SoCal Fires

We’ve been having some pretty miserable conditions here in Southern California the last few days, with the fires nearby in the mountains and temperatures hitting 100 or higher in many areas. I have a family member who refers to Southern California as the ninth circle of hell and on days like this it seems he might be right.

Really Tight Elbows

This week’s update was really intense. I recently shot a set with Chainguy, using hemp rope, and we did a tie that was one of the most stringent I’ve ever been in. As you can see in the second picture, the wrist tie was knotted off to my elbows, which were lashed together nearly touching. Then the elbow rope was run up to the tight collar around my neck, with some tension to keep me from struggling too much, and a tight waist rope was added after that. Then my legs were tied and I was silenced with a ballgag. There was no way at all I was ever going to get free of this on my own, and it was an incredibly sexy feeling! I’ll have the full set up on the site later tonight.

Recently on Fetlife I saw some amazing 3D damsel in distress pictures from a very talented guy named SPAZ who runs We’ve been exchanging some emails and he very graciously agreed to let me post a guest gallery on Trannies In Trouble. Here’s the Preview / What’s New? page that links to it. He also sent me a couple cool pictures with me tied up with my favorite of his heroines, Vicky! I’ve toyed around with a little 3D animation over the years and it’s really hard! So I was just amazed when I first saw SPAZ’s site. Not only is he technically very skilled, but he’s able to really capture that sense of danger and peril. Check it out and enjoy!

Mount Whitney

Well, this is turning out to be my summer of hiking. I was up in Lone Pine, California, the other day with my best friend K., and Monday I dragged myself up to the top of Mount Whitney, which is the highest spot in the lower 48 states, and by a strange coincidence only 85 miles away from the lowest point in Death Valley. It was an awesome hike and took just over 12 hours to get back down. The mountain’s really busy too and I probably saw about 300 people on it, including about 30 hanging out on top. Another amazing day!

Girl in Tight Jeans

Once again I had one of those “trying not to stare” moments. I was in a fast food place earlier today standing in line and right in front of me there was a girl, probably about 19, wearing the tightest and sexiest jeans that I’ve seen in a while. I usually prefer skirts, but she was wearing these amazing jeans with a clean dark blue denim material and bright yellow-ish contrasting stitching. They looked brand new and fit her like a glove. Her shoes were nothing special, but the jeans – Oh my, now those were hot jeans! I stared and then realized I was staring and tried to look away, then looked again, and back and forth. It was like there was a little voice in my head saying, “You must look, soon she will be gone. Look, look – look, damn you!” Well, I felt like a total perv, but I probably wasn’t the only one looking. My description unfortunately doesn’t capture her appeal. But I guess if I was totally sleazy I’d be one of those guys with a hidden camera and I’d post pictures. Hmmm…No, mustn’t go there…

Domina Elle Wins!

I was really thrilled to see that my friend Domina Elle from Denver just won the Fetishbuzz photo contest to win an outfit from Vex Latex. The winning photo was very cool with her trussed up male slave at her feet while she enjoyed some relaxing housecleaning with her Hoover. She’s a huge latex fan so I’m sure she’ll look stunning as usual in her winning outfit. It couldn’t have gone to a nicer and classier lady!

Back In L.A.

Well, I made it back safely last night and had the old shock of dealing with L.A. traffic as I came into town. I hate to bitch but I have such mixed feelings about this place and wonder how long I’ll choose to continue to stay here. This morning I was feeling a little low so I went to a yoga class, which was fine but didn’t do much for my mood. I’m okay though and just need to unpack and clean up the place to get back to feeling settled. I’ve also got a new set of pictures to edit with a new model that I’m looking forward to posting. All in all it’s back to work.