California Nina Returns to T’s in Trouble

My friend Nina is a very busy girl so it’s actually been over three years since we’ve shot together but she’s back this week on the site! We had a really fun time with this one, where she plays a closeted and married CD who meets me on Craigslist but learns too late that I’m really just looking for new victims to rob – It’s happened enough times to me that I finally became an expert at turning the tables!

Al from AltomicVisuals took care of the camera and Delilah was able to stop by to do some rigging, so we all had a great time and shot this set at the end of a fun day. I really hope Nina can get back for more trouble again soon. She looked fantastic in her green dress…Hope you enjoy!

A Week of Kindness

I first saw “Une Semaine de Bonté” (A Week of Kindness) by Max Ernst when I was fifteen years old and I remember it made a deep impression on me. There are really only a handful of pictures with any real bondage references, but the ladies’ gowns and dresses fascinated me, such as the high-collared dress of the lady in the second picture (what would it be like to wear something like that!)

The book, which was published in 1934, is really a series of collage images cut up from pictures in Victorian magazines and encyclopedias, and although it’s billed as a novel, there’s no real storyline to follow. But I looked at it many times and always felt it conveyed a real sense of dread and a glimpse of the id unmasked, as though without our shaky civilization what savages we would all be. As a fifteen year old I only wished it had even more gowns and dresses and bondage but it was always fascinating to flip through its pages.