Another Indiana Bondage Getaway

So later this week I’m heading back to Indiana for yet another bondage getaway, arranged by Donna Patricia Richardson and her friend Heather. I had so much fun at the last one, and they very generously reserved the secluded cabin in the back country where we’ll be tucked away. It should be a lot of fun with lots of bondage going on for several days. I’ll be leaving on Saturday and will be far from any major city so internet access will probably not be available for a few days. But I’ll post the set with Silvia Snow (preview below) and the video to go with it before I head to the airport. Hopefully we’ll have some nice new pictures to post here when I get back…Hope everyone’s having a good summer!

Pretty CD Silvia Snow on Ts in Trouble

Silvia and I emailed each other a few months ago on Feflife and I was immediately impressed by her polished and incredibly pretty look. But since she lives a few states away I wasn’t sure we’d ever have the chance to shoot together. But as luck would have it she was able to pay a visit to Southern California recently and I had a great time meeting her and taking some bondage pictures. She’s a real dear and a very nice person and happily endured some pretty intense bondage. I’m hoping we’ll be able to do it again on some future travel. In the meantime this gallery will be going up on the site early on Friday. She ends up tied in a crossed-leg position with growing distress as the intensity increases. This was the last thing we shot after a long day and it was a blast getting her all tied up and tape-gagged – Aw, poor dear! ;-) Hope you Enjoy!

Real Doll Martín Gutierrez

Young artist Martín Gutierrez has a fascinating show of photographs at a NYC gallery where he appears made up as a sex doll, or “real doll.” I love these pictures and the way she really appears to be made out of plastic. Also had to notice the plastic bag over the doll in storage by the washing machine and how it adds an extra note of kink and danger. Wish I was in the city and could go see this exhibit. You can check out some more larger-sized pictures here.

Yoga Girl Kyra Pixie

I had a fun shoot with Kyra Pixie several weeks ago where she’s lounging around in her red leotard and plaid skirt, enjoying a yoga workout when she’s suddenly surprised by intruder Otto Devoid who finds her front door unlocked. She tries to be a clever victim, talking back to her intruder and trying to outsmart him but eventually she’s trapped and helpless, growing more and more worried as she has a scarf shoved in her mouth and duct tape wrapped tightly all around her head and across her pouty lips. The pictures will be on the site later tonight and the twenty-three minutes video will go up in a few days. Hope you enjoy!