Kyra Sealed Up in the Tub

Recently I did a fun shoot with Kyra sedated and strapped up in a bathtub that’s finally sealed over with plastic, with her caught inside. This Friday’s update I’ll post the full set of pictures (and a bizarre little story) but here’s a preview shot. I’ve always loved bondage in small contained spaces like car trunks, though obviously it’s hard to take pictures in that kind of setting! It was a fun shoot and it was intriguing to see how the plastic grew more and more fogged up the longer she was in there. Of course, I didn’t leave her too long, or things could have really turned to trouble. Enjoy!


Another friend sent me this link a while back to this terrific retro-fashions website, RetroXotique. It has some really nice pictures of women’s fashions from yesteryear, and also some nice art galleries with fetish and femdom drawings. And the price is right – it’s free. Definitely worth checking out.

More Social Networking Sites

A friend sent me some invites, so I signed up on a couple more kinky social networking sites the other night. I’m not sure how good MyDungeonSpace is going to be, but I posted a profile there. And also signed up on FetLife, which looks pretty good. The owners of the site obviously have a sense of humor, which is nice to see. They also seem pretty relaxed about their picture posting guidelines.

Of course I question if I really Need to be on yet another social networking site, but there I am. The internet’s great for meeting people, and yet also sometimes feels like it’s just made life even more lonely and isolating. Weird.

MySpace Obsessions

Last year my MySpace profile got deleted, and I dragged my heels in re-posting a new one, mainly because I’ve never been that fond of MySpace. I did finally post a new one the other day, though. The thing that always intrigues me are the profiles you occasionally find from young “real” genetic girls who say that they’re into bondage. At heart I’m a bottom and often fantasize about bondage and kidnapping at the hands of a guy, but of course something about these “real” girls really gets to me.

I saw one recently from a girl who’s in California, very young and cute, with an interest in bondage. When I see these, it’s like, “I must meet her.” Of course, I always wonder if it’s just some guy who found a picture of a pretty girl and who’s pretending to be her. Sometimes, also, they only have one or two pictures, and very little information in the profile to go on, so you really wonder. But the imagination spins its little fantasies, sometimes to the point of being distracting. I’ll want to focus on other things, but will log on a couple times a day to see if there are any new pictures or clues from the mysterious object of desire.

I remember last year on MySpace there was a cute genetic girl into bondage (should that be ‘cggib’?) who really got to me. She also had this fantasy of being tied up by a crossdresser, which seemed just perfect. Of course, she lived far away and apparently had an on-again off-again relationship with a boyfriend. But, oh my, I would find myself just looking at her picture and wondering if there was any way I could possibly meet her – and at the same time nervous about the possibility, and about whether it would just open up new relationship entanglements if I did – or if she might turn out to be completely mad.

Consensual Kidnapping Story

Here’s another story of a consensual kidnapping that’s quite interesting. The writer, a young female, gets talked into trying out a kidnapping with a guy in the UK who’s interested in setting up a professional kidnap service. Although she spells out limits – nothing sexual – they still put her through a stressful and scary ordeal, which ends suddenly when she experiences a moderate but still very distressing injury.

More Outdoor Bondage!

This Friday I’ll be posting another outdoor bondage set that I really enjoyed. During my last trip to the mountains, after my self-bondage adventure, I got tied up really tight and inescapably to a telephone pole. Pole ties are so sexy and give such a feeling of helplessness, and the added thrill of being outdoors gave an extra element of fear. We would have had a tough time explaining this one if someone had stumbled upon the scene. I’ll post the full set at the end of the week on the Ts in Trouble site. And it looks like I might be having another outdoor shoot later this week too, so hopefully we’ll have some more adventures to share soon.

“Voodoo” Videos – New Link

It appears that the link for the terrific YouTube video that I wrote about a while back was removed and that the filmmaker had his account suspended, but here’s a new link on MySpace and it also has the follow up video called “Voodoo Dolls” (and an earlier video called “WGA” that also has some terrific outfits and some bondage at the very end). To see all of Roberto’s videos, just click on the above link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the little box that says “Menu,” way down on the right side. He’s truly an artist and the “Voodoo Dolls” sequel is just as sexy as the first one. I’m so impressed, and turned on ;-) Again, enjoy them while they’re there.

Happy New Year!

I’ve had some sad moments recently – going through some changes in a relationship – so I’ve been feeling reflective and bittersweet, but in spite of things in many ways it’s already shaping up to be a promising new year. Or at least it feels that way. So often the new year finds me thoroughly depressed but these last few days have felt good. Plus I’ve also been doing lots of squats, which thoroughly exhaust me and get those feel-good endorphins pumping. And they’re good for shapely legs – certainly my best asset ;-)

Wednesday night I just stayed in and took it easy, watching the ball in Times Square drop on TV. I have to say that Dick Clark is very gutsy to go on air in spite of his stroke. It’s pretty admirable that he does that, showing himself with his slurred speech and carrying on anyway. I’ve been watching that show for years, and it’s interesting how people used to say that he never ages. Well, obviously, the years have finally caught up, but showing his frailty and inevitable decay sort of fits the holiday, which always has a sadness to it anyway. Time passes, our parents grow old, and we age and move another year closer to our own end. It’s sad and it’s happy. What else is there? Happy New Year.