Fun Weekend

It was a really busy and fun weekend here. I had agreed to volunteer to work all day at the “Carnal Carnival” event Saturday and I woke up early with a groan, thinking, “What have I done?” but the day really turned out to be pretty fun. I spent most of the day working in the throw-darts-and-break-a-condom room, and really enjoyed hanging out with some fellow Threshold members whom I’m very fond of. Volunteering for the event got me much more involved in it and socializing with people more than I normally would have if I’d just gone on my own. I was beat by the end of the day so called it an early night.

Then this afternoon I had a really great time with the rope bondage workshop. Usually I’m a little nervous at the start, but this time it seemed to flow pretty well, and I think everyone enjoyed seeing cutie Bettie Cho put into numerous strict hogties. I got into it so much that the demo portion went well into the second hour, and I had more stuff we could have done, but needed to let everyone take a break and then enjoy some freeform practice time. The turnout was maybe a little smaller than usual but it was probably the best workshop I’ve had yet. I love when it goes well.

Rope Bondage Workshop – August 27

Well, this Sunday I’ll be hosting the next rope bondage workshop in N. Hollywood and I’m planning to demonstrate some tight hogties on a certain victim, er, volunteer (Hmm, who could that be?) I’m looking forward to it, so if you’d like to do some tying or get tied up, come on out this Sunday afternoon:

Rope Bondage Workshop at HollywoodLand Studios

Sunday August 27, 2006
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Hollywoodland Studios
11300 Hartland St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605


Open to all interested members of the BDSM Community. Join Sandra to
learn the basics as well as some new tricks! $5 for Threshold
members and affiliates, $10 for non members, proceeds going
to Threshold.

Mood: A Bit Down

I try to stay active, get exercise, and have projects to work on because otherwise I tend to get depressed more often than I like to admit. These things do help but I still find myself getting depressed sometimes even though life is going really well. I think for some people, depression is a part of their temperament (though some might say it’s just a habit.) I know that there have been medical studies indicating that the more depressive episodes one experiences during one’s life, the more prone that individual is to have further episodes in the future. Sort of a discouraging thing to hear for someone who’s been depressed many times since adolescence.

One of the crappy things about depression is that I’ll feel bad about feeling bad, like I “shouldn’t” be feeling down. I’ll tell myself, “What do you have to feel bad about? Life is good, you just started co-sponsoring a bondage party, and are running the bondage workshop, and taking lots of pictures for your website. You have your health and friends and family who love you and an active life – What the hell are you feeling down for?” And it’s like, “Yeah, that’s all true – isn’t it ironic that I feel depressed?” So telling myself that I should be feeling something different is about as useful as someone saying, “Cheer up” or “Snap out of it,” or my favorite, “Smile!” (And what’s really annoying is that sometimes when you do force yourself to smile, it really can give your mood a little boost.)

Current mood: A bit dark (but it’ll pass).

Bondage Party Last Night

The first evening of our newly re-vamped Club Fantasy – now being presented as a TG Bondage event – went pretty well last night. The evenings always start out slow but by ten o’clock it was humming along pretty well and I saw a lot of bondage going on. I started off by putting my friend Bettie Cho in a couple super-tight hogties (she always has such a dull time at these things), and then attaching my friend Sharon Porter to the St. Andrews Cross for an endurance wearing some painfully tight high heels. Later I met a couple nice girls I’d been corresponding with off and on for a long time – Missy and Miki (Oh, and tied them up too). And I also got to tie up the lovely Louann from CD Bondage, whom I hadn’t seen in a really long time and who was wearing a beautiful long blue gown.

I hope I can continue to build up attendance at the parties. They’ll be once a month, every third Friday of the month in North Hollywood, CA. And if you’d like to be added to the email list just send me an email or just leave a comment with your addy (I’ll delete it once I get it.)

The next bondage party is Friday, September 15th.

TG Bondage Party Friday Night

So tomorrow night is the first of our newly revamped Club Fantasy parties, occurring every third Friday of the month. I’ve been getting quite a few emails and really hope it’ll be a good turnout. If you’re in the SoCal area, come on out:

Club Fantasy
Friday, August 18th
8:00 PM till 12:00 AM

Hollywoodland Studios (Entrance in rear – plenty of free parking)
11300 Hartland St.
(off Tujunga, 1 block north of Vanowen)
North Hollywood, CA 91605


Admission is only $10 and is for 18 years of age and over.

For questions or more information on attending, please contact Sandra at

Can We Borrow Your Manacles?

Yesterday I had the day off so I was able to help out on a little video production that was going on in North Hollywood. A friend told me that the guy making this short zombie film needed some bondage gear as props, and hoping for an interesting experience, I agreed to volunteer a day helping out. This had to be the slowest video shoot in the world. I arrived at 8:45 AM as scheduled, but was told by the Assistant Director – a very nice and able guy – that some problems had come up and they probably wouldn’t start shooting till 1:00 PM. So, okay, I went back home and edited some pictures for my website.

