What Are Your Favorite Scenarios? – Guest Blog from Sybil Minnelli

(People sometimes tell me that I’m living the dream, but nope, it’s really Sybil Minnelli who’s out there doing it! I’m really thrilled to have my friend Sybil back for another guest blog post talking about some of her favorite scenarios and adventures…Take it away, Sybil!)

What are your favorite bondage scenarios? I thought it might be fun to share a bit on that topic. I have several with a damsel in distress theme (I know, you’re shocked!) I have a really strong cuckold fetish as well, but will save that hot topic for another time. I have been lucky to have had a lot of bondage play, but really haven’t had that many play partners, surprisingly…Most of my bondage adventures involve Jean Bardot in some way, sometimes even with Sandra as you may have seen here on Trannies In Trouble. I get to see a lot of Mistress Jean as we both live in Minneapolis and get along really well. She has sort of adopted me as her bottom/sub sister, a role which has me doing everything from studio manager to mouse wrangler to tax gurl…There’s only so much time for bondage play (hard to be a studio manager when I’m tied up!) but when the opportunities present themselves, we have a lot of fun! One of my favorite things is to tie myself up and get found by Mistress Jean while I’m in this compromised position. (Self-bondage is a bit of a touchy subject as it is so dangerous, so I will preface these stories with a recommendation not to do self-bondage unless you can get yourself out very quickly or have somebody nearby keeping an eye on you!! In fact, that is an order, ladies!!)

So with that order in mind, I continue…When I prep for bondage play, I’ll get dressed up in lingerie, a corset for sure, and sometimes a flirty skirt or dress to flash stocking tops. I like to wear heels with a tight, secure strap to make it difficult to kick them off once my ankles are tied together, and to keep Mistress Jean from tickling my feet (that only works sometimes!) My most common bondage method is to start by tying my legs together at the ankles and knees with ropes or leather straps. Then I’ll strap a ballgag or ballgag head harness on and slip on some elbow cuffs with my arms behind my back with a leather strap loosely holding the cuffs together. And then I’ll finish with binding the wrists by using a zip tie to connect two leather wrist cuffs together. For safety and quick release I either use a zip tie that I can break or have emergency scissors really close by in case I need to cut the zip tie.

I try to time my event so that I have a little struggling time before I get “surprised” by Mistress Jean coming over to the studio. When she finds me, I will immediately be in more trouble either for being naughty by 1) playing bondage games with myself, or 2) for leaving the front door open and letting myself get tied up by a burglar, or perhaps some other fantasy situation. So then she has to punish me by making my bondage tighter, inescapable and much more secure…One of the things I have always liked about Sandra’s website is that she is so good about writing up these little DiD scenarios and attaching them to her photo sets. Having a little context to go with the great bondage pics is a great combination!

Mistress Jean then gets to work on making me helpless – she’ll get the zip tie for the wrist cuffs tightened up and will take away the emergency scissors. Or she might remove the wrist cuffs and tie my wrists securely with rope. The elbow strap gets tightened up. A hogtie rope is added. And one of the things Jean has been doing a lot lately when I wear the head harness is to add a rope from the ring at the top of the head harness, pulling my head back by attaching the rope to the ankle rope. I commented recently how she has been tying my head back a lot after hogtying me, and she said, “I can’t help but tie that rope to that ring on the head harness when I see it!” So deliciously cruel she is. :-)

After making me helpless, she might just leave me while she goes about her business at the studio and other times she’ll beat me with a paddle or crop or whatever she can find nearby. If the Mistress is merciful, perhaps the vibrator comes into play at some point…No matter what she decides to do at that point, I find it incredibly satisfying to be under her control and have no way to get loose on my own.

I love to do this when we go to events as well, and when I do, Jean will often send out a ransom note after she has found and tied me with no escape, which brings other people over to embarrass me and/or do whatever they want. By the way, the ransom has never been paid, LOL. Someday I fantasize a variation of this DiD scenario with Sandra… We’d be finishing a photoshoot at some event like FetishCon, head back to my room and have Sandra show up a few minutes later saying, “Oh hey, Sybil, I wanted to know if you could help me with something before my next shoot.” And then she would somehow talk me into getting tied up yet one more time, with the intention of leaving me there to suffer. But then before she can leave, Jean appears and suddenly Sandra is being tied up as well, giving Jean a couple trannies to play with…

The photos here are pretty spontaneous, mostly from camera phones, so please excuse the raw quality! But they are kinda fun and give a peek into the silly things I do. Pic descriptions: a couple play photos from Bardot Studios in Minneapolis, tied at Fetish Con where I was “jumped” by Jean’s slave “The Jeffrey”, pic from the floor at Fetish Con with Quinn Demand last August, and then bound in a Fetish Factory hotel room (note the tiara sarcastically placed on my head, lol), and two pics from the Texas Latex Party where I was found by Jean, tied up and then assaulted by Jean and a model whose face I obscured a bit since I didn’t ask her if I could post this! Hope you all enjoy this and will get some inspiration to chase and share your own Damsel in Distress adventures. :-)