Trans Supermodel Andreja Pejic

I first heard of supermodel Andreja Pejic sometime last year when she was still presenting as a spectacular androgynous male model, modeling both women’s and men’s clothes (and still going by Andrej). I was totally blown away and in awe and recall in an interview how much work it took to polish the incredible look that she presented, meticulously watching her diet and exercise. Recently though she’s been in the news after coming out as transgender, and there’s a nice Entertainment Tonight video if you scroll down to the bottom of this write-up about the Australian model of Bosnian ethnicity. And OMG, she sounds just as incredible as she looks and wears a super-cute outfit in the ET video, which also mentions trans actress Laverne Cox from the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black.” Andeja also appeared in a recent David Bowie video. It’s great to see such high-profile trans people. The world needs more like them!

Photobombed with Christelle!

My friend Christelle from France just sent me a few more pictures from the recent visit in Paris, including some amusing ones. After a nice dinner at our favorite bistro, Christelle, Krystle, our friend Charly and I headed out again and snapped some shots on the famous Champs-Élysées. We got nicely photobombed (I loved that guy!) and to my surprise it turns out that Charly did snap a picture of the teenage girl who couldn’t stop laughing at us, whom I mentioned in the earlier blog post below. I don’t remember her being this tiny, so I’m a bit shocked (I swear, officer, she really was 18!) but she did have a boyfriend with her and is hiding her face in the picture, so here you go. It was a really hilarious moment to see her carrying on like this – kudos to Christelle for getting her to come over and stand with us, even if just for a second before she ran off again! It was a wild night and afterward we had a drive through the unknown streets back to our hotel after a long day of dressing and sight seeing. I wanna go back!