Later in the afternoon I went back and found that things were still running late. An actor was unavailable and someone was dispatched to Whittier to pick him up (a very long drive). At one point it was about 3:20 and I sat there on the set (the crew and actors wandering around, smoking, taking naps on couches) thinking, “Okay, I’ll give it till 4:00 PM and if there’s still no sign of activity, I’ll just leave. Fuck it.”

3:45 came and it was announced, “We’re very close to shooting.” “Damn,” I thought, “I’m stuck here.”

Well, things continued on. A couple actors in elaborate zombie makeup were with the director, working out the scene. Lighting was tweaked, the tripod lowered and raised, the lens on the camera was changed. It was pushing 6:00 PM and they still had not gotten to a single shot for the day – nearly nine hours.

I’ve worked before on TV commercials and the occasional doomed independent film back when I lived in Colorado, but this was a record for me for the amount of time to get something – anything – shot. Memories of those times came back and I remembered why I hated working on film crews. There’s endless waiting and hanging out, and I’ve never felt comfortable making chit chat with people I’ve just met. It’s like a situation designed for my social anxiety to come rushing out.

Finally when the camera did roll, the director was struck by how cool the actors feet looked walking into frame. So it was decided: they would shoot close ups of feet.

Okay, the director is actually a nice guy, whom I’d met a couple weeks before – a young film guy looking to get into the Hollywood scene – but he just seemed in way over his head. (And I sure hope he doesn’t read my blog.)

I was finally able to leave after 10:00 PM and I signed out some handcuffs and leg shackles for the next day’s shoot and let them know I was “unavailable” to return. I hope I get my stuff back Friday.

Viagra, Cialis, Online Gambling!!!

Man, the blog spammers have been really busy. Every couple days I have to check out the list of “comments” waiting to be approved, usually running well over 100 entries and they’re all spam. (They get flagged only if they contain more than three links.)

I’m reminded of the Russian spammer who was found bludgeoned to death last year in his apartment. While I would never condone murder, in this case I do understand it. One Russian media outlet called it, “An Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem.”

Club Fantasy

I’ve been bad at updating the blog the last few days, but am glad to finally have some information to post on the new Club Fantasy, TG Bondage party, scheduled for Friday the 18th. It’ll be a once a month event in North Hollywood and I’m hoping we can get off to a bang next week. If you’re in the area, come on out!

By the way, it’s for a good cause, with proceeds going to Threshold. I don’t make a dime off of it.

So here it is, reposted from the Threshold Yahoo Group:

Club Fantasy
In an effort to reach out to other lifestyles and communities, Trannies In Trouble and Threshold are proud to present the newly reconfigured Club Fantasy, a monthly TG Bondage Party! It’ll be held every third Friday of the month from 8 PM to 12 AM (this month it’s Friday, August 18th).

Although Club Fantasy is a CD/TV/TS/TG Club, it’s open to Everyone! Admirers and Friends are highly encouraged to attend.

There’ll be all kinds of play going on with an added emphasis on Transgender Bondage! If you like to see helpless damsels getting tied up, Sandra from Trannies In Trouble will be bringing lots of rope and is looking forward to doing some serious bondage. So break out your rope, tape, scarves and whatever else you’d like and come on out. Or if you’d prefer to watch and socialize that’s cool too.

Club Fantasy will be held at a fully equipped 4,000 sq. ft, air conditioned, dungeon in North Hollywood, CA., with bondage tables, racks and crosses, the medical room, the chain web, and the huge throne in the purple room, perfect for foot worship and pedicures.

Never dressed? Want to? Try this:

Club Fantasy is a place where you can safely and discretely transform yourself into the woman you really are! There is also a secure place to keep your personal items so everything will be there when you get back. And if you dress but would prefer to just attend in “guy mode” that’s okay too!

Admission is only $10 and is for 18 years of age and over.

No alcohol or drugs allowed. Sodas, bottled water and snacks will be available all evening as part of your $10 admission.

Hollywoodland Studios (Entrance in rear – plenty of free parking)
11300 Hartland St.
(off Tujunga, 1 block north of Vanowen)
North Hollywood, CA 91605


For questions or more information on attending, please contact Sandra at

Speaking of Air Travel

One odd thing I noticed on my Delta Airlines flight is that they have several video monitors all throughout the plane. And during take-off and landing they have this rather crude computer animation of a plane, well, taking off and then later, of course, landing. My question is: Why? Are the folks at Delta worried that passengers won’t be aware that the plane is barrelling down the runway and lifting into the sky, or that we’ll wonder at the end of the flight, “What the hell was that big bump and those jet engines whining, and, hey, why are we pulling G’s and slowing down?” There’s the real-life liftoff and landing and then the virtual liftoff and landing that you can follow along with on the screen. Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but it just seemed kind of weird.

Out of Town

Well, I was out of town again this last weekend, visiting my parents in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, where the weather was actually cooler than it had been lately in Southern California.

On the plane trip home they were showing the gender bender comedy, “She’s the Man.” It looked pretty lame, but did have the cute Amanda Bynes dressing up like a guy to play on the soccer team at her boarding school. It was apparently based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Thankfully the star of the movie is twenty years old, but she looks so young that I still feel like a total perv looking at her pictures.