Transgender Day of Remembrance 2011

Yesterday I dressed in a more “regular” manner (jeans and nothing kinky) and drove the 70 miles down to my old hometown of Colorado Springs for the Transgender Day of Remembrance service held at the local Unitarian Church; I probably haven’t been in that building in over twelve years. The service was quite touching and troubling, of course, hearing the names of trans people around the world who have been murdered in the last year. One speaker wondered if any of them had perhaps attended similar services in years past and now have their own names read aloud and remembered. I’ve only gone to one other service since they began worldwide several years ago but I should make an effort to go every year, as they are very sobering. And going to the service in a town as conservative as Colorado Springs seemed especially fitting.

I also had that sense, though, regarding that very scenic city, that life has moved on in many ways since I used to live there. I do like my hometown but it can give me the willies. Just the 70 mile drive up the road to Denver is a big change from the environment in “The Springs,” as the locals call it (and hey, Denver’s not all that progressive either). All in all, it was a sad event but also an enjoyable and a reflective time, and being dressed and walking around in Colorado Springs again was interesting (some of us went to dinner afterwards). I felt especially nervous though walking alone to my car later that evening, going by the local bus station and up an empty elevator in the parking garage. Getting in the car and hitting the road, it felt like it really was time to go.

Back From L.A.

I’ve been back in Colorado for a few days now after a terrific visit in L.A. In addition to the Halloween street party I also went to several other fun parties at Threshold and even got to take the birthday spankings of a friend I’ve known a long time. I’m not a big spanking fan but, hey, I’m always willing to help out a friend. Trust me, really hate to be spanked, yes siree! ;-)

I also shot some new pics, including a couple sets with Michael Keye, who’s always fun to get together with. Here are a couple before-the-ropes shots that we did last week. I love wearing the maid’s uniform and hope to get a few more styles. All in all it was a great visit and the weather was perfect, as it so often is.

Delilah on Twitter: I also got to see my good friend Delilah. She’s been taking a break from being in front of the camera, but back in the day we shot probably some of the best stuff on the site. She’s very good at tying other girls up too and treated me to the super-tight bondage below – damn, that was tight (and a real turn on)! She also recently started up a Twitter account so if you’re on there go check her out. She’s still as obsessed with her bangs as ever!

Humiliation: I’ve never had any interest in erotic humiliation at all. I mean, heck, life is humiliating enough on a day to day basis – who wants to actively seek it out! And yet…I’ve seen a few humiliation video clips online in the last couple months and have to admit there’s something kind of fascinating about them. There’s something about a cute girl talking down to you that, uh, kind of works.

As an example there’s a very popular site called that has a nice free preview clip (click on the box that says, “Hey Fistfucker.”) There’s also a very good bondage model named Anna Lee (who recently shot some really nice pics with our friend Andre the Toon Man). She also goes by the name Princess Anna for her humiliation clips and she has a really understated and relaxed but contemptuous manner that I have to say is pretty darn sexy. I wouldn’t want to become addicted to this kind of thing, as it is a rather embarrassing fetish, which is of course a big part of its charge. (And of course crossdressing and bondage aren’t embarrassing in the least!) When I saw these clips, though, I thought it would be really cool to shoot something with a cute girl like this walking in and discovering a CD doing self-bondage and unleashing her scorn. Hey, I’d sign up! Might have to work on that…

West Hollywood Halloween Craziness 2011

Halloween was a blast this year and it was great timing being in L.A. I initially had my doubts but my friend M. and I braved the traffic and made it out to the West Hollywood Halloween street party – total madness with an estimated crowd of about 500,000, making it one of the biggest and definitely one of the gayest Halloween parties in the world. We had a great time going up and down the boulevard, taking in all the sites and snapping some silly pictures. If you ever get a chance it’s a total blowout and really worth seeing!