Thick as a Brick – Forty Years On

When I heard earlier this year that Ian Anderson was going to go out touring and play the entire Thick as a Brick album with back-up musicians for its fortieth anniversary, I knew I’d have to go. So being a good sport, my friend Kim agreed to be dragged along the other night to the Long Beach Performing Arts Center for yet another Jethro Tull concert, even though he’s not really into their music. We were in guy mode and didn’t see any crossdressers this time (unlike the 2009 show). I had a great time and was amazed to hear how practically note-for-note they played that entire classic album, which Ian has always claimed was originally meant to be a parody of the progressive rock scene of its day. I remember hearing it when I was about ten years old and immediately thinking, “What is this?” and I was hooked, even though at that age I had no idea what the album was really about – still don’t but it’s held up amazingly well over the years.

Earlier this year, Ian also released a sequel, Thick as a Brick 2, which I immediately thought was a really bad idea. But after listening to it a few times it does have a few very strong tunes and overall holds up okay even though it can’t possible match the original album from ’72. After the intermission they played the entire follow-up album and did the inevitable encore with “Locomotive Breath” from the Aqualung album. All in all, it was a great show though the energy of the audience seemed a little dampened. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably keep going to Ian’s shows for as long as he keeps cranking it out.

Kinky Kollege – Like I mentioned in the last post I’m also going to the Kinky Kollege convention in Chicago this weekend to help my friend who’s speaking there. I had two shoots in just the last few days so I’m frantically trying to pack today and keep my bags under 50 pounds (not easy!) I’m way behind on email again so I apologize for anyone who’s waiting to hear from me. Hopefully I can catch up on things after Halloween. Have a fun one if you’re going out dressed!

Busy Week Ahead

Well, it’s been a busy one here and this next week is going to ramp things up even more. I’ll be heading down to Long Beach for a concert tomorrow with my friend Kim, and although I’ll just be in boy mode for that hopefully I’ll have time to write a little more about it later. Then there will be a couple more photoshoots including the one I mentioned earlier with Sissy Paige with whom I’ve emailed off and on the last year or so. (Just had a great time seeing Sybil last weekend!) And then it’s off to the Kinky Kollege convention to help my friend Ms. Diana who’s been asked to speak there. I’ve never been to that convention before but have some new outfits I’m really looking forward to wearing, and I’ll be slipping away one afternoon to see Ohphelia and Cincher again. I hope Ohphelia catches me dressing again and berates me – she’s very good at it!

Sometimes when I talk about how busy things are, I worry that it sounds like I’m showing off, which isn’t my intention. I actually really prefer when things are kind of slow and spread out, but sometimes everything piles up and you just have to do it while it’s there. I tend to get stressed when it’s one thing after the other, so I try to plan things out in as much detail as I can beforehand and then ride through it. But hey, I know I am going to get tied up at least once (and probably more) so how stressful can it be?

Hotel Follow Up

So the shoot yesterday was a lot of fun, shooting with a pretty young model named Nikki; I’ll probably be posting the full set of her pics here later next week where she plays a pro domme with a strong submissive side who ends up bound and cleave gagged with a pair of panties shoved in her mouth to quiet her.

Checking into the hotel went great too! I showed up already dressed and was a few minutes before the 3:00 PM check in time. Since they were still cleaning the rooms the nice lady at the counter gave me a free upgrade to one of their penthouse rooms, something I wasn’t expecting at all. So we were in the lap of luxury and later after Nikki left I hung out for a while watching a rerun of “House” (I seem to only watch TV regularly when I’m in hotels for some reason) and then got to sleep in the super-comfortable king-size bed. Not so bad for earlier feeling nervous about the whole thing; nice when things work out.