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Staying with Tranny (For Now)

As I wrote earlier this year, I’ve been considering for a while whether to change the name of my website due to the controversy over the word tranny. This blog post is probably anticlimactic, but at this point I’ve decided to put the decision on hold and just stick with Trannies In Trouble. It’s a good name and I’ve gotten a lot of feedback. I’m still leaving open the option to change it at a later date if, for example, some major controversy over the word were to arise, or if I started getting lots of email from people saying, “Sandra, c’mon, you gotta change that name!” But neither of those things are happening.

As an aside, I have to acknowledge that this whole question of whether to change the name or not is something that obviously worries me more than it does anyone else, as I’m the one who would have to make it happen. I can imagine someone reading this and thinking, “Sandra, give it a rest, none of us who like your site give a hoot about the controversy and we all like the name, or at least are neutral about it. Stop worrying!” I’ll admit, it is a little crazy-making the amount of mental energy I’ve expended considering the whole question. But if I’d known twenty years ago just how controversial the T-word would become I probably would have chosen a different name.

Two opinions though that I especially valued came from two younger trans models whom I’ve worked with. Both of them said they like the word tranny and have no problem with it or with the name of my website. They’re at least thirty years younger than me and have transitioned and are taking hormones – they’re exactly the kind of younger trans women whom I worry may be offended by the name. One of them also said (and I’m paraphrasing), that she doesn’t like the gatekeeping and policing of language and behavior that one often finds in the trans community. For me, one hypothetical question I often ask is, if someone wasn’t telling you that the word tranny was objectionable, would you find it offensive on your own? A number of people have in fact written me saying, “I didn’t even realize that there was any controversy over the word!”

Another thing that also influenced me but in a backhanded way is the fact that the word tranny is considered hate speech on Facebook. It’s one thing not to like the word, or to judge it as problematic, but labelling it as hate speech just seems like the kind of all or nothing thinking that doesn’t allow any consideration of context or of intent. According to Facebook, I guess the word is just bad – bad in all cases – a position that lacks subtlety or nuance. There’s no acknowledgement that some of us identify with this same apparently taboo word. Anyone who visits my website can easily see that I’m using the word in a humorous and tongue-in-cheek manner. Facebook’s inflexible stance I actually find counterproductive. It just makes me say, “Now, wait a minute.” I’m just not so easily convinced.

My sense is that attitudes against the T-word may actually be starting to shift, as I’ve heard from quite a few people who also object to the policing and “gatekeeping” of the word. But then, this may just be wishful thinking on my part. Maybe.

Many other people also wrote me saying that they’ve been following my site for years and many said they like the word or just don’t think it’s that big a deal. And several pointed out that the name of my site is a brand that’s been around for years and that there’s really no pressing need to change it.

I do own a few good back-up dot com domains that I could use, (TGirl Trouble, TGirls In Trouble, Binding Transactions) but again, with the feedback I’ve received, I think I’m just going to put the issue on hold again (believe me, I’ve been thinking about this question for years now!) Besides, while the back-up names are pretty good, Trannies In Trouble is probably the best name I could ever possibly dream up. Plus, the technical issues involved in rebranding and changing the site would be significant. Maybe next year I’ll feel differently, maybe not. In the meantime, barring any unforeseens, the site will be continuing on as it has for twenty years now. So that’s where I’m at at this moment. Maybe things will change, but in the meantime this tranny owes a big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and feedback!

Possible Changes at Trannies In Trouble After Twenty Years

I just posted a little update in the Members Section of the site sharing some thoughts on changes that could possibly happen at Trannies In Trouble this summer or later this year and to get some feedback:

The short version: First, like all of us I’m getting older and the site’s been online for twenty years. I may be taking some classes this year to add to my resume, so I’ve been considering maybe slowing down the update schedule and posting updates every two weeks instead of every week. I haven’t made a final decision, and I am reluctant to make such a big change, but it may eventually become inevitable. It could happen as soon as May or it could be later.

Second, with the continued controversy over the word Tranny and other feedback I’ve received, I am considering maybe changing the name of the website. Again, I haven’t made a final decision, but it’s been on my mind for a long time. I already own some back-up domains using the word TGirl, but if someone were to send me an idea for a new name that was so brilliant that I couldn’t say no to it I would gladly give that person a lifetime membership to the site. So if you have any great ideas for new names let me know!

