Uhm…Oh, Nevermind…

I’ve had Mom here visiting from out of town for a couple days and just took her back to LAX yesterday. Mom has some vague idea about my “lifestyle.” At least she knows that I’m a crossdresser and that I have some sort of website, but beyond that we don’t discuss it much (not that I would particularly want to).

So the other day while doing some site-seeing, we were driving down the street here in L.A. and passing by some people on the sidewalk, I notice a somewhat flamboyant looking tranny crossing at the corner. Mom (bless her heart) says, “Wow, did you see that woman?” I was just about to explain that that’s no ordinary woman, and then thought the better of it. I closed my mouth, mumbled something, and we continued on.

2 thoughts on “Uhm…Oh, Nevermind…”

  1. Years ago a young gay man died of AIDs, and for the sake of close family and friends, the father decided to keep his sexual choice a secret, and held the Catholic service as if he were a ‘normal’ guy.
    Well the pall barers were all gay, most the the friends were also gay, and the members of the family kept their mouths shut.
    Well Pecker Sullivan, a distant relative and barroom drunk was at the service and said to his sister, a little too loud, “This is fucking terrible, poor Danny is being buried and a bunch of fags show up in all fucking places but God’s church!”
    Most of us snickered quietly, while others just wanted to hide.

  2. I’ve been casting around for a phase explaining why I don’t want to share my web site to most people, especially non-bondage folks who are close to me. Everyone knows I’m a tranny or a drag queen who is in a show, and that I make some money so they can pretend I’m an actress playing a role, if it makes them more comfy. To those of us with the ‘calling’, it is great fun and not odd at all.

    We don’t think it’s disturbing in the least but I know some of my friends would find it disturbing. Sort of how Jon Waters must have felt in the beginning. I usually tell them don’t bother looking at if you aren’t interested in bondage and if you do look at it, don’t ask me any questions in person because I will feel uncomfortable.

    It’s really odd that the queens in our dressing room had a bit of fun kidding me about it and then dropped the subject without a peep. Occasionally someone will talk to me in private, but as ‘out there’ as queens are, always begging for dirt and kink they seem shy to bring it up although they will talk in detail about other extravagant deviant sex.

    My mom had a bit of trouble, but got into the ‘he’s doing for money’ camp and would have fainted dead away if she knew how much I liked bondage.


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