TDKev on DeviantART

My friend Mr. K recently sent me this link to an amazing artist on the DeviantArt website. His name is TDKev (Twat Daddy Kev) and his paintings and drawings are so imaginative and sexy, with lots of skintight dresses, bondage, crossdressing, dangerous dolls and lots of stuff that’s just plain wrong in a good way. I hope he doesn’t mind me posting these scaled down pictures; it’s definitely worth checking out more at the link above…

Sucker Punch

I missed Sucker Punch when it came out in March but finally had a chance to see it last night in HD. It makes no sense at all and probably adds nothing to society, but it’s also Pretty Darn Awesome! And it’s something of a crossdresser’s wet dream with all the smokin’ hot babes and their fantastic outfits. Unfortunately there are only two very brief bondage-related scenes, one with the main character, Babydoll, wearing a straitjacket, although we only see her face and upper chest for a moment; the other scene has her and later another actress being strapped into a chair for a medical procedure, but again the scenes are very very brief. If the movie had had some extended bondage scenes my mind would have been thoroughly blown! Still, I liked it a lot. On the surface it comes across as pretty mindless – hot babes with lots of guns and swordplay – but if you like that sort of thing you’ll probably be entertained. It does have a sadness, though, and maybe even some actual depth underneath all the gloss and action, as I did find it rather touching in several scenes, and especially at the end. Definitely worth seeing or at the very least, check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it before.

Brittany and the Dildo Gag Video

Brittany Morgen and I had a really fun time at FetishCon 2011 shooting a recent video for the site where I’m a teasing bitch who makes her compliant roommate Brittany endure the evening in tight bondage with a humiliating dildo gag strapped into her mouth. Our friend Judy helped out with the camera – we couldn’t have done it without her. I keep pointing out that Brittany has the most flexible elbows; she’s able to make them touch and endure having them tightly lashed together – very impressive! Anyway, here are a few frame grabs from the video.

Twitter Feed: Just a quick update that I just added a little Twitter thing-ey on the sidebar over on the right that shows my last few Tweets from that silly website. So if you’re not on Twitter you can still catch every brilliantly clever thing I chirp about ;-) Yeah, right – I’m afraid it’s mostly shaping up to be about favorite rock stars, orgasm self-denial, and those occasional nights of wretched insomnia. So if that’s of any interest, there I am off to the side there.


That den of insecurity known as Twitter has always seemed slightly ridiculous to me even though I know quite a few people who like it a lot. There are in fact lots of bondage models and photographers on it and some of them I’d like to follow. So after much hesitation – heck, I’ve held out for a couple years now! – I finally signed up a few days ago and made a profile. I have no idea if I’ll stick with it or simply give up in bewilderment and frustration in a few weeks.

I certainly don’t “get it” at this point and can’t imagine how anyone could possibly follow more than maybe twenty-five people without being overwhelmed. I see users who are following hundreds, even thousands, of people and I just think, how? Obviously there’s no way to read that many “tweets” (I can’t believe I just used that word for real). I’ve also seen some users who tweet something like forty or more times a day, which almost seems rude to the poor folks who are following you. I think the most I’ve tweeted was four in one day, and I felt like I was really over-doing it at that point.

I also briefly followed an anonymous non-bondage person who asked me to, but he was so active that my timeline was suddenly filled with this guy’s tweets and re-tweets. I felt bad to do it, but I quietly hit the “unfollow” button. Anyway, if you are on Twitter, I don’t even know if I would recommend following me or not, for I am far from sold. Believe me, I will not be offended if you choose not to (and of course, I won’t know anyway!). So with that glowing endorsement – hey, yeah, follow my exciting tweets on Twitter!

FetishCon 2011

This was my third FetishCon and I would say it was the best so far. I met lots of people, saw good friends whom I sometimes only see once a year, shot lots of pictures, went to lots of parties, and basically crammed way more into four days than I normally do in a month. The first day the lovely Sybil and I were able to shoot and we had a special treat with the fabulous Jean Bardot stopping by. It’ll be awesome having Jean and Sybil together on the site in the weeks ahead!

