Fun Shoot with Cincher

I’ve been talking online with my friend Cincher off and on for years and we finally had a chance to get together when he was recently in town over the weekend. We had a really enjoyable time, and I can say for sure that he lives up to his name – that was some tight tight bondage I endured (and enjoyed)! We had nearly two days to try things out, so we shot a lot, including quite a few videos. Here are some preview shots to check out, bound and unbound, and I’ll be posting more in the months ahead. Thanks so much, Cincher, for a very memorable and very strict time!

More Self Gagging

I went out to the club last night and had a good time but when I got back home I was kind of bored and didn’t want to take off my newest black and white secretary outfit just yet. So continuing on with my extreme gagging theme I tried to see if I could handle two sponges (two!) shoved in my mouth and then a ballgag strapped in over that. I knew I couldn’t do any actual self-bondage with that or else you’d probably be reading a notice about my body being found the next day or two, having choked to death in an “unfortunate accident.” Believe me, it was tempting to tie myself up, but with this kind of hardcore gagging it really would be suicidal. It was still quite exciting and a big challenge though. I was able to do it but had to use everything I could to stay calm and keep my gag reflex in check. Anyway, I also shot a little video of it and posted it on the site. I hope it’s entertaining even without the bondage. Here are a few stills taken from the video…

Sally Hanson Nail Color Pen

I’ve always found doing my nails to be a real pain and I’ve never felt very skilled at it. Sometimes I’ll put on three coats and still have thin areas and the more I work on them the gloppier they get. So I just tried out the Sally Hanson Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen – This stuff is Fantastic!!! Like the name says, it’s nail polish in a pen – you just click it a few times and basically draw it on. The first time I did it I was amazed. It was like, “This is how it’s supposed to be!” I’m going out tonight and quickly put on a single coat and it’s clear, even, opaque, dries in no time, and looks better than I’ve ever done with the little brushes. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up and if the pen dries up or gets gummy over time, but if it continues to work like this, I’ll probably be dumping most of my little bottles of nail polish. It’s a little more expensive – I think about $8 bucks – but I’m gladly handing over my cash for other colors. So far I’m 100 percent sold!

Back from Atlanta

I got back from Atlanta a couple days ago after visiting my parents there. There’s always that moment of mild shock when I first see them after several months (“Yep, they’ve decayed a little more.”), but all in all it was good.

So it’s just been back to work. I got a few comments on the gag challenge video about how tough it is to stay calm and relaxed and keep from choking with one’s mouth so fully packed. It is tough indeed, and I would say that my gag reflex is really only average. So much of it is the mental thing. I’ll find sometimes that if I get a worried thought in my head (“Uh oh, am I going to choke?”) that it will just start to escalate and my mind will get carried away with the worry. So staying calm and not getting that initial panicked thought makes a huge difference – not always easy to do. I would like to try more extreme gagging scenes like that, though, as they’re incredibly hot ;-)

And again, I always stress that extreme gagging is NOT something to do with solo self-bondage. It’s way too risky if you don’t have a friend there with you and could easily turn deadly. I remember seeing a site a couple years ago where someone had a link to a picture of a crossdresser who had died in self-bondage. They even had a warning that said don’t click on this link if you’re easily disturbed. Like an idiot I of course clicked on it and immediately wished I hadn’t. This poor person was discovered a couple days after dying in self-bondage and it was one of the grossest things I’d ever seen, with just the beginning stages of decay setting in. I hate to be a downer, but none of us should end up like that.

Well, not to end on a totally depressing note, I’m also off to do a little shopping later today – probably swing by Ross – and see if I can get another outfit or two for some shoots I have coming up. And there’s a party this Friday that I’ll be going out to. So another quiet and yet busy week.

Justin Bieber 800%

I was reading about the experimental musician who slowed down Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” by 800 percent and made this dramatic heavenly chorus. It is pretty amazing and it’s over a half hour long. I feel calmer just listening to a couple minutes of it!

By the way, I do think Justin would make a fantastic looking girl with that shockingly young face of his. Heck, he almost looks like one without even trying.

