Start of the Summer and More Self Bondage…

Hi Everyone! We’re definitely feeling the approaching summer here in L.A. Things are slowly opening up and the traffic is picking up though the modified lockdown in L.A. is still going on, probably sometime into July, though I don’t know for sure. So it’s a strange time.

I did shoot another self-bondage video, though, which I just posted over on the site. It was a warm night so I’m wearing my tight white retro underwear. I strike some poses and then do a quick book review of a Brenda Starr book that a friend recently sent me. Then it’s on to some self-bondage with some big bulge Hitachi action and finishing up chairtied with the Hitachi strapped into my lap till it finishes me all off!

I also have another video coming up in a couple weeks with the “ice and key” trick that I mentioned over in the Fetlife Group. And I shot another one where I panicked after a few minutes, not sure if I’ll post that one or not but we’ll see. It sure reminded me that self-bondage is risky and you want to make sure you have plenty of ways to get out if you really get stuck or start to lose your nerve – which actually happens to me pretty easily with self bondage in spite of all my experience.

In any case I hope you’re all well and dealing with things as we head into the summer – take care!