Gateway Party and BJ’s Carousel (again)

I’ve been going out way more than I normally do in L.A., and overall it’s been a good time. Last night I went back to The Denver Sanctuary for their Gateway party, which was hopping. There must have been 60 to 80 people there. I met some more nice people and had a pretty good time. I wish we could get crowds like that at the Club Fantasy parties in North Hollywood, which are generally about 20 to 30 people – of course if we just had guaranteed sex and alcohol THEN we’d have a crowd!

The highlight was meeting the fabulous Domina Elle and her slave B. They were terrific and she looked stunning in a green rubber dress. We’ve exchanged a few emails the last month so it was great to finally meet and I’m hoping to be able to attend some other parties that they’ll be throwing.

I’m really not much of a night person, so before it got too late I stopped by BJ’s Carousel again. It was Pride Weekend so the place was really crowded with a lot of queens and crossdressers. I caught their late drag show, which is always fun, and met a nice girl from Colorado Springs who was visiting. The waitress at one point told us that someone wanted to buy us drinks. Later the mystery man came by. He was a nice guy, though once again I wasn’t going home with him. We hung out for a while and chatted and then when we left he offered to walk us to our cars. I’m always cautious when a guy who’s been hitting on me wants to do that. He seemed pretty safe, so we agreed to let him accompany us, but you just never know. I’m always wondering if he’s going to be cool, or try to get his hands on me when I’m outside the club, or get downright aggressive. You just never know. He was a bit pushy about wanting my phone number, which I didn’t give him, but overall he was nice enough. I got home without being followed or anything, and it was another good night.

That Brown Skirt

Last month I mentioned that I recently bought this stretchy size zero skirt that strangely enough fits me really well, and I know I’m no size zero! Well, I finally got to shoot some pictures with it and just wanted to post a few samples. I really love this skirt and am heading out in a moment wearing it to a party. As for these pics, I’ll post the full set of them for next week’s update, with some cool medical restraints.

Anyone Know These Pics?

(Update: thanks so much to everyone who’s written! The Secrets in Lace site is really amazing and has many more outstanding pictures like the ones below. I just might have to do some shopping there!)

I saw these amazing pictures the other day of this attractive lady in a stunning outfit and a fabulous girdle and I was wondering if anyone knows where these pictures come from? Are they on a paysite or someplace? I think I’ve seen other shots photographed in the same location but have no idea where they came from. If anyone knows, feel free to post the link as a comment, or you can email me directly from the “Email” link on my website. Thanks so much!

The Denver Sanctuary

Last week I also went out to a bdsm club called The Denver Sanctuary and had a pretty good time. They were having a prom-themed party, so I dug out an old wine-colored dress that I brought for the occasion. They had a good photographer on hand named Tom Wilson who took some “prom” pictures, and I met some nice people. I’m hoping to get back out to the club on the 27th for their Gateway party, which is supposed to be well-attended.

BJ’s Carousel

Last Saturday I got dressed and went out to BJ’s Carousel here in Denver. It’s a nice little gay bar that has drag performers on the weekends and is apparently one of the local weekend TG hangouts. I’ve heard about the place for years but always put off going, since I hate to go out alone, but I actually had a really nice time. The place was friendly and relaxed and I met some nice girls, enjoyed the performers, and got heavily hit on by an older guy. He was nice and was kind enough to buy me a drink. We chatted and flirted for a while but I had to be honest with him and make it clear up front that I wasn’t going home with him, which he seemed okay with.

What was really interesting about the club is that in addition to lots of gay men it was primarily drag queens, which is a crowd that I generally don’t get to hang out with. The bar that I usually go to in L.A. is mostly crossdressers and TS girls, with only a few drag queens. Most of the queens were pretty flamboyant and some were really beautiful – and actually everyone I talked to was pretty nice and quite friendly. I hope I can get back there a few times before I leave, as I really enjoyed it.

