“You Kind of Look Like…”

Earlier while in guy mode at the friend’s houe where I’m staying in L.A., I talked briefly with the neighbor, an older guy who came by, and he said, “Oh, you kind of look like that lady friend who sometimes stops by – she’s tall too…” I just smiled and said something vaguely in agreement, but I don’t think he even heard me. I love when stuff like that happens! Later, I was thinking, well, maybe he’s just messing with me and obviously knows that that “lady friend” really is me dressed as a woman. But from his manner, I suspect that he just saw a resemblance but didn’t really know that, yes, that was me.

Like most people, the reality of crossdressing is probably so unfamiliar that he probably just didn’t make the connection. And that always amazes me, because like most crossdressers I always think that I don’t really look that much different in girl mode than in guy mode, though in reality most of us do look very different indeed. I have a friend who has a fairly high-profile job and every now and then he’ll have anxiety about having femme pictures on his various online profiles and he’ll be tempted to delete them. But really he looks so completely different in male mode. With the wig and makeup and clothes, it’s just so unlikely that anyone would ever recognize him. And yet so many of us, myself included, think that others will see through us just like that, without any doubt or hesitation. I do wonder, though, how long it will take for that neighbor to put two and two together, as he’s probably going to see that “lady friend” again a few more times this next week or so ;-)

Back In L.A.

Well, I had another sleep-deprived night last night and an uneventful early-morning flight and am back in L.A. for a little visit. The friend whom I stay with rents a condo in Big Bear Lake every spring so we’ll be going up there tomorrow for the holiday weekend with some friends. Then the following week I’ve got several shoots planned with some local girls. And on the third is the Club Fantasy party. It’s gonna go fast!

Out Running Around

I’ve been growing out my eyebrows for the last six weeks or so, so lately they’ve been looking like two hairy caterpillars, and when I’ve gone out dressed I’ve just been waxing them up with some chapstick to try to keep all the stragglers in check. This morning though I had a bunch of errands to run and finally got them waxed at a place downtown called appropriately, “Brows.” I was upfront when I called them and just let them know I was a crossdresser who does a lot of photography and the owner was very cool and did a nice job cleaning them up – always so nice to have something like that done and feel more put together.

Then I did a little shopping while out, first hitting Ross (no luck), a local thrift store (bought one top and a ladies suit coat that might work) and finally finishing at Burlington Coat Factory, which I like a lot. I found another top there that I’m hoping will fit and the biggest find was a bunch of new earrings, which were all marked down on clearance. I normally find shopping in the spring to be the worst time of year, as the spring fashions usually don’t do much for me; I much prefer fall and winter. But all in all I found a few possibilities. Also stopped by Home Depot to get some tape for a shoot that I hope to do this weekend – we shall see.

Club Fantasy June 3rd – I’ll be visiting in L.A. again later next week and am going to stay for the Friday, June 3rd, Club Fantasy party. I always love being there and seeing so many friends. If you’re in the area stop by and check it out. It’s a very laid back and relaxed time and there’s usually some good bondage going on :-) Hope to see you there!

Windows 7 to the Rescue for Your Porn Needs

I just upgraded to Windows 7 and it has the coolest little thing called the Snipping Tool. I’ve written here before about how Fetlife recently blocked the ability to right click and save pictures on their site. You could of course just look at the source code and find the link to the picture, copy it and enter it in a new browser window and you’re all set, but now those days are a faint memory! With the Snipping Tool you just click and drag a box around any image on your screen, enter a name for the file and the format to save it in and you’re done! And yeah, I know, if Fetlife or any other site has disabled the option to save pictures, then really you shouldn’t do this – yeah, honestly I don’t buy that. One of the main characteristics of the internet is sharing and linking to other stuff. If someone doesn’t want their images or videos saved the way to prevent that is not to post them. And heck, if one’s naughty pictures are going up on a free-wheelin’ site like Fetlife, well, come on…Thanks, Windows 7 – My bondage porn collection will continue to grow with even greater ease!

Anyone Know Who Drew These?

I’m sure quite a few readers here have seen these drawings before, as they’ve been re-posted on several sites and have been online for over ten years. Obviously they were drawn by a French artist, and although they’re very simple and unpolished, I’ve always thought that they were incredibly sexy and beautifully convey the helpless damsel in distress scenario. I also like the modest and overly feminine style of the dresses that the girls are wearing, with the high necklines and the bows in the hair, and the strange wrinkles in the fabric with the tight pinching ropes. I’ve found probably 35 of these drawings over the years, and I think they’re so good in their own unique way that if the artist had a few hundred of them, he or she could easily open their own website and get quite a following. Does anyone know who drew these and if they have a website or anything? I’d love to think that maybe there are lots more of these out there…