“You Kind of Look Like…”

Earlier while in guy mode at the friend’s houe where I’m staying in L.A., I talked briefly with the neighbor, an older guy who came by, and he said, “Oh, you kind of look like that lady friend who sometimes stops by – she’s tall too…” I just smiled and said something vaguely in agreement, but I don’t think he even heard me. I love when stuff like that happens! Later, I was thinking, well, maybe he’s just messing with me and obviously knows that that “lady friend” really is me dressed as a woman. But from his manner, I suspect that he just saw a resemblance but didn’t really know that, yes, that was me.

Like most people, the reality of crossdressing is probably so unfamiliar that he probably just didn’t make the connection. And that always amazes me, because like most crossdressers I always think that I don’t really look that much different in girl mode than in guy mode, though in reality most of us do look very different indeed. I have a friend who has a fairly high-profile job and every now and then he’ll have anxiety about having femme pictures on his various online profiles and he’ll be tempted to delete them. But really he looks so completely different in male mode. With the wig and makeup and clothes, it’s just so unlikely that anyone would ever recognize him. And yet so many of us, myself included, think that others will see through us just like that, without any doubt or hesitation. I do wonder, though, how long it will take for that neighbor to put two and two together, as he’s probably going to see that “lady friend” again a few more times this next week or so ;-)

8 thoughts on ““You Kind of Look Like…””

  1. Oooh i know this,when i told my mom i liked to crossdress she didnt even know what it was..or that guys did it,lol

  2. I love getting the comment like: “I saw a truck like yours the other day, but it couldn’t have been you. A woman was driving it.”

  3. So true. Even one of my best friends saw me recently and her comment when she saw me was “You’re so tall in those heels, and you really do look like a woman.” :)

  4. Actually some of this can be associated with the fact that the brain perceives masculine and feminine by the way said individuals look. When a person is in theyre own little world and see things-they look for cues..clothing and hair is the biggest gender cue,for instance…say,i went outside in a dress…with my long hair,at a glance from most- i would appear as a girl. In fact,it happens even without clothes lol,When i was in high school people would mistake me as a female often :D even though i wore guy stuff,and im pretty dang tall. You are pretty,in fact,you are amazing pretty (Considering you said you were in your 40s?) You know how makeup works-so many “trannies” wear to much eyeshadow with lipstick,and that,to me,and others is often a cue of “Drag queen” dont let the whole “im tall” thing make you feel as if you DONT pass. Plenty of woman are tall. :D

  5. I get laser done after work, which is the only place I’m not “out” at. Meaning so far I’ve gone en drab. Up until last time. That day I was running around dropping off resumes and decided to show up for my appointment en femme. I figured I had already told them why I was getting the treatments and have shared my experiences being trans, why not? I walked up to the desk and the lady that I’ve seen for months now looked me right in the eye and asked me what my name was. I told her as she was turning to grab a new client clipboard thing, she did a double take when she heard me say my legal name. It was so genuine, it couldn’t have possibly been feigned for my benefit. Talk about a confidence boost!

  6. I cant even imagine what you look like in guy mode, Sandra. Im so used to seeing you dressed up, I might think you actually look odd in male clothing.

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