Kyra Update

I’m updating the site a day early this week, with a cute set with Kyra chatting on the phone and then, silly girl, ending up all taped up on the sofa. Here are a couple previews. I’ll be out of town up in the mountains over the weekend – not tied up though ;-) So email will be a little spotty…Enjoy the pics!

White Lingerie Shoot

I had a really fun shoot the other day and did some shots posing around and then applying my lipstick while cuffed and ballgagged. Here are a couple preview shots. As the set progresses I get tied with hemp rope and then finally have a pantyhose hood added, with electrical tape wrapped around my mouth. It was a very sexy feeling wearing this tight white structured girdle and longline bra and then being strictly bound and gagged. I’ll post the full set for this week’s update.

My Internet Connection – Gone!

Well, every couple years the squirrels here eat through the phone lines and the internet goes kaput! So I’m using my neighbor’s laptop to upload this week’s update on the site, but I won’t be able to check email much at all till Monday, most likely. Again, I apologize to everyone whom I already owed an email to – it’s only going to get worse.

But hey, the next Club Fantasy party is coming up in about a week (Friday, April 17th)! I’m looking forward to it. We’ve had some pretty good turnouts the last few months and I’ll be bringing my bag of rope, as usual. Hope to see all the regulars and some new friends too!

Thinking Too Much

I often feel so constrained in my day to day life, and I sometimes wonder what it would be like if somehow in a moment of divine insight everything were revealed – Everything: Is there really a God? How much of the Jesus myth is real? What end will come to my family and friends? Am I even remotely on a correct path, or just adrift? Do I really have any control over what I do, or am I endlessly acting out a behavioral loop set in childhood? Is there any real meaning or is it all random occurrence? And is there an inherent fallacy in even asking if there’s meaning?

But sometimes at two AM it’s hard to sleep, and my mind races, and just being alive can feel like a prison sentence. My gut tells me that it would be a horrible burden to know the answers to the above questions (and it ain’t gonna happen anyway, so there’s no point in worrying about it). But if by some miracle the opportunity came I don’t think I could resist. It would be like the choice between the colored pills in “The Matrix.” I would just want to know so badly. And to know would probably be to regret knowing. Well, it’s been a stressful couple weeks and I probably need a nice glass of wine and a bubble bath (if I had a bathtub).