Further details: Again, just to clarify, these are things that I’m just considering and I haven’t made a final decision. I have a big birthday coming up and eventually I’ll probably have to pursue other work besides running the website. The site’s twenty-year anniversary amazed me, but I know it can’t last forever, though I’d like to keep the site going a few more years at least.

As for the possible name change, I do love the name Trannies In Trouble – it’s funny and tongue in cheek and one of the more clever things I’ve ever come up with. At the same time the controversy over the word Tranny frankly is a pain in the ass to deal with. If I do change the name, it would be more a business decision rather than a capitulation to the PC police.

I do sometimes wonder though if the name brands me as old and out of touch (whether that’s a fair judgment or not, and I don’t think it is). But I also wonder if after twenty years it may be time for a rebranding anyway. If I do change the name, the original Trannies In Trouble site would also still be online and continue to be updated. But the newer pics and videos would have the new name attached.

Again, all of these are just things I’ve been thinking about and I very much welcome any feedback. As I mention in the Members Area, I’ll definitely let everyone know if I do make any big changes. And as always, thanks so much to the paying members who keep the site going – it wouldn’t happen without you. Please do write me at: and share your thoughts, positive or negative, and do share any possible new names for the site if you have any good ones in mind. I’m always very interested to hear what people think. Thanks for your support and understanding, Sandra

Eleven Years of Trannies In Trouble

Well, here it is late March and once again it’s the anniversary of Trannies In Trouble, which first went online around this time in 2003. It always seems like it’ll take forever to reach the next one but then it flies by and here we are again. I’ve been shooting with a lot of new gurls lately and have been having some fun and interesting times. At the same time, I feel like I’m in a bit of a transition period right now as the years continue to pass. I’m still modeling, and I’ll still be appearing as Sandra the bondagette for a few more years, I’m sure, though perhaps not as often as I used to. Lately I’ve just been finding myself more and more in the Mrs. Gibbons / Aunt Sandra role, tying up all those wayward younger crossdressers and trans gurls (both of whom are delightful to subdue and torment) and I suspect I’ll continue in more of a dominant role like that for some time – but not completely, as this week’s update shows! ;-) In any case, I’m grateful for all the support and the many loyal subscribers and visitors here at the website; you make it all possible. Here’s to the next year – I’m planning on many more to come!

Introducing Diane Hitachi’ed by her Aunt Sandra

Diane and I emailed a while back and had the chance to shoot a fun and sexy scene last weekend. She looked fabulous in this leather outfit of hers and we shot a scene where she’s my niece being corrected for her wild ways. Here are a few framegrabs from the video; the whole thing turned out to be over fifteen minutes long with some intense Hitachi action at the end. I’ll post the video early next week and hope that Diane will be back for more stern but loving correction from her slightly demented aunt. There are a couple still shots also on the preview page at T’s in Trouble. Enjoy!

Guest Blog from Sybil Minnelli! — Snowbound in Minnesota

(The other day my friend Sybil and I were emailing and she very graciously agreed to write up a blog post about her life in Minneapolis where that girl gets up so many adventures with her friend the lovely Jean Bardot. Sybil’s always great fun to shoot with and hang out with and I always look forward to seeing her when our paths cross, which usually happens at least once a year, it seems. Thanks so much, Sybil, for sharing and hope we’ll see that video you mentioned one of these days, ha ha! *Hugs*)

Hello everybody, I’m honored to do this guest blog for Sandra’s website! I am amazingly lucky to call Sandra my friend. Being a lover of crossdressing and bondage, I contacted her out of the blue a few years ago and asked if she would consider me for a shoot with TranniesinTrouble and we made arrangements to meet in Hollywood at the Renaissance Hotel (now the Loews, I think?). I had never really done a photo shoot before, so I was super nervous! (I had shot with Jean Bardot before, but it was really informal as we have been friends a long time.) Anyway, I felt at ease with Sandra right away and I really enjoyed the experience. Sandra made me look really, really good, like way better than I thought I could! She understands as well as anybody how to catch her subject’s best angles. Since then I have tried to shoot with Sandra on every trip I make to the L.A. area, and it has mostly worked out for us. (With all the snow we’ve had lately in Minnesota, I need to get to L.A. soon!) Sandra and I have also hung out at Fetish Con in Tampa; the more time I spend with Sandra, the more I like her :-)

