Slowly Losing It At Home and Navigating the Conspiracy Theories…

Hi Everyone! How are you? Are you staying safe and doing okay? I’m doing fine and I also have days when I think I’m slowly losing it. So in many ways my experience is probably about average. I’m one of those people who has a fairly comfortable living situation and food in the fridge and wine on the counter. And also I’m sometimes fairly stressed. But I’m very aware that I’m much better off than many.

At the same time, though, this is tough for everyone. One thing I’ve been dealing with, like many, is trying to stay in touch on the phone with my family. I don’t talk about my Mom or my family much, but my Mom is heavily into conspiracy theories and it can sometimes be a bit exhausting talking to her on the phone. I try to check in every couple days but some days I have to brace myself. There are loads of conspiracy theories online, so I won’t repeat all of them but due to her influence I’ve become familiar with many of them. I only hope that she doesn’t cavalierly treat Covid 19 as just a big hoax and get sick with it, as she could have a difficult time were she to become ill.

The funny thing about having a family member who’s into conspiracies is that their worldview can slowly make you start to question things, even if you don’t really believe any of the conspiracies yourself. That’s how conspiracy theories work; they get into your mind and make you start to question basic assumptions, and then a few months later you find yourself thinking, “Wait a minute, maybe there really are shape-shifting reptilians below the surface of the earth who are running the government!? I mean, if you can conceive of it it could be possible, right?”

I’ve even read some articles she’s sent me and listened to podcasts where I’ve been worried I might start to believe the latest Covid 19 conspiracies. But the reassuring thing is that so many of these websites make such sweeping and dramatic arguments with only questionable evidence to back them up (the inevitable “One World Government” being a good example). So I generally find there’s little risk of being sucked into their worldview since they just don’t argue their position in a very convincing way – you either buy into it already or you don’t. Plus, a lot of them are just poorly written. If someone keeps messing up “there,” “they’re” and “their” I tend to move on even if they do have some cool artwork about the digitally-produced Matrix that we’re all living inside. The crazy thing is that a lot of these conspiracy websites practically believe that the Wachowski sisters’ movie was a documentary.

Having said all this it’s maybe a little creepy to shift from my Mom to my self-bondage escapades but I’m pretty sure she’ll never read this blog. Here’s a picture from another bit of fun I got into last week, with a very big tapegag that was inspired by a recent custom video that I shot. It’s hard to do something really creative here in my small bedroom but I’m doing my best to come up with something sexy and strict. If you’re doing the same feel free to comment and share your experiences. I don’t know if this blog post makes much sense or if I’ll delete it tomorrow (Oh crap, I can’t talk about my Mom!), but for now here it is. In any case I’m planning to try to do more shenanigans tomorrow! Take care and stay safe!