I’ll be at Club Fantasy, Feb. 4th, in N. Hollywood, CA

I just wanted to mention that I’ll once again be at the Club Fantasy party on Friday, February 4th, in N. Hollywood, California. I used to co-sponsor this event when I lived in L.A. and it was one of the few parties where I almost always felt comfortable and at home. I miss it terribly now that I’m away so it’s always a delight to visit again. I’ve already heard from several friends who’ll be there, so I’m looking forward to a good turnout and a fun evening. There’s always play going on in the front rooms, and almost always some good bondage, and nice people to visit with in the break room. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll stop by if you haven’t been there before and say hi. And if you’re new to going out and dressing, this event is always a very safe place to go, as it’s friendly and inviting and low stress. You can even dress there if you’d prefer, or just come in guy mode. And of course, you don’t have to be transgendered to attend. Friends and admirers are welcome too. Hope to see you there!

Latex Hood Giveaway for the New Year!

Congratulation to m. kilburn who won the latex hood giveaway! Thanks to everyone who signed up and left a comment – I hope to do another one in a few months here once I clean out my closets again!

The recent ballgag giveaway was a lot of fun so I dug some more things out of the closet and thought I’d do another one. I got this terrific latex hood with nose holes only from The Latex Store.com a couple years ago but the size wasn’t quite right. It’s a large and I recently got a medium that fits me much better. The measurements on their website for this one say 16 – 17.5 inches around the neck and 23.5 – 25 inches around the forehead. If this would fit you or you have someone you play with whom it would fit, it’s really easy to sign up for the drawing. Just like before, all you have to do is:

1) Sign up for this blog, which you can do on the Subscribe bar over on the right above my picture, or down below at the bottom of the right column under “Entries RSS.” If you’re already signed up, no worries.

2) Just leave a comment here on this blog post.

In two weeks I’ll use Random.org again to generate a random number to select the winner (whom I’ll email to get your address) and then I’ll pay the postage to send the hood to you anywhere in the world. (If you’re very far away though it might take a while!) That’s it. And of course, I’ll send the package discreetly. Oh, and just to be fair you can’t have won anything in the last six months here.

I should mention that hoods like this are very intense and if you’re at all claustrophobic (like I am a little) it’s very easy to panic wearing one. You’d only want to play with this with someone you really trust. And you would never want to use this in self-bondage, since the nose holes are quite small and if they were to slip out of place you could easily suffocate. But the intensity is also what makes them so appealing. In any case, since there’s a specific size for this hood, I’m guessing we may have fewer sign-ups than last time, so you should have pretty good odds…All the best…

Out Shopping

I’m not real crazy about shopping but do a fair amount of it to get new outfits for taking pictures and going out. For more fetish-ey kinds of things I often just buy online, which has its own hassles with returning things that don’t fit, but I also go shopping locally at places like Ross, Macy’s, Burlington Coat Factory and even Target occasionally. And like I’ve mentioned before, even after all these years, I’ll sometimes get insecure about being a guy looking at women’s clothes. I was talking to another CD the other day who said the same thing. He was planning to go out shopping in guy mode, made it into the store, and then lost his nerve and turned around and just kept walking. I’m sure many of us could relate, as it is often considered a bit odd, or at least unusual, to see a man browsing in the women’s department, whereas the reverse is no big deal at all.

To be honest, I’ve done it so much that I usually do pretty well but if I feel at all nervous it’s usually worse in the first ten minutes. Once I find an item that’s a possibility that usually relaxes me and I just focus on the hunt and get into it. Or if there’s a good song on the Muzak – I heard Macy Gray this afternoon – that can often put me at ease. But starting out can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable, especially since I’m sort of a nervous type to begin with. I know a few other CDs who have this relaxed confidence about them and who never seem to get rattled – yeah, that’s never been me. I’ve also known one or two who have an almost defiant quality to going out, and that’s something I also hope to avoid as it just comes off as angry and as if they have a chip on their shoulder (which, well, they seem to).

Of course, like so many things in life, it’s all a mental game. Most people really don’t care and if they notice or wonder about me at all it’s probably just a passing thought about the tall guy with shaggy hair over there looking at dresses. Then there’s also the whole question of going out shopping while dressed, which is something that I’ve never really enjoyed that much, as I feel like it draws even more attention to me than if I’m just some dude, and ironically enough, for someone who has lots of bondage pictures of themselves online, I don’t really enjoy being a center of attention when I’m out and about. I know other CDs who swear by shopping while dressed and say that’s definitely the way to go. In fact there’s a local CD and her wife who have suggested I should go with them, so I might try it again at some point.

So again, the real challenge is just in that space between my ears. Maybe I just need a nice prescription for some Xanax.

Secrets in Lace Videos

An online friend sent me a link to this Secrets in Lace Video on YouTube. I love how the model looks just slightly unsure of herself in front of the camera (I always find that sexy) and there’s this moment when she starts talking that almost looks like annoyance on her face when she says the phrase, “casual option” (it’s probably not but it is priceless). She is pretty hot and some of the comments on YouTube are pretty funny, especially “She should be tightly bound and gagged in her underwear for being a tease.” Click on the picture below to go to the clip. There’s also a Secrets In Lace page on YouTube with more. It makes me want to go online and spend several hundred dollars on expensive hose and lingerie!

Katy Perry Likes Rubber

These pictures of Katy Perry in the rubber dress that she wore at her recent Times Square performance have been posted a lot already but I figured they were good for another look, plus a few others with some nice outfits. She looks fantastic, and it’s a look that very few could pull off (I know I couldn’t!) I know her music often gets dismissed as fluff but she does have some super-catchy tunes.