Eleven Years of Trannies In Trouble

Well, here it is late March and once again it’s the anniversary of Trannies In Trouble, which first went online around this time in 2003. It always seems like it’ll take forever to reach the next one but then it flies by and here we are again. I’ve been shooting with a lot of new gurls lately and have been having some fun and interesting times. At the same time, I feel like I’m in a bit of a transition period right now as the years continue to pass. I’m still modeling, and I’ll still be appearing as Sandra the bondagette for a few more years, I’m sure, though perhaps not as often as I used to. Lately I’ve just been finding myself more and more in the Mrs. Gibbons / Aunt Sandra role, tying up all those wayward younger crossdressers and trans gurls (both of whom are delightful to subdue and torment) and I suspect I’ll continue in more of a dominant role like that for some time – but not completely, as this week’s update shows! ;-) In any case, I’m grateful for all the support and the many loyal subscribers and visitors here at the website; you make it all possible. Here’s to the next year – I’m planning on many more to come!

Sharon Porter in Blue Leather

I love this blue leather outfit that Sharon Porter wears in this week’s update. She looked amazing when we got together at DomCon last summer and I had a fun time putting her in a really strict hogtie, with a rope running up to her head-harness gag to make things even more strict. Hogties are always a favorite because they make you feel so utterly helpless, and Sharon looked particularly hot and vulnerable restrained on the hotel-room floor. She wasn’t going anywhere – Enjoy!

L.A. Marathon 2014

I had a blast yesterday at the L.A. Marathon and although I’m a slowpoke I was still upright as I crossed the finish line. I had some doubts if I’d finish it this year, since I just wasn’t feeling strong with my training and the weather was warm yesterday in the 80s. I did come in about 20 minutes slower than last year but I was completely thrilled just to complete the race and put on a tiny surge to my trotting pace on the last miles, which are utterly miserable any way you cut it. I’d love to break the five hour mark at some point but it just seems really daunting at this point, maybe next year. The event itself is just so much fun though, with an incredible energy and an amazing crowd to cheer you on for miles and miles, and a course that goes by so many well-known L.A. landmarks. It just feels like a big L.A. lovefest and I hope to do it again next year.

One of the main reasons I keep running is that it’s a great way to keep the weight off, and as the decades pass it becomes harder and harder not to bulk up. If I didn’t work out I’m sure I’d be ten or twenty pounds heavier than I am now. So I’m no great athlete by any stretch but it does help with my vanity. ;-) I also tend to have better moods and just generally feel better about things if I stay active. I had a mild injury last September and didn’t run for an entire month and just felt awful. It was like withdrawal not getting my endorphin fix. It’s tough to get out to the gym or hit the track but I force myself even though I could totally be a couch potato. Anyway, it was an awesome race yesterday and will definitely be one of the high points of the year once again! Yay!

Introducing Diane Hitachi’ed by her Aunt Sandra

Diane and I emailed a while back and had the chance to shoot a fun and sexy scene last weekend. She looked fabulous in this leather outfit of hers and we shot a scene where she’s my niece being corrected for her wild ways. Here are a few framegrabs from the video; the whole thing turned out to be over fifteen minutes long with some intense Hitachi action at the end. I’ll post the video early next week and hope that Diane will be back for more stern but loving correction from her slightly demented aunt. There are a couple still shots also on the preview page at T’s in Trouble. Enjoy!