Still Busy

Things have continued to be busy here but it’s all good (as the young people used to say). Over the weekend I was at Threshold’s FemDom party, which was a lot of fun and had a real nice energy. I usually don’t do a lot of playing in public but I “let” a good friend do some flogging and paddling on me and found it quite relaxing. I’m really not into heavy pain – obviously, bondage and the damsel in distress fantasy are my major interests – but when it’s done by someone who knows what they’re doing, being spanked and beaten a little can actually be quite nice and not nearly as painful as people imagine it to be – at least it doesn’t have to be painful and can really alter one’s mood in a good way. So it was a fun break for the weekend.

Since then I’ve mostly been doing the usual picture and video editing and have been trying to set up some more photoshoots, which can actually take a lot of time. I’m hoping to work with some more interesting models in the months ahead, both CDs and females. And I’ll also be attending DomCon LA in May and plan to do some shooting there during the days. Let me know if you’re going to be there so we can say hi.

So it’s just been the usual busy with that feeling of always wishing I had a few more days to get caught up. I’ve fallen pretty behind on email too and am trying to answer a few every day but the queue’s again getting pretty long. Hopefully I can have a quiet Sunday fairly soon and get more caught up again.

Nine Years of Trannies In Trouble

Here we are at the end of another March, which marks the nine-year anniversary of Trannies In Trouble being online. It amazes me that it’s gone on this long, and I’m really looking forward to the ten-year mark which will arrive in no time. I’ll have to do a giveaway or something special next year. If anyone has any suggestions, leave me a comment or email me directly and let me know your thoughts. As always, thanks so much to everyone who has supported the site over the years – I truly could not do it without you! Here’s to many more years of getting tied up and into trouble!

With Ms. Jewell Marceau

Yesterday I had the amazing experience of getting to work with the gorgeous Jewell Marceau, a really wonderful lady whom I’d met a couple times before and had the chance to photograph a few years ago for a mutual friend. But being tied up and gagged by her, bossed around, suffocated a little, and generally dominated was definitely an afternoon to remember. I really owe one to CD Cindy who helped arrange the shoot and who’s good friends with Jewell. Jewell and I are sharing these pictures so it might be a while before these sets go up on Ts in Trouble but I’m really looking forward to it. She’s a very busy lady but I’m hoping we’ll have the chance to shoot again sometime. Thanks so much, Jewell!

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, things have really picked up since being back in L.A. I’ve been having one of those weeks where you keep looking at the clock and figuring out how many hours you have left till the next thing on the schedule. Had three shoots over the weekend, another one coming up tonight in downtown L.A. and maybe another one this weekend. So along with all the day-to-day picture editing and updating and running around, things have been crazy! Hopefully tomorrow night I can relax and get away to hang out at the Oxwood Inn with friends and maybe belt out “Mother’s Little Helper” at karaoke (love that song!) I keep saying it, but it is great to be back in SoCal. I never had weeks like this in Denver!

Photos By Mr. K.

On this week’s update on Ts in Trouble I posted a few pictures posing with a favorite bondage magazine from many years ago. Later I emailed my good friend Mr. K. on the east coast and verified that he had shot many of the pictures in the magazine, including all of those visible in these two Ts in Trouble pictures. He shot many bondage magazines back in the day and this magazine was one of my favorites that I bought in the late 80s. It’s gotten pretty dog-eared over the years but it’s one of the few magazines that I’ve made a point to hold onto. Nice work, Mr. K!

Fun Weekend in L.A.

It’s been a couple fun days here with more Thursday karaoke at The Oxwood Inn, where my friends Annie and Beth showed up (Annie sang a great “Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart). Always a nice time hanging out there. And then last night’s Club Fantasy party was terrific, with a nice group with great energy. Later around midnight we had a fun raffle, giving away two makeovers from Transformations by Gina, and two very nice girls won – Mz. TigerLilly and Nina Allison. I’m sure they’ll both look fantastic when they get all made up. We’re doing another raffle next month for more makeovers with Gina, so if you live in the area come on out Friday, April 6th, and hang out with us in the very-nice Threshold dungeon and enter to win a makeover. Love that party!