L.A. Day of the Dead

Wow, it’s been a busy week here and no blogging at all. I’ve had a couple of big photoshoots (well, big for me) and have been working at the computer too much. But last night I needed a break, so I headed over to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary, which is pretty close to where I live, and checked out the annual Day of the Dead celebration. I’d been working all day, so was just in boy mode but it certainly would have been the perfect place to dress and raise no eyebrows whatsover.

The Latino community really goes all out for it, with bands and eerie lighting and lots of elaborate altars and displays celebrating the memories of the departed. I had a couple of Churros covered in brown sugar and wandered around checking out the sights. Very cool and they have a nice website with pictures too.

L.A. Day of the Dead

Uhm…Oh, Nevermind…

I’ve had Mom here visiting from out of town for a couple days and just took her back to LAX yesterday. Mom has some vague idea about my “lifestyle.” At least she knows that I’m a crossdresser and that I have some sort of website, but beyond that we don’t discuss it much (not that I would particularly want to).

So the other day while doing some site-seeing, we were driving down the street here in L.A. and passing by some people on the sidewalk, I notice a somewhat flamboyant looking tranny crossing at the corner. Mom (bless her heart) says, “Wow, did you see that woman?” I was just about to explain that that’s no ordinary woman, and then thought the better of it. I closed my mouth, mumbled something, and we continued on.

Memories of Ringgag

I’m not very much into having sex with guys (heck, or with girls for that matter), but I’ve always found the fantasy of the male kidnapper to be a real rush – falling into the grasp of some guy who keeps me tied up in his basement and occasionally forces me to do awful things against my will. That’s a strong sexual fantasy for me. I’d say the closest I’ve come to it was when I met a guy a few years ago who went by the name of “Ringgag.” I’ve talked about my times with him quite a bit on the Trannies In Trouble website and had some very memorable scenes with him. I’ve heard from others who thought that he perhaps played at too risky a level of intensity, and he was a bit notorious on the bondage.com message boards, expressing strong opinions and ruffling some feathers. (Yeah, I’ll admit he could be a little bit obnoxious at times.)

Because he was from out of town I only got to play with him a few times, but they were very memorable. Oddly enough, we never actually had sex. But he had a strange and bizarre imagination when it came to bondage and he could create a strong atmosphere of control over another person. I’ve talked before about the scene we did where he tied me up and then folded me up inside a sofa sleeper that had had the mattress removed. Once inside it, he replaced the cushions and from the outside you would never know someone was in there. I stayed that way for over two hours and had no clue when I’d be let out or what he was up to.

Then one day he seemed to disappear. My emails went unanswered and that was it. A year or so later I learned from a mutual friend that he had passed away, though I never knew the details of how he died or much about his life beyond the kinky times that we had shared. I had mixed feelings when I heard the news. On the one hand, I still miss him a little. He was really talented. On the other hand, there was a part of me that always felt a little twinge of fear about getting together with him – that feeling of getting in over my head – which of course made it that much hotter. So a part of me thought (not that I wanted him to die), “Well, maybe it’s for the best that it ends with only good memories.” I still think about him though from time to time. He was very mysterious and I can’t say I ever figured out what he was all about.

The Awe-Inspiring Variety

It’s wild the number of unusual sexual fetishes out there. One that I don’t understand much at all is the crushing and trampling genre. Of course, I’m not one to judge another person’s fetish. I’m sure the vast majority of people would look at mine, scratch their heads, and mutter, “What the f**k?” But hey, if it works for you, then rock on!

It is amazing though the crazy stuff that can get stuck in the sexual turn-on circuits of our brain. Here’s two that made me scratch my head. I can see that there are some nice high heels and bare feet there, but after that I’m pretty much lost.

The Bug Crush Store

And my favorite:

Kirsty’s Cockroach Execution