On the way out, though, there was a disturbing incident. I was parked on the street and as I got into my car I noticed a car drive by just at that moment and then stop and pull into a lot a little ways ahead. I figured that maybe they were just waiting for my spot and would come back to get it after I left, but no, after I pulled out, they pulled in right behind me and started following me. This sort of thing is great for abduction fantasies but in real life it’s very disconcerting. I’ve only been followed a couple times in L.A. and it always shakes me up. So this time I just slowed way down and crept along, hoping that they would just give up. I never actually saw the guy (or guys), but he slowed down too and then as I fell way behind, he pulled off to the side and waited for me to pull up. Sure enough, as I passed, he pulled out again and started following. So this time I got into the left lane and just crept along at about 15 miles per hour. I was probably pissing everyone off behind me, but it seemed like drastic measures were called for. I just kept creeping along, and finally he passed and after a few more blocks turned off and left. I’m guessing that since I didn’t yell at him or try to engage him in any way he probably just lost interest – whatever he was up to. I breathed a little easier and headed back home. The really scary thing is that someone like this might be looking to beat up a tranny (or worse), or they may just be getting some cheap thrills by being a jerk. I didn’t want to find out and was glad to get home okay.

Sexy and Shiny in the Mainstream Media

My friend Michael Keye recently sent me some terrific pictures that were in the LA Times – apparently in the Sunday magazine! These are really sexy and fetishy and one wonders how many impressionable young boys (or girls for that matter) are on their way to being full-blown fetishists after seeing these. I know I would have really noticed them when I was a kid. I guess it’s okay that they’re in the Sunday paper, but you do wonder. They could just as easily be on a rubber paysite. Oh well, very nice stuff in any case.

Update with Vena

Vena and I have run into each other many times over the years and we finally had a chance to do a shoot at this year’s DomCon 09. We had a really fun time and I had a great time tying her up in her office manager outfit. Vena’s a terrific model and has done a lot of print work and runway shows, and she has her own site here. Here are a few samples from our shoot, and there are a few more on the Ts in Trouble What’s New? page – Enjoy!

Trying Not to Stare

I was in the bank the other morning waiting in line and up ahead I noticed a woman who immediately drove me mad. Overall, many guys would probably say she was nothing special – she was probably in her late thirties and had some curves on her frame and wasn’t that tall – but I found myself insanely attracted to her. She had on a full black skirt, almost pleated but not really, that fell around her hips and down to the back of her calves. The skirt had just a hint of shininess to it, and she wore pantyhose, and on her feet were a pair of black pumps that had to be at least four inches tall, maybe five. She was obviously used to wearing them, as she maneuvered around in them just fine. She had on a blue top that fit quite snugly, accentuating the little curves at her waist, and the sleeves were puffy at the shoulders. She had straight dark shoulder-length hair with bangs and glasses. I tried not to stare but my eyes just kept drifting back to her.

It’s funny but I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten a bit older that I find myself more attracted to women who have some curves on their figures – not actually fat, but just some extra meat to accentuate their form. I never was attracted to that type when I was young but for some reason I often find myself noticing women like that now, especially if they’re wearing office wear. A perfect example of that type among fetish models is JJ Plush, who’s really terrific and has done some excellent bondage pictures. Here she is in some girdle pictures.

As for the woman in the bank, if I was a bold kind of guy I would have actually talked to her and said something like, “Hi, I don’t normally do this and I’m not a psycho – in fact I’m on my way to meet a friend for lunch – but I just find you really cute and was wondering if I could have your phone number?” But, well, I’ve never been that kind of guy – if only! Of course, then there would be the inevitable conversation about wanting to tie her up, and then the old, “Oh, and I’m a crossdresser and like to be tied up too. That’s not a problem, is it?” Of course, it often IS a problem, but if you’re ever in that conversation it’s usually best to act like it’s no big deal. So I didn’t talk to her but she certainly showed up later in my daydreams. I’ll probably remember that moment trying not to stare at her for the rest of my life – another one of those mysterious women who gets burned into my memory.

Here in Denver

Well, here I am in Denver. I made pretty good time and had a really nice drive through Utah, where they have all those amazing buttes and formations along I-70. The mountain passes in Colorado make me a little nervous, as my little four cylinder car just revs its way up them and I’m always afraid I’m going to burn out the engine. But I made it and have gotten settled in pretty well. Hopefully it’ll be a good couple months here with some new shoots and new friends.

Speaking of which, last night I dragged my best friend K. to a local dungeon here for an excellent bondage class. K. isn’t kinky but she’s a good sport and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. We went to a place called The Enclave, which is a beautiful facility and very large, and everyone we met was really friendly and nice. I’m hoping I can get back there a couple more times.

I’ve also heard from a few local t-girls for possible bondage shoots, but I’m always looking for more. There’s contact info. here if you’re in the area and interested.