Hitting the Road on Sunday

Wow, not much blogging lately. I’ve been so busy and trying not to get too frazzled getting ready for my upcoming trip to Colorado. It’ll be a working trip, of course, and the website updates will continue on like normal. I’ve heard from a few local women there who want to do some photoshoots, so hopefully I’ll have some interesting sample shots to share before too long. But I’m having a tougher time finding TGs and TVs to shoot with. I know they’re there (since, heck, I used to live just down the road in Colorado Springs!), but the pool of potential models is of course smaller since Denver is much smaller than L.A. But hopefully I’ll hear from some new girls before too long.

In the meantime I’m busy packing and getting ready and trying to figure out which outfits to take. More news soon, I hope.

I’ll be in Denver June and July – Looking to Shoot!

I’m going to be in Denver for all of June and July, and I’d love to hear from
any bondage riggers / photographers in the area, or attractive CDs/TGs who might be interested in modeling.

As for photographers, I often shoot with friends who are just into photography
but aren’t necessarily pro photographers, and I’ve often given rigging tips to
people who might feel a little shaky about their tying skills (not that I’m the
best by any mean!). So you don’t have to own a $6,000 Nikon and have the
bondage skills of Lew Rubens (but if you do, I’ll love you!)

Sometimes when I shoot I just do content trades, other times there might be money involved, though my budget is limited.

But I’d definitely love to hear from any photographers and potential models in
the area. And I’d also love to hear from anyone going to any of the clubs
there, such as BJ’s Carousel. I’m actually pretty shy and it’s always nice to have
someone to meet.

So feel free to leave a comment here for me to contact you or go to my website, look for the “Email” link and send me an email from there. I’d love to hear from you.

Also, here’s some more information on modeling and photography.

I’m basically going back there for a much-needed change of pace. I’m from Colorado originally and have always missed it. And although there’s a lot I like about L.A., Southern California has felt more and more oppressive the last couple years. So I’ve been thinking for quite a while of trying to arrange a longer stay back in Colorado. It’s going to go really fast and in no time I’ll be back, but I’m hoping it will be a good change and give me a new perspective on things.

Women’s Sizes

I was out shopping earlier today and got a terrific new shiny skirt. When I saw it I figured there was no way it was going to fit, since it was a size zero. But it looked like I could maybe squeeze into it, so I tried it and it actually fit fine. Go figure! So now I have skirts from size zero to size 12 and they all fit. It just goes to show that clothing sizes really don’t mean much – they’re just vague guidelines that may or may not have much connection to real bodies. Funny how that works. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have some new pics with the skirt before too long – it’s a hot one ;-)