American Mary

I had a fun time the other night hanging out with my good friend Delilah and watching this crazy horror movie called “American Mary,” about a sexy young medical student named, well, Mary, played by Katherine Isabelle, who gets involved in performing underground surgeries and weird body modifications to help pay her mounting debts – the girl definitely has some mental problems too, or at the very least a severe personality disorder. This thing is really twisted and sick, with a couple scenes in particular of medical torture that are truly disturbing and awful to watch. But the clothes she wears – OMG! She’s always wearing skirts and high heels, or lingerie, performing surgery in five inch pumps and basically looks like a killer dominatrix – she’s hot! The only scene of actual (weak) bondage is in that torture scene and it’s NOT sexy, just horrible, but I still enjoyed the weirdness and sexiness of the film in general. The ending though is also weak; it’s one of those movies that has a fantastic set-up and premise and then just seems to run out of ideas and feels like it has this confusing violent climax that was just cobbled together to wrap things up. So it’s not a great film, by any stretch, but if you like horror and you like the sexy outfits on the actress, who is indeed very good in her twisted role, it’s definitely fun and worth a watch. She has great bangs too! ;-)

West Hollywood Halloween Street Party 2014

It was another fun Halloween in West Hollywood. My friend Kim was feeling a little under the weather so I dressed up and braved the Boulevard on my own but luckily I was able to meet up with two group of friends during the night, including Louann and Mika, who are regulars here on the L.A. scene, Ashley A. who was in town for the weekend from New York (just shot pics with her a few weeks ago – that’s her friend Jodie in the mask with her below), Ileana Logan as a super-cute stewardess, and Capt. Al from AtTomicVisuals.

As usual, it’s a great mix of costumes and weirdos out on the streets with lots of CDs and cute girls. Apparently if you’re a teenage girl it’s required to make gang or peace signs when posing. Much later in the evening it was great to see Lorelei, Jon Woods, and Ikaras Jones again and hang out for a while at the hotel where they were all staying. If I see them a third time it’ll be a tradition!

The strange thing about this year is that there was a little rain off and on, but nothing too bad till about midnight when suddenly it let loose and was a deluge! Thankfully I brought a small umbrella, so I was fine walking back to my car. But a young guy came up shivering and asked, “Can I walk with you under your umbrella? I’m so cold!” I said sure, and after a minute he put his arm around me and came in close. I think he really was just trying to grab some body heat (mostly) but it was pretty funny. What the heck, it’s a party and if he’d been my type maybe I would have had some action. He was very thankful when we finally got back to the parking garage and we parted ways, never to be seen again. All in all, a fun night and crazy as ever…