Tree Tied Girls

My friend Mr. K. recently sent me these two pics, a classic Irving Klaw shot and of course one of my own shot by Paul Logan (Chainguy, 1959-2011). “Everything old is new again,” he commented. It’s nice to be compared to such classic work – Thanks Mr. K!

Karaoke at the Oxwood Inn

I had a blast at Thursday night karaoke at the Oxwood Inn, inflicting some ACDC on the crowd (“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”). The Ox’ is a terrific neighborhood lesbian bar that also has a lot of trans girls, especially on Saturday nights. But every Thursday it’s karaoke with a really nice group of regulars and a very receptive and enthusiastic crowd, which always helps a lot. Even if you suck you usually get a nice response. I almost always enjoy going there and thankfully it’s not that far away so there’s no freeway driving. A great place and worth a visit! And here’s a picture from another night a couple weeks ago. The nice thing about still pictures of karaoke is that it looks like you can really sing!

Mosh on L.A. Weekly

I went to the Threshold Munch in North Hollywood last night and had a delightful time hanging out with friends; then as I was leaving I saw that the amazing fetish model and burlesque performer Mosh was on the cover of the L.A. Weekly in a nice red latex dress. She’s a unique and extremely talented model and I was lucky enough to very briefly meet her at last year’s FetishCon in Tampa (of course I had that deer-in-the-headlights look). She’s also on Deviant Art and has a Tumblr blog and a cool cartoon on the L.A. Weekly website. She doesn’t do any bondage unfortunately, but she still really stands out among models and has that unknowable quality that you often find in extremely beautiful people – but still a nice girl in person. Nice to see her on one of my favorite free papers.

Bondage Miss Adventures

Last weekend at the Club Fantasy party someone brought a stack of old bondage magazines to give away and I found this copy of a terrific magazine that I remember buying a very long time ago. The drawings in the “Miss Adventure” story are really simple and even crude but I find them incredibly sexy (the cover drawing looks like it was done by someone else). I always wondered if there were any other issues in this series (this one is issue number one published by Centurion in 1984.) The artist on the black and white pages only signs his frames with the initials C.W. If anyone knows if he’s done any other work or has any other magazines out there, please leave a comment below or email me directly. There are a few other good artists in the magazine, but his comic strip really stands out for me. Great stuff!

Club Fantasy Friday Night

We had a real nice turnout and a fun time at the Club Fantasy party Friday night, with some new faces and quite a few regulars whom it was great to see again. Here are a few pictures hanging out on the patio with my friend Delilah Knotty – always great when she’s able to get away and make it out for the night. The Threshold clubhouse, where the parties are held, is looking fantastic, and I’m planning to be there all day this Saturday the 11th for the My Kinky Valentine event and party. Hope to see you there and at next month’s Club Fantasy. (Oh, and yes, I’m a non-smoker. I just love holding a lighted cigarette.)

Back in SoCal – It’s been a good week and a half back in L.A. I sometimes have those “Whoa-I’m-really-living-here-again” moments, but it’s been good and I think being in the Valley will be easier than the time before when I lived right in Hollywood (not a neighborhood I’d want to live in again). So all in all, I’m slowly getting back into a daily routine and starting to set up some new photoshoots in among all those little tasks you have to take care of when you first move. And my visit to the DMV surprisingly enough went pretty smoothly, so maybe that’s a good omen (unlike the poor guy at a nearby counter who kept repeating loudly, “This is going to ruin my life!” I hope he got off that counter eventually.) Hope to have more to report soon…