Yahoo Groups Shutting Down

A few weeks ago I noticed that Yahoo was soon planning to disable a bunch of the features in Yahoo Groups. Somehow I thought the conversation threads would still be active but not so. So it looks like it’s the end of an era at Yahoo Groups.

I’m sad to see them go away as Yahoo was one of the first places where I saw and posted CD bondage pics all those years ago. It was a good run and the Trannies In Trouble Yahoo Group has been online since March, 2003. I’m happy to say that mine was one of the few Groups that didn’t get overrun by spam even if it wasn’t very active the last few years. I still post over on Fetlife and on Twitter and my website of course isn’t going anywhere but I’m still sorry to see Yahoo go…Onward and upward…Sandra

Steve Villa Gagged the Crap Out of Me!

I had a really fun time getting tied up and gagged recently by Steve Villa. A few weeks ago I posted a new video where I get discovered as the closeted crossdressing son of his girlfriend, and just this last weekend I posted another one where he picks me up for a “date” but has his own ideas for how the evening is going to go.

Steve always ties tight and he’s known for his intense gags. I took some deep breaths and relaxed myself before doing these scenes since I knew I was going to be seriously gagged – which of course I love. I’m happy to say I handled everything just fine and I was in a natural bondage high by the end of the evening. We’re planning to shoot some more scenes in the months ahead, so I’m really looking forward to more intense gagging!