In Atlanta for New Years

I’ve been in Atlanta for a couple days now visiting my parents for New Year’s Eve. Like I mentioned earlier I always enjoy watching the year in review shows with my Dad and watching the ball drop on TV, so it’s nice to be here again. Although the year of the rabbit had its moments, it was still weak and a bit skittish, but I have a distinct feeling that the year of the dragon is going to be awesome! Here’s to 2012!

2011 Winding Down

Another year’s almost over and as I mentioned earlier, it’s been a very mixed one. Sadly enough, the event that colored this year the most for me was the death of Paul Logan (“Chainguy“) back in February. It was very helpful, though, to travel back to L.A. several times in 2011 and see friends who knew and appreciated him. When I go to Threshold now and am hanging out, sometimes I’ll look around and have those sad moments when I’ll think, “Oh man, Paul would have really loved this party,” (especially if someone’s getting handcuffed!)

Of course, life goes on and the living have to continue and make the best of it. Not to diminish the impact of Paul’s passing, and in contrast it almost seems in bad taste to say this, but I’ve also had some really really fun and enjoyable times this year. FetishCon was awesome and so much fun getting to shoot with Sybil, Jean Bardot, JJ Plush, Master Allen, Brittany and Judy. Shooting with Ohphelia and Cincher in Chicago was really nice too, and AmberKatt and I did a number of fun shoots here in Denver over the course of the year. My good friend Delilah Knotty also got to visit here in Denver just this last weekend and we had a blast, doing a marathon photoshoot that went all day and wrapped up around 2:00 in the morning. Also, getting turned onto karaoke has been a lot of fun this year, and it was great going to the Santa Fe Tavern on Fridays until, well, it all fell apart and we CDs and TGs were uninvited – that whole situation still seems so weird and baffling. The last visit back to L.A. around Halloween was also amazing, shooting pics and videos, seeing friends and going to some great parties. Usually I get reflective and melancholy around the holidays but to be honest I’ve been feeling good about things and am looking forward to the end of the year.

Moving Back to L.A. – One big change for me that I’ve only talked to a few people about is that I’m planning to move back to Los Angeles early in the new year. My friend at whose house I’ve been staying when I visit made me an offer I can’t refuse – to rent from her and stay at her place as a roommate. Denver’s nice and very low stress and I’m sure I’ll come back here again to visit and maybe even live here again at some point. But L.A. still has such a draw for me and I have so many friends there. And even though Southern California can be a challenging and stressful place I just really want to go back even if it turns out to be only a temporary move. I have thought several times of moving back this last year, especially after Paul died, but the idea of driving around alone and finding an apartment in Burbank or someplace has always felt daunting. So the chance to move back and stay in a nice house in the Valley with a good friend – well, I can’t pass it up. Depending on the weather here in Denver, I’ll be packing up sometime later next month and should be back in SoCal by February at the latest. I know that living there again will not be the same as visiting, which always has a heightened sense of fun, but I’m still very excited and hopeful.

So again, 2011 has had its highs and lows, though it seems to be ending on a high note. I know a lot of friends out there are struggling, especially with finances and work, and I can only hope that things get better for everyone in the new year. I also want to thank everyone who’s currently supporting the site and everyone who’s supported it in the past. I am truly grateful and owe so much to all of you. I couldn’t do it without all the generous paying members over the years and I’m hoping to shoot some new and unique things in L.A. in 2012. All the best in the new year and I hope everyone has a meaningful and fun time with family and friends over the holidays!

Busy December

It’s shaping up to be a very busy December here. Over the weekend I had a fun visit from Master Allen, whom I met at FetishCon last July, and we got to shoot several scenes, including an onscreen gagging and hooding video that I really enjoyed and that should be on the site in a few weeks. That’s a framegrab below with the white blouse and red skirt and some serious groping. Then this weekend my good friend Delilah will be in town for a visit and it should be a blast hanging out with her and taking some pictures. She’s taken a break from being in front of the camera but is still a huge bondage fan.

I’m also hoping to shoot again with my friend AmberKatt and do a follow-up to a shoot we recently did. Then another quick visit from yet another L.A. friend who needs a sofa to crash on for a local job interview, and then the Christmas holiday. I’ll see my brother and sister in law, I’m sure, for the holiday, but really for me, Christmas Eve is where all the action is. I’m a heathen but still thoroughly enjoy the evening before. Then for New Year’s Eve it’s back to Atlanta to see my parents and watch the ball drop on TV with my Dad. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I visit and he’s still hanging in there and with us. So it should be a fun rest of the month. I can’t believe the year’s almost over. It’s been an extremely mixed one with some really low lows and some amazingly fun times, but I’ll try to write more in the next couple weeks.

Artists Bathgate21 and Sardax

I’ve been looking at some sexy comics and artwork lately and really like two artists whom I’ve mentioned earlier on Twitter. The first is a terrific comics artist named Bathgate21 who does really nice cartoons featuring crossdressing, bondage and Femdoms, many of them featuring the Archies characters and Bugs Bunny and friends dressed in drag (which are surprisingly sexy!) There are quite a few sample pics on the link above, over on DeviantArt.

The other artist I wanted to mention is the amazingly talented Sardax, who draws very creative Femdom scenarios, including a nice series of drawings for the website mentioned in an earlier post. His work blows me away and once I have more free time (yeah, when’s that gonna happen?) I definitely need to join his site and check him out in more detail.