Helen Boyd from My Husband Betty had a link to an interesting article on introverts that I really enjoyed and could relate to. I’m definitely an introvert, even though I seem to go out to a fair number of parties and am always posting potentially embarrassing pictures of myself in bondage on the net.

The main thing is the idea that for introverts social interaction is tiring, whereas for extroverts it’s energizing. I generally like people, and I love my family and friends, but I also have a huge need to often be alone, and I’m sure some have probably seen me as arrogant or cold or timid because of that. I can’t count how many times people have said to me, “You’re too quiet,” or “Why are you so serious?” Whereas the truth is that when I’m in a social situation it just takes an effort, even when I’m feeling comfortable, and after a while I’ve had enough and I just want to be alone again. And of course it’s nothing personal, that’s just how it is for us introverts.

I liked how the author pointed out that it’s not a character flaw or something that needs to be fixed, but just an orientation to life. People are the way they are.

2 thoughts on “Introverts”

  1. Thanks for posting this. As an introvert myself, it sounds very familiar. Social situations *are* an effort, and there is a definite limit on how much I can take. And an interesting blog in general.

  2. I can definitely see a lot of myself in this post. I tend to be very quiet around people I don’t know that well. Not sure, I can just never seem to think of anything to say.

    I hope we can get together again soon, sweetie. There’ a DG party on the 21st if you’re interested. Shoot me an email.

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