Here in Minneapolis, I’m just as lucky to call Jean Bardot my friend. I got to know her when I was a stage manager for a burlesque show – she was one of the performers I managed! As Jean and I got to know each other better, we became friendly and I started helping her with her business in a number of ways. I help her with managing her schedule, booking gigs, negotiating deals, and if she needs somebody to tie up on camera, well hey, I can help with that too ;-)

Jean has introduced me to fun and kinky people all over the world and I cherish some of the relationships I have made because of her. This past weekend, one of our dear friends had a milestone birthday with a party in the L.A. area. Unfortunately, schedule demands were such that we couldn’t make it out there for the party… We thought about sending flowers, a gift or something along those lines, but it just didn’t seem right. And then it came to us – we needed to make a happy birthday video clip, duh!! So I wrote up a quick script, ran it by Jean, and to nobody’s surprise, it would start with Jean saying Happy Birthday with a tied and gagged tranny gurl by her side. She would remove the gag long enough for me to say happy bday and then put it back in so I could take a spanking on behalf of the birthday girl. Before starting the video, Jean used leather suspension cuffs on my wrists to pull my hands above my head, and while she was doing that, I was saying, “Okay, don’t forget to *do this* and *say that*…” but as soon as she cranked my hands up with the winch, making me helpless, she grabbed the ball gag and said, “I don’t think I need any more help with this!” And she strapped the gag in really tight, so I just sat there waiting for her to do whatever she wanted after that. Then she cuffed my feet together and started the video rolling. I have included a few screen captures from the video to illustrate! Once the video was complete, Jean gagged me again and treated me to a little scene before she let me go and got that on video too… I’m not sure I’m ready to share that just yet, though!

Well if you’re still reading at this point, thanks very much for listening and I hope you have enjoyed it! I need to stop now before this gets completely out of control, but if you want to hear any more stories, thoughts, scene reports from Minneapolis, (or whatever!) please leave a comment or mention something to Sandra and I’ll happily write up another entry! Until next time…Happy tranny trails!

Xoxo, Sybil

The Disappearing Trannies

The last few months I’ve noticed a strange thing on Fetlife. I’ve heard from maybe five or six CDs who write to say hi. We might email back and forth casually a few times and then – Poof! – their profile is gone. Maybe they’ve blocked me, though I tend to doubt that. More likely I would guess they’ve maybe had second thoughts about being visible online and have simply disabled their own profile. Of course in either case they’re basically gone and it’s impossible to send them a follow-up email. It’s happened so many times in the last few months that it’s become a recognizable pattern. I don’t take it personally, as I really don’t think it’s about me at all. The way I read it, it’s just that there are so many closeted CDs out there with such mixed feelings about who they are and what we do. It’s similar in that regard to purging. Someone can come online for a while and talk about dressing and really admit to what they like, and then I’m guessing the fear and doubt set in and they pull away. I do get it and I understand the impulse but it is rather depressing to see this happen so often (along with all those faceless chopped-off-head crossdressing pictures). Obviously so many CDs are just so terribly conflicted. Or hey, maybe it’s something altogether different: I don’t know, maybe that Eastern European tranny-kidnapping ring really is preying on Fetlife CDs!

If I were going to give some advice it would be that it doesn’t have to be so hard. But at the same time I remember when I was younger I was probably just as scared and conflicted so I really do understand and sympathize. But after so many years of being out and visible it’s all become, not routine, but just not that big a deal. Yes, I still have my own moments of doubt from time to time, especially when checking into hotels dressed, but nowhere near what they used to be. I wish I could convince other gurls who are just starting out that if you take it easy and take some basic safety precautions when going out and meeting people, you’ll probably be fine. There is always risk in being more visible, sometimes big risk depending on the situation (meeting strangers from Craigslist for hookups, for example), but our own fears hold us back more than anything.

At the same time, like I said in an earlier post about coming out, I know it’s not easy and that everyone has to find find their own comfort level. I just wish these gurls could relax more, as it’s really just the disappearing without a word that’s so baffling. I don’t mean to sound scolding, as that’s not my intent at all, but I do know in the CD and trans community that this is very common behavior, almost a rule. Anyway, I’m not going anywhere so if anyone needs to reach me you know where I’m at (though the email piles up and may take a while!) But hey, if you’re cute and submissive and into being tied up and need to be comforted in your internal conflicts with some tight bondage – sorry, dear, but yes, your Aunt Sandra has to make it tight – well then, you’ll have a very good chance of hearing back from me…

Panel Gags

I’m always looking for new and interesting gags to purchase, especially panel gags which are a favorite. I recently wrote to JB Roper to see where he got this terrific gag in the picture below with Summer Peters but unfortunately it came from Autumn’s Sub Shop which is out of business. If anyone has any leads on other good panel gags or head harness gags to purchase online, feel free to post a link here in the comments below or email me directly. I recently bought a few on Ebay but they were mostly cheap junk, only one was worth it but I’m always looking for good new stuff, so do let me know!

