Great Club Fantasy Party Friday

We had a really nice party last Friday for our first outing going till 1:30 AM. We had about 30 people show up, which is really good for a Friday night, and there was a lot of play going on. Later in the evening I demonstrated some bondage ties for the always stunning Mistress Cassandra. We tied up her sissy slave Sheri, whom I’ve known for several years but have never had the chance to tie up before. It was a lot of fun and Sheri was adorable being rendered completely helpless. It was also nice seeing some friends who don’t normally make it to this party very often. And we also had quite a few newcomers. If you’re in the SoCal area, mark your calendars and come on out to the next one, October 17th, from 8 PM till 1:30 AM.

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Club Fantasy Party Now Going to 1:30 AM

Just an update that the Club Fantasy party in N. Hollywood, CA, is now going to be extended to 1:30 AM! We’d been previously wrapping up around midnight but I’ve had lots of requests lately to go later and so we will! As always, everyone is welcome, all flavors of trans (MTF, FTM), and their friends and admirers. The next party will be Friday, September 19th, from 8 PM till 1:30 AM. Hope to see you there!

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Back from Colorado

I’ve been back in L.A. a couple days now, and had a great time on vacation. When I was in the airport I spotted a display they had from someone who had collected lots of old-fashioned hatpins and make-up items. There was this bobbie pin package with this drawing on it – she’s pretty sexy! I love that dress and that tiny waist! A transvestite’s dream – I both desire her and want to be her, though her head’s a bit out of proportion :-)

Also, like I mentioned, a friend and I went up and down Pikes Peak in one day. I was sore for days afterwards but it was the best climb I’ve done (the fourth time I’ve climbed it). Usually I feel ready to drop dead above timberline, and I just suffer my way up the last three miles to the top, but this time was much less strenuous. It was awesome, in the true sense of the word.

I don’t have any pictures from Pikes Peak but here’s a view of the West Spanish Peak out the car window that I did a few days earlier (the one on the right). It was pretty great too and not overcast like it appears in the picture.

Anyway, it’s good to be back, though I always feel a bit homesick when I’m again faced with the congestion and traffic and smog of L.A. It has its pluses, but definitely also has its, well, minuses. Back to work!