Great Time at BoundCon!

It was an amazing time at BoundCon with Delilah Knotty and friends. We met so many cool people and did a lot of bondage and were utterly sleep deprived by the end. I was hoping to get some photos posted quickly and had this crazy fantasy that things would be quieter when I got back to L.A., but no, silly me. But here’s a quick picture done by SlaveFlash.Photo just before leaving for the Sub Rosa Dictum party in Munich, which was crazy. We have the TEASE party tonight in L.A. but I’m hoping to go through the photos soon and post a few more. My internet access was pretty lousy in Europe but Delilah was able to tweet quite a bit so check out her feed for some more pics. I only have a few of her retweets on mine, lol! But it was an intense whirlwind experience and a lot of fun, definitely worth the effort and suffering through the jetlag! :-)

Getting Ready for BoundCon

I’ve been busy getting ready for the trip to BoundCon coming up next week. Big trips like this are always stressful trying to get everything ready and trying to fit all my stuff into a couple suitcases – never enough room. But after all the hassle and expense they’re usually worth it. Of course, 75 percent of the world’s people never get to board a plane so I’d be a bit of a jerk to complain about my luck, even if I end up sitting in a middle seat for twelve hours ;-) I’ll be making a few other stops but barring any unforeseens the BoundCon event will be one of the highlights, especially the crazy Saturday night party which is out of this world. This year I’m thrilled that Delilah Knotty is able to meet me over there, so there will be trouble to be had. I doubt I’ll be doing any blogging while I’m gone but might post a few things on Twitter if there’s wifi. As long as everything goes as planned there should be some nice new pictures…and some German beer! :-)