Then that evening was the big Thursday Meet N Greet party – one of the best events – and they had Kinky Karaoke too at the end of the evening – Who hoo! I’ve never sung in front of that big a group before but I gathered my courage and signed up. The party probably had 200 to 300 people, although the area where they did Karaoke was probably closer to 50 people actually paying attention (sort of). And it was a tough crowd since there were so many distractions, including a few trampling scenes going on nearby, but I went big and gave it my all for Alice Cooper’s “Billion Dollar Babies,” one of my favorites. Sadly, I have no pics of me making a total fool of myself – well, I do, just not singing ;-)

I also had a chance to meet my new friend Allen G., whom I’ve been chatting with the last couple months. He’s very good with the ropes and is a huge fan of pantyhose encasement and full-body bondage. We got to shoot a couple things over the weekend and I really look forward to doing some more with him in the future. There were many high points to the weekend and getting tied up by Allen was definitely one of them.

It was a long weekend and Saturday I was already starting to droop, but that evening I ran into Brittany Morgen, whom I’d talked to earlier in the day, and we were finally able to shoot some pics (we’ve been talking about doing something for years!) Our friend Judy helped out immensely and we had a fun time, and I got to try out a new latex dildo gag on poor Brittany. I don’t think she minded.

There were lots of things going on – including a bondage escape contest, pitting two girls in teams against one another. Here’s Britney Morgan, I believe, with Lew Rubens above, designer of the liplocker gag; also the super-cute Michelle Peters and her bondage partner.

Also, obviously lots of cute girls, and there seemed to be trampling scenes going on everywhere you turned. It’s always great to see Art_esia too, who has to be the ultimate super-fan at this event. She knows absolutely Everyone, and hey, she’s even taller than I am in heels!

A huge draw for the event are of course all the fetish and bondage models running around – they’re everywhere! Everyone was very cool and approachable, and it’s always amazing to be talking to these ladies whom you’ve seen online and in magazines so many times. Here are Akira Lane and Christina Carter above.

With Hannya Strange and Aimee Reyes, whom I met while taking a lunch break – real nice girls.

With Jewell Marceau and Anastasia Pierce – two super-sweet ladies!

Looking a bit scared with the stunningly beautiful and deadly Mosh – amazing on so many levels.

One of the coolest ladies at FetCon, the lovely JJ Plush, whom I had the honor of getting to shoot with, and yes, getting tied up by JJ is sweet! She’s a class act all around.

With the amazing Julie Simone – I’ve always admired her and her mysterious manner.

And of course the fantastic Sandra Silvers. We Sandra’s gotta stick together – very cool lady.

I was also very struck by Yvette from Germany, who was wearing this unique and inescapable elbow binder. It looks really cool though it’s not cheap – I believe, normally over four hundred dollars, though there was a FetCon special in the two hundred range. She certainly looks lovely in it though and has several cool websites, Yvette-Xtreme, SuperTightBondage, and she appears at BoundCon in Germany.

And finally, he’s not pretty to look at, but I LOVE the Reverend B. Dangerous, who does the final act at the final Sunday night party. This guy is amazing! During his freakshow performance he chews on broken glass, gets a drill up his nose, eats nasty crawly things, has a big dude stand on the back of his head while he lies in broken glass, and generally just gets the crap beaten out of himself, with no illusions or tricks – he just endures it. I actually get a little teary eyed when he’s wrapping up the show and getting a cinder block busted on his nuts with a sledge hammer by the lovely Kendra James – once his pain ends, it means the convention is winding down for another year too! But I just love shows like this where everyone can scream and holler and go crazy while he does his madness on stage – something about his lunacy really touches me deeply. And he’s a real nice guy off the stage! I had a blast clowning around with him for the camera afterwards (that’s real blood) and hope to see him again, and everyone, at next year’s FetCon.