Gag Challenge Gallery Posted This Week

I had a really fun photoshoot the other day with my photog friend PC where I did self bondage with a very heavy gag that an online friend recommended to me – first shoving a sponge in my mouth, then adding a ballgag over that and finally wrapping tape over the whole thing. It was intense! Here are a couple “extra” shots from the full set, which I’ll be posting later this week – probably late Wednesday night, as I’m heading to Atlanta on Thursday to see my parents for a few days. Then early next week I’ll post the ten minute video that goes along with it, showing the actual gagging process. I’m really looking forward to getting it online – stay tuned!

Adult Services Gone From Craigslist

It seems that the adult services section of Craigslist has been removed, replaced with a title saying “censored,” after pressure from several state attorneys general over concerns with prostitution. I’m sorry to see it go and hope it won’t be permanent. I’ve really only posted there a few times, looking for models and photographers, with very little success, but I hate to see things like that be stifled. Of course I’ve always been of the mind that prostitution and drug use should be legalized and regulated (whatever that means) and that people should be allowed to choose their poison, as they’re gonna do what they want to do anyway.

Casual Encounters – I’ve also posted on the Craigslist Casual Encounters page a few times, looking for guys or CDs who are into bondage and kidnapping fantasies, but again have had no luck at all. Really it’s best to do bondage with friends and people you know, and I’ve had lots of fun with my friends and people I’ve known at the clubs, especially at Club Fantasy. And as for women, they tend not to do the casual get together thing as much as guys, so most of the women I’ve tied up have been at BDSM clubs or at parties. Of course, with women there’s the whole other question of emotional involvement, possible relationships, and my nagging anxiety, which have been the subject of many other blog posts ;-)

The itch, though, to meet someone new, usually a guy, and do some edgier play never really goes away. The funny thing is, though, that I’ve never met any real prospects on Craigslist, usually just lots of guys who want to get a blowjob. I’ve met with a couple guys through other avenues over the years and have done some mild kidnapping type role-play, and I’ve always checked them out as much as possible beforehand and taken precautions and let them know that I was going to let other friends know where I was. And I’ve been lucky and have never had any bad experiences. Really, I would say almost everyone I’ve met over the years who’s into this stuff has been pretty cool. But finding that really good match, as most everyone who reads this blog knows, is really tough. There are tons of guys who say they’re into bondage, and they might be, but they’re usually looking way more for a sexual hookup than I am. So the half-assed search and late nights of occasional after-the-party frustration continue.

I’ve talked about this before, and the one guy whom I had some of the best bondage scenes with was the guy named Ringgag, who’s sadly no longer with us. And the thing that made it really work, and this is something that you’re not supposed to admit or participate in if you’re doing things “the right way,” was that I did feel a small hint of real danger the couple times that I saw him. I never completely knew his full story (and it turned out later that he was living something of a double life). But the element of danger and the feeling that I might just get in over my head did add an excitement to it. I knew that he had played with many other people before me, and I even chatted with some of them online (if in fact it was really them and not him posing as them, which is quite possible), but still there was always that little question mark in the back of my mind, which really worked.

Braun Epilator

I have a friend who swears by the Braun Epilator, which is a little torture device that rips your hairs out by the roots, as opposed to shaving them off. I finally broke down and decided to try one out, and OMG does that baby hurt! To be fair, the first time you try it out, it can be very painful, or even agony, which is how I’d describe it, but the second time it does become more manageable. I’ve done my lower legs up to the knee, and after the first time I was in such pain that I broke out in a sweat and found my hand just refusing to go any higher up with it, and I reached for the razor. I did it again this morning and it was much less painful, and I’m slowly working my way farther up my legs to see if I can eventually do all of them. If I can get over the pain it probably would be a more efficient way of removing leg hair, and maybe even some areas of body hair, as the second time it did go very fast and was just like doing a quick touch up. So my verdict is still out. I’m going to continue to work with it and see how it goes, though I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to tolerate the sensitive areas inside my thighs. We shall see.