Finally Met that Crazy Babette

A couple weeks ago my archrival and new friend Babette Jones from Bound to Tease was down here in Southern California and we finally had a chance to meet after emailing occasionally over the last eight or so years. She was a lot of fun, with a great sense of humor. After meeting at the TEASE party first (very fitting), later I was able to visitor her here in the Valley and hang out for a long afternoon. It was kind of a power struggle as we’re both controlling bitches but Babette was no match. Even though I was tied up briefly at one point, it didn’t last for long and eventually our roles were reversed, as of course they would be. As I’ve gotten a little older I rarely find anyone who’s a match for dominating me and this was no different from most encounters. If you’re with Sandra (from now on I refer to myself in the third person) you’re probably going to end up in bondage and also heavily gagged, while I smirk and laugh; that’s just how it goes these days. In any case here are some candid shots that Babette sent me taken from the video camera. (I know they’re mostly me but that’s what she sent me, really. And hey, how come there were none of her tied up?!) It was a really fun party the night before and a fun day hanging out, and Babette was such a smartass that I’m actually smiling and laughing in most of these!

What is it About Facebook?

There are some friends and nice people whom I occasionally hear from on Facebook but I also get so many weird emails, to the point that I sometimes wonder if I should just cancel my profile. I’d say it’s certainly one of the sketchier social networking sites out there despite its mainstream popularity. And I don’t log on too often because of that and finally turned off the option for anyone to post anything on my “wall,” because it was just too much work to clean up. I’ve probably gotten more marriage proposals on there and emails with long passages of purple prose talking about love and searching for one’s soulmate, all from perfect strangers whom I’ve never talked with before. It’s always a little disconcerting to get those, especially when there’s no mention of crossdressing or bondage or any reference to any common interests. I’m always thinking, “This person certainly knows I’m a CD, right?” I assume they do and maybe they consider it bad manners to address it directly, but hey, no, actually if someone writes and says, “I love crossdressers and bondage” that’s great (well, hopefully they’ll write a little more than just that.) But even then we might actually have a conversation.

Just this evening I also got a request for money from someone who’s going through a tough patch. I’m sorry to hear about that but there are probably other sources of support than a strange tranny with some sissy maid pictures, but I’m just guessing here. Anyway, I’m not really upset or anything, just a little baffled at the level of bizarre. Of course, I’m not going to cancel my account, as it’s great free publicity for sending people over to my own much smaller website. Finally though, if you and I have ever exchanged emails on Facebook, believe me, I like you very much and don’t think you’re strange at all. No, of course not…unless you’re asking for my Paypal account or calling me a sweet flower of the morning who will bring you the joy and love you fervently seeketh in life (but not spelled that well). Good luck!

Yoga Girl Kyra Pixie

I had a fun shoot with Kyra Pixie several weeks ago where she’s lounging around in her red leotard and plaid skirt, enjoying a yoga workout when she’s suddenly surprised by intruder Otto Devoid who finds her front door unlocked. She tries to be a clever victim, talking back to her intruder and trying to outsmart him but eventually she’s trapped and helpless, growing more and more worried as she has a scarf shoved in her mouth and duct tape wrapped tightly all around her head and across her pouty lips. The pictures will be on the site later tonight and the twenty-three minutes video will go up in a few days. Hope you enjoy!

Jewell Marceau Returns to T’s in Trouble

I had a great time last year shooting with the lovely and very strict Ms. Jewell Marceau. Jewell’s a very busy lady so it was a real treat when she had the time to do it again last weekend; I definitely didn’t want to miss the chance! We shot a couple scenes, the first with me as her sissy maid and the second as a foolish crossdressing husband whose wife hires a cruel pro domme to punish me for my secret life. We shot with the super-talented Ninja Jon and Jewell put me through the ringer, but it was a blast, with a super-tight chair tie on the second set and leading up to some serious hooding on both of them. Also on Twitter she gave me one of the nicest compliment I’ve ever received. Although I don’t really enjoy pain like a full-blown masochist would, I can take quite a bit and I do really like the challenge and headspace of endurance ;-)

So here’s a small sample of last Saturday’s fun, with the full galleries coming up in the months ahead. I’m hoping we’ll be able to do it again…Enjoy!

