The Death Clock Re-Visited

I was reading something about glam-rock star Marc Bolan of T-Rex, who died back in ’77, just days before his thirtieth birthday in a car crash. And that led me to a link for the good ol’ Death Clock website. I’d forgotten all about this website but I really enjoy it! The concept is so wicked. You type in some details about yourself and it tells you statistically when you may expect to die. There are also settings for a normal, optimistic, or pessimistic reading, which slant the numbers. The normal reading gives me about 25 years, though on the pessimistic setting I’ve only got ten (damn, that’s soon!) There’s also a sadistic setting, but you don’t really want to go there. The optimistic setting puts me way into my nineties, which is so far away that it’s almost not worth considering. I am a bit death-obsessed, I’ll admit, so I LOVE this kind of thing. Here’s to many more good and active years ahead for us all (uh, as long as we can avoid exterminating ourselves as a species on our little planet). As the Brits say, Cheers!


A while back a friend told me that I should put up a gallery of pictures on DeviantART, so I finally took the time and did it – here’s the page. I really hope that it’s viewable with a free membership.

While I’ve downloaded some nice drawings and photos from the site in the past, I have to say that the navigation and ease of use for setting up a profile and posting pictures is really horrible. I hate to be so negative, but it probably took me an hour and a half just to upload 30-some photos. Sadly enough, it’s set up like a site that you would have found back in the late-90s, where each picture has to be uploaded one at a time, with numerous drop down menus to maneuver and boxes of text to fill in and absolutely no “batch” features for uploading multiple pictures. It’s really wildly frustrating, I hate to say, and could really use some streamlining. That said, I posted several pictures at the above link, including quite a few older ones from Ts in Trouble. Ah, the good old days!

Liplocker Gag

Here are a few extra shots from the recent liplocker gag gallery that was recently posted on the site, including a couple more glamour shots of yours truly. Kali, AmberKatt and I had a real fun time shooting this set and it was really sexy being forced into a kiss with Kali ;-) Check out Hottbonds for the gag and other good leather bondage gear (and those tight skirts that I like so much).

Also, I’ll be on the road for a couple days this week so this week’s update on the site, with Bettie Cho returning for more tight bondage, will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then we’ll be back to our regular weekly schedule…

Memories of Chainguy

As I mentioned in the last post, a friend suggested I post a selection of shots that Paul (Chainguy) and I did over the years. Hopefully this won’t seem like it’s all about me but rather in memory of a good friend who’s passed on. Like I mentioned earlier, Paul was a great guy, with a very clever sense of humor, a fine appreciation for the absurdities of life, a love of Shakespeare’s soliloquies and of good movie quotes (he was always quoting that Jack Nicholson speech from “A Few Good Men”).

I fondly remember spending hours with him geeking out over bondage and photography (we spent ridiculous amounts of time comparing the histograms on various shots – why? I’m still not quite sure.) In addition to the shots from the various galleries below, I still have about 10 upcoming Chainguy galleries on my computer that haven’t even been edited yet. And of course he also shot several other galleries with my friends Delilah, Bettie Cho, Nina and Vicky, some of whose shots appear below on recent blog posts. The 50-some shots here are posted in the approximate order that they were taken, starting back in 2006 when we first shot on the back porch at that beach house that we’d occasionally get access to. Some of my favorite times were those series of galleries that we did in the mountains north of L.A., which sadly enough were all burned out a couple years ago. And the last four shots below, which are all fairly recent, haven’t yet made it onto the site but should be showing up in the months ahead.

We did a lot of rope bondage, but true to his nickname he really LOVED the handcuffs and shackles. I remember him at many parties in L.A. putting himself out and selflessly volunteering to cuff numerous ladies, crossdressers and guys. He was that kind of person – always thinking of the needs of others ;-) Speaking of parties, I was afraid that the last Club Fantasy party on April 1st would really be depressing without Paul being there. And although I missed him and many others commented on how he was always a regular there, it was still a really nice time and we had a big turnout, close to 40 people, which is huge for us, and it was a great group of people. Paul would have loved it and would almost certainly have had several girls all chained up for much of the evening. We will miss you, my friend…