Marriage Equality in the US

It was quite a week here in the States with the Supreme Court narrowly deciding in favor of marriage equality. I’ve posted about the issue a few times here the last few years, but like many I was surprised to see it come to pass this quickly. Back around 2010 I guessed it would be at least ten years or more till it would happen, but late last year, as this Rolling Stone article reports, there seemed to be a tipping point and things started to move fast.

Twitter of course went crazy, with some very funny and touching posts. My favorite is from the Onion below, always hilarious. There’ll be some inevitable backlash (there’s already been lots of grumbling in the great state of Texas) but I’m hoping things will eventually settle down and people will realize the sky still has not fallen. I also loved this photo down below of what appears to be Miley Cyrus hand-gagging herself :-) I really wanted to see that one but the link didn’t seem to work (If anyone has a good link, please post below in the comments). In any case it was a thrill to wake up on Friday, go online, and hear some good news.

Europe / BoundCon 2015

It’s taken me way too long to review all the pictures, but BoundCon was amazing once again, with a really nice group of friends to hang out with, including Delilah Knotty, who completely surprised me when she let me know she was planning to go. I always feel like a bit of a show-off and name-dropper with these trip reports but there you go; I just hate to forget anyone. In any case, the jetlag was pretty tough for me this time but I had the chance to fly out a week before. Flights to Paris were surprisingly cheaper than Germany so I suffered through three days in the French capital (poor me!) and had a chance to go back to the famous Maison du Travesti, which strangely enough reminds me of the French version of L.A.’s Oxwood Inn, and also got to meet up with a couple nice new friends, Sabine and Karyn. I was in a bit of a fog the first couple days but enjoyed taking a side trip to the Paris Catacombs, which are truly awe-inspiring and much farther below the city than I would have guessed. The spiral staircase down is definitely not for the claustrophobic.

Before heading to Germany I was also able to spend a few days in London and finally meet up with Nina Jay and her good friend K. (Rocket Man below). It was really nice hanging out with them both and taking some pictures around the city, which I feel like I barely saw. The travel caught up with me and I pooped out for one night but we did a lot, riding the London tube, going to the Way Out Club and Molly Moggs tavern, which were both terrific. (The British are so polite!) Just before leaving for the big convention I’m glad I was also able to meet up with Claire Jones and enjoy a delightful dinner with her (I recall someone got tied up too). And then the next morning it was a nice breakfast with the amazingly talented FemDom artist Sardax, who recently illustrated (and translated!) a new edition of “Venus In Furs.” A really nice guy who kindly enough took me on a short tour to Camden Town Market, which was charming.

The high point of the trip was of course BoundCon, which is three days of performances, parties, classes and bondage, plus some very good German beer. It was great having Delilah there, who did a lot of tying, though she got her own helpless time in too – as did I, although strangely enough I have no pictures to prove it. It was a great time and like I say a really nice group. Seen in the pictures below there’s Gwendoline from Corsica, who’s well known from her own personal website, of course Marie Lissandro from Germany, also Katya from Germany whom we briefly saw just before the crazy Saturday night party (with a mysterious beautiful friend in the blue catsuit). Also Jenny from Austria whom I got to tie up late at night back at the hotel bar where lots of bondage action was taking place. We also made two lovely new friends, Cacea from the UK and Suzanna from Germany with her partner Heidi. And it’s always great to see Sandra Silvers at these events. I think she goes to all of them! It was an amazing couple weeks, although it’s always nice to come back home again too. It’s hard to say if I’ll be back again next year, as this one would be really hard to top! Good memories though, we shall see…

Marie Lissandro looking very glamorous by SlaveFlash.Photo:

This last picture was one of those bizarre misfires but I love it. I have no idea what we’re talking about!