Grayson Perry, World-Class Transvestite

I’d never heard of Grayson Perry before but loved this short video interview that he did on a website called “He wears panties,” which I’ll definitely have to check out later in more detail! Perry is an artist and potter in the UK and an unabashed crossdresser and fetishist who when dressing sometimes goes by the name “Claire.” Apparently he also spent time rooming with Boy George years ago when they were both just getting started – doesn’t get much cooler than that! I always love hearing about people who completely embrace their weirdness and live their lives one hundred percent in a less-than-approving world. So glad I heard about him, or her, as the case may be!

Sandra In Trouble

About ten years ago a nice web designer from Italy made a small site for me that I posted at the domain Sandra In Trouble. I’ve made a few very minor tweaks to it over the years, but since the design and layout are pretty tricky I never attempted a major change. I’d hate to take it offline though since Enrico did such a nice job on the original site. But time moves on so I finally gave it a new look, adding a list of links where my pictures can be seen and moving the original layout down to the bottom of the page for anyone who hasn’t seen the original site. At least now it won’t seem so static (well, at least until this one is online for a few months ;-)

Hottbonds Gift Certificate – Final Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

(Congratulations to Rafter for winning the giveaway and thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and support – you warm my heart! It’s been a lot of fun doing these giveaways and I’m looking forward to the years ahead with lots more to come!)

This is it! At the end of March it’ll be the ten-year anniversary of Trannies In Trouble – in case anyone here has missed the news! ;-) And to celebrate I’m giving away a $75 dollar gift certificate from one of my favorite online bondage stores, Hottbonds. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from them the last few years and it’s always very high-quality – and real nice people too!

So again it’s really easy to enter. If we haven’t worked together before on my website and if you haven’t won anything else here in the last six months, just leave a comment below with your email address. Then around March 23rd I’ll use to select a winner and email you for verification. Once I hear back I’ll email you the gift certificate code and you’re all set to go shopping for some new bondage gear. It’s that easy. Of course, just be sure that the gift certificate is something that you’d actually use and that it’s okay to receive packages at your address. They always arrive discreet and unmarked from Hottbonds.

It’s been a lot of fun doing these giveaways for the upcoming anniversary and I’m already looking ahead to new things on the horizon. Thanks again for all the comments and all your support over the years, and here’s to many more!

Guest GG Jennifer West on Trannies In Trouble

I just posted a new video over on the website that I was able to do with a special guest GG (genetic girl) model named Jennifer West at last year’s FetishCon in Tampa. Our friend Jeff Jamm shot the video and we all had a fun time. Jennifer was a real trooper and takes some really tight bondage with her elbows nearly touching and patiently suffers and endures being roughly handled and sarcastically talked down to. I really liked the gagging part especially as Jennifer was very compliant and makes some really nice mmpphing sounds as I buckled it in. I made some technical mistakes on the flash for the still shots unfortunately, so we only have a few stills and I thought I’d just post them here, but the video was the main focus of the shoot anyway. Thanks, Jennifer and Jeff!

Kyra Pixie on Trannies In Trouble

It’s been a few years now since I’ve had the chance to shoot with Kyra Pixie, who always puts up a good struggle when she’s in bondage (as one friend recently said, “She’s feisty!”). Recently though she had a chance to get away and I had a great time shooting with her again. Kyra is transgender and goes just about everywhere in girl mode. She was looking so cute when she showed up at the hotel that I had to shoot a couple casual behind-the-scenes shots (the first one below) before she changed outfits for the shoot. After she changed I put her through the ringer with some intense bondage, so here are a few quick teaser shots leading up to the more intense stuff which will be posted later on the site, probably sometime in March. It’s great to have her back on the site and I’m looking forward to shooting more as the year progresses…Enjoy!

Fashions4Fetish Gift Certificate – Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaways!

(Congratulations to Jenna for winning the gift certificate! Thanks as always for all the nice comments, and I’ll be doing one more big giveaway for a drawing on March 23rd, so check back and leave more comments once that one’s up. It’ll be a very desirable gift for any bondage fan!)

