Back-to-Back Sybil Videos!

It just so happened that I was able to post two videos with my friend Sybil Minnelli two weeks in a row, and I really enjoyed both of them! The first one was an old video from several years ago that I set aside and basically forgot about, but I found the footage really exciting when I recently came across it again. It features the fabulous Jean Bardot as a lovedoll who comes to life and dominates Sybil, and the second one is from last year at FetishCon 2015 where I got to tease and tickle the poor gurl. I’m hoping we’ll get to shoot again later this year and do some more. Here’s a few framegrabs if you haven’t been over on the paysite recently – Hope you enjoy!

Sandra In Trouble

My friend TT just did a nice redesign on my old “Sandra in Trouble” webpage. I really love this retro magazine-inspired look that he came up with. The page is basically just a listing of my links – my main site and my profile on several social media sites. The old design was very cool at the time, something that a talented web-designer in Italy named Enrico came up with but it was time to do a makeover and this one is much more up-to-date. It almost makes me want to make an actual magazine like this!