Been Listening To

I recently heard this very catchy remix of Friendly Fires’ tune “Paris,” and it’s been running through my head ever since. When she sings, “One day we’re going to live in Paris,” though, you sort of know it’s never going to happen. Good dance music.

You can stream it on this page. Just look on the right side for the little box that says “Paris (Aeroplane Remix)”

Sandra in Self Bondage – Two-Part Video

I just finished editing the videos for the recent self-bondage set and posted them on the members’ area at Trannies In Trouble. It turned out to be pretty long, so I split it into two parts, with me gagging and tying myself in part one, and then cuffing and putting myself into a hogtie in part two – and then realizing just how inescapable my predicament has become! Here are a few preview images from the videos. Enjoy!

The Wrestler

I recently saw the new Mickey Rourke movie, The Wrestler, and it’s an excellent “feel bad” movie. It is rather shocking to see how bad Mickey Rourke looks, especially since he was, well, beautiful when he was younger (Hell, I would have had sex with him back then, and I’m not even much into guys). The movie is indeed grim – dealing with aging and decay and how life doesn’t turn out how we would have hoped – but it’s so well done and Mickey Rourke’s performance is so good that it wasn’t nearly as depressing as I feared. And there’s also a good song at the end – one of those hopeless-loser ballads by Bruce Springsteen. Definitely a good choice for a nice wallow.

The Wrestler website

Blonde Sandra in Self Bondage

I recently did a self-bondage set of pictures that was a real turn on for me and a very helpless predicament, with the handcuff key frozen in a cube of ice. I started out by stuffing my mouth and then sealing it up with a heavy medical tape pulled tight and smooth over my lips. Then I tied myself up, and finished off with a cruel set of hinged handcuffs. Here are a couple preview shots, just glamming around and then preparing to start tying myself. I’ll be posting the full set later for this Friday’s update. Hope you enjoy…

Bondage Booth at My Kinky Valentine

This Saturday, February 14th, some friends and I will be running another Bondage Booth at Threshold’s My Kinky Valentine event in North Hollywood, CA.

The idea for the Bondage Booth is that for five tickets (one dollar per ticket) you can get tied up for 15 minutes in simple but effective bondage. So if you want to get tied up for a full hour it’s only 20 bucks, and the money goes to a good cause (it’s one of Threshold’s yearly fund-raisers to help keep the club afloat).

We had a lot of fun last summer when we did it and are hoping to top it this year. Also, if you have a favorite ballgag or hood, bring it along and we’ll strap you in. I’ll be there for most of the afternoon – noon till 6 PM. Hope to see you there!

Poe Stamp

I see the post office recently released an Edgar Allan Poe stamp – very cool. I remember back in my 20s I had a beautifully printed “complete works of” volume that was just wonderful. He was such a great and tragic figure, and I always loved the walling-up themes in some of the stories ;-) Wish I still had that book; alas, somewhere over the years I lost it.

Cool Photoshop Work from Volcane

A while back I had the great surprise and pleasure to hear from Volcane, “the father of scarf bondage,” who did lots of terrific scarf bondage photos back in the old Harmony Concepts days, especially in Bondage Life magazine. He recently sent me these cool Photoshop images re-worked from pictures on Ts In Trouble and was kind enough to let me post them here. The first three apparently are backgrounds from PhotoFunia, where you can drop an existing picture in for a neat effect. And the last two are very impressive work with Photoshop layers and filters. Fun stuff!

Hollywood Sign, From Behind

The other day I hiked up to the Hollywood sign (not in my high heels). You can’t actually go up to the sign, as it’s all fenced off, but the path goes up above so that you’re looking down on it. I took a couple snapshots and got this interesting perspective that you don’t normally see. I put a couple shots together in Photoshop for a wide-angle view (there’s some distortion and obvious tilting, especially along the “Y,” where the two pictures meet). And a nice view of smog-covered Los Angeles below.