Time for yet another giveaway for the upcoming ten-year-anniversary of Trannies In Trouble in late March. This time I’m giving away a fifty dollar gift certificate to Fashions4Fetish, maker of high-quality maid’s uniforms, dresses and other fetish wear. Their workmanship is top-notch and although you may pay a little more for their maid’s outfits, they are definitely worth it. I got this purple satin maid’s outfit to wear out to Halloween last year and it was perfect and drew lots of attention from passersby!

Once again it’s easy to enter. Just leave a comment below and you’ll have to leave your email address. Then at the end of February I’ll use to select a comment and will email the winner to let them know. It’s that easy! All I ask is that you only leave a comment if the gift certificate is something that you will actually use – I’d hate to see it go to waste. In addition to the maid’s uniforms, that run around $135, they also have other less expensive items, including some spandex mistress dresses for right around $50 dollars. Again, to avoid any appearance of favoritism, I’ll unfortunately have to exclude people who have worked with me before on the Ts in Trouble website. Also you should not have won anything here within the last year, and the winner will have a week to get back to me once I notify them (although there’s no time limit on the gift certificate itself once you receive it from me.)

Thanks again for all the nice comments on the earlier giveaways – there’ll be one more coming up in March! Here are a few pictures of the maid’s uniform, including one out in West Hollywood. Good luck!

Winter Fetish Hoods – Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaways!

(Congratulations to Eryn and Miki and Audrey for winning the hoods! I’m doing another giveaway above for the Fashions4Fetish gift certificate and then a very big and desirable $75 dollar gift certificate in March from a company that any bondage fan would love! I’ll post more updates in the Yahoo Group as things proceed. Thanks again for all the nice comments!)

So for the next giveaway for the upcoming ten-year-anniversary of Trannies In Trouble (in March) there’ll be three brand new never-been-worn hoods from Winter Fetish, maker of high-quality stretch wear (love their stuff!). I originally was only going to give away one of them but the folks at Winter Fetish very generously donated two more when they heard about the giveaway! So for this one there will be three winners at the end of January, each one getting one of the hoods, selected at random from left to right in the picture below, so the odds of winner are even better this go around.

Once again it’s very easy to enter. Just leave a comment below and you’ll have to leave your email address. Then at the end of January I’ll use to select three of the comments and will email the winners to get a mailing address from them and will then mail them off, postage paid. It’s that easy! Again, to avoid any appearance of favoritism, I’ll unfortunately have to exclude people whom I’ve worked with before on the website. And you should not have won anything here within the last year. Also, although the packaging will be discreet, of course be sure you have a mailing address where it’s okay to receive fetish items – don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

I’m really looking forward to these upcoming giveaways and again really appreciate all the nice comments on the last one. Here are a couple pictures below with Paige (from some upcoming photo sets) wearing the same style of full hood with nose holes and also the sweet gwen hood. Good luck!

Valentina Tagline from Guido Crepax

So the other week I asked on the Trannies Yahoo Group if anyone knew where I’d taken the most recent tagline from on the Trannies In Trouble site (the little phrase in quotations under the main title). At that time it was, “”I shouldn’t have come…I didn’t want to…I wasn’t going to.” Well, I’m sure the suspense has been kiling everyone, so the answer is that it came from the Guido Crepax cartoon, “Valentina in Reflection” from Heavy Metal magazine, December 1980. Yeah, rather obscure but somehow that line got stuck in my head over three decades ago and has never left. (The line “But originally I said no” was another one that seemed weighted with significance and got stuck in my long-term memory.)

I remember getting that magazine in the mail on a late afternoon in Colorado. I recall that before walking back into the house I caught a quick glimpse of the picture below, got immediately turned on and then walked inside to find a friend of my mother’s there in the kitchen visiting. Strangely enough, this was the same woman who on an earlier visit had told me I should have been born a girl, which really threw me into a state of embarrassment and sexual excitement. (For some reason she was alone in the kitchen on that earlier visit and when I walked in she glanced at me – I was very slender and had long hair – and she uttered that startling sentence.) So anyway, here I was again with this same woman (don’t recall if my mother was there too), once again sexually agitated and after a few awkward moments I excused myself and went down to my room to immediately check out the rest of this cartoon (that one page was the best one unfortunately). I don’t recall if I rubbed one out while my mother’s friend was still visiting or whether it was later that evening but I’m sure it happened at some point. Weird the things you remember and the details you don’t.

In any case Guido Crepax is pretty fantastic though I’d always wished he’d done more blatantly bondage oriented stuff. Still his drawings were always very strange and sexy and he was obviously hugely talented. Good stuff.