few old Harmony reprints of John Willie and Irving Klaw photos at the My Kinky Valentine event the other day, so maybe I’ll have to check those out later in the wee hours ;-)

It was a nice visit in L.A. this past week or so, and I got to do several fun photoshoots including one with Chainguy, where I did a very strict self-hogtie in steel restraints, crawling on my stomach to get to the keys at the other end of the patio. I’ll try to post a few preview pics in a couple days once I’m home and back to normal. And then will have to make an effort to go out this weekend – I think to Hamburger Mary’s most likely – to try to minimize any post-L.A. crash, which has been known to happen.

Busy in L.A.

It’s been a whirlwind of busy-ness here in L.A. After the Club Fantasy party and the corset tea I’ve been able to do several photoshoots, go back to Theshold for another party on Saturday, see some friends and even get in a little shopping. Just taking it easy today and trying to re-group before the next weekend. I’ll be checking out Threshold’s My Kinky Valentine this Saturday and probably shooting at least once more before I head back to Denver (I hear it’s really cold!) next week.

Terrific Party at Club Fantasy

We had a wonderful turnout at the Club Fantasy party last night – well over 30 people with a lot of play going on. It was really nice to see so many friends and meet some nice new people too. Then today I went with a good friend to a “corset tea” salon at the Hollywood and Highland Center and met some more nice people, including a charming lady whom I had the pleasure of sitting next to. The great thing about being in Hollywood and walking around crossdressed is that no one bats an eye, except for maybe the tourists, in which case I’m just playing my role in the ongoing freak show. That’s certainly one thing I miss about L.A.

Been listening to: I recently heard “Ghost of Love” again, from David Lynch’s super-bizarre “Inland Empire,” back in 2006. The hypnotic thing’s been going through my mind since. David Lynch even does the singing (what can’t he do?), though his voice is so heavily processed that I wasn’t sure if it was a man or a woman when I first heard it.

The Bieber: Is it wrong that I kind of want to see the upcoming Justin Bieber movie?

The Brick Testament on Transvestism

I promise I won’t turn this into a big Biblical blog, but this guy the Reverend Smith (who is described as “both highly presumptuous and extremely vain”) made a bunch of Bible illustrations using Legos. The one on good ol’ Deuteronomy 22:5 about crossdressing is pretty amusing. You can check it out here and be sure to click on the little forward arrows on the right side of that page to see the other illustrations. They’re all really clever – I especially liked the ones on “Homosexuality,” “Bestiality,” “When to stone your children” and “Sexual Discharges.” Funny stuff.

Jay Bakker on Huffington Post

I just read a very interesting article from Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, about his visit with his wife to an L.A. drag show. At the time he was moving towards becoming a “gay-affirming pastor” but was still uncertain about whether he really wanted to be seen at the club. The night however turned out to be a turning point for him, with the drag queens welcoming him warmly and talking about Jesus’s love. It’s a terrific story and he seems like a really cool guy. There’s also another good blog post about him from Cathleen Falsani on his views on gays and the church that’s also very interesting (and check out those tattoos!) Apparently they had to close the comments on that particular post because things got so heated.

His basic argument is that homosexuality really is not a sin. He points out that the Bible contains so many laws against things that we now treat as no big deal (eating shellfish, for example) and all kinds of calls for actions that are illegal (killing this or that sinner or non-believer), and that the three references in the New Testament that do appear to deal with homosexuality may be using words that aren’t even translated correctly. He makes a very good and passionate argument and the article suggests a growing movement of some evangelical churches to fully embrace gays and lesbians, and not in that creepy “we love you but you can’t do any of that gay stuff” kind of way.

Both blog posts are very good, and the whole Bible and gays question is always fascinating, even for a heathen like me.