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Ts in Trouble on Tiffany’s Trapped Transvestite Caps

Tiffany Manners has a terrific captions blog, definitely one of my favorites, with lots of sexy pictures and clever captions. We recently exchanged some emails and she graciously agreed to do her caption treatment on a few of my shots. She has two series, here and here, and also another set of pictures with a Latin theme, which she did while on vacation in Cuba. Thanks so much, Tiffany – Nice work! Her entire blog is worth checking and she has a wicked and very sexy imagination ;-)

Jay Bakker on Huffington Post

I just read a very interesting article from Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, about his visit with his wife to an L.A. drag show. At the time he was moving towards becoming a “gay-affirming pastor” but was still uncertain about whether he really wanted to be seen at the club. The night however turned out to be a turning point for him, with the drag queens welcoming him warmly and talking about Jesus’s love. It’s a terrific story and he seems like a really cool guy. There’s also another good blog post about him from Cathleen Falsani on his views on gays and the church that’s also very interesting (and check out those tattoos!) Apparently they had to close the comments on that particular post because things got so heated.

His basic argument is that homosexuality really is not a sin. He points out that the Bible contains so many laws against things that we now treat as no big deal (eating shellfish, for example) and all kinds of calls for actions that are illegal (killing this or that sinner or non-believer), and that the three references in the New Testament that do appear to deal with homosexuality may be using words that aren’t even translated correctly. He makes a very good and passionate argument and the article suggests a growing movement of some evangelical churches to fully embrace gays and lesbians, and not in that creepy “we love you but you can’t do any of that gay stuff” kind of way.

Both blog posts are very good, and the whole Bible and gays question is always fascinating, even for a heathen like me.

Oh Glory Be!

I’ve been having this weird bug in the paysite at Ts in Trouble, where some of the video links wouldn’t highlight for certain Internet Explorer users. I was pretty sure that it was only happening in IE7, but I’ve been running IE6 and didn’t really want to “upgrade” to 7, which apparently behaves even wackier than ever.

But I really wanted to know what’s causing the bug. And I couldn’t really do it, at least not in a very efficient manner, without testing the site in IE7. So I researched how to install IE7 and then how to uninstall it and go back to IE6, which is actually supposed to be fairly easy to do. (We shall see.)

Okay, I took the plunge and upgraded to IE7 (boy, this is an exciting post, isn’t it?) And after an hour or so of farting around I finally tracked it down: a css issue where adding an extra div around the navigation links at the bottom and a couple extra lines in the style sheet made everything once again work like it was supposed to. Such a fussy little thing to fix and it only seemed to act weird in IE7. IE6 behaved fine, as did Firefox and Opera.

What a relief though to have finally figured it out. Tomorrow’s Club Fantasy will be even happier than normal for me!

Now if I can just uninstall IE7 tomorrow and go back to 6. Sleepy time now.


Helen Boyd from My Husband Betty had a link to an interesting article on introverts that I really enjoyed and could relate to. I’m definitely an introvert, even though I seem to go out to a fair number of parties and am always posting potentially embarrassing pictures of myself in bondage on the net.

The main thing is the idea that for introverts social interaction is tiring, whereas for extroverts it’s energizing. I generally like people, and I love my family and friends, but I also have a huge need to often be alone, and I’m sure some have probably seen me as arrogant or cold or timid because of that. I can’t count how many times people have said to me, “You’re too quiet,” or “Why are you so serious?” Whereas the truth is that when I’m in a social situation it just takes an effort, even when I’m feeling comfortable, and after a while I’ve had enough and I just want to be alone again. And of course it’s nothing personal, that’s just how it is for us introverts.

I liked how the author pointed out that it’s not a character flaw or something that needs to be fixed, but just an orientation to life. People are the way they are.

Viagra, Cialis, Online Gambling!!!

Man, the blog spammers have been really busy. Every couple days I have to check out the list of “comments” waiting to be approved, usually running well over 100 entries and they’re all spam. (They get flagged only if they contain more than three links.)

I’m reminded of the Russian spammer who was found bludgeoned to death last year in his apartment. While I would never condone murder, in this case I do understand it. One Russian media outlet called it, “An Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem.”

Miss You

I miss Kath Everson’s blog, Fairly-Odd. It was one of my favorites and then several weeks ago it just disappeared without a word. I find myself wondering, Is she all right? Did something bad happen? Did she hit blog burnout? Is it just some minor technical glitch?

It’s funny that a blog going offline can leave such a hole. Of course, by writing about it here, I’m sneakily hoping that word will get out to her and she’ll speak up and the mystery will be solved. Maybe she’ll even go online again. Miss you, Kath.

Blogger Spam

I just had my first taste of blogger spam. Someone left a long comment with tons of links for Online Casinos and Phentermine and so on. Wow, those people never let up. I guess there’s enough of a financial pay-off for spammers to keep working even though everyone hates them – worse than politicians.

Some of my favorites spam emails are the ones with the randomly generated sender names. Here’s some recent favorites:

Wassim Straube
Wayne Dowdy
Can Schiff
Dobromil Wommack
Sergio Rogers

And my all-time favorite: Malachi Gonzalez


If you’re fairly new to blogs like I am, Bloglines is a nice site that will notify you whenever your favorite blogs get updated. So if you’ve been reading this thing you won’t have to check here anymore and think, “That lazy bitch hasn’t written anything in days.” I finally figured out how to add the little subscribe button on the sidebar to the right. You just have to register with Bloglines, which is free and looks pretty good. There’re several blogs I occasionally check and this does help.