Cool California Days

I’ve been having a really nice time in L.A. and the weather’s been the usual perfect. The memorial for Paul (Chainguy) was really nicely done and had a big turnout. I’m so thankful I was able to be there. A friend suggested that I should post a selection of Sandra pictures taken by Paul over the years. So next week when I get back to Colorado I’ll go through all the old shots and post a few here.

Yesterday I had the chance to take the L.A. subway (it’s really nice) down to Hollywood and visit Out of the Closet, my favorite thrift store. As always, I found a few items that I can bring back. What I really love about that place, aside from the usual good selection, is that it’s so gay that I never feel the least bit of shopping anxiety when I’m there. A nice change from the butterflies I often get at the mall.

I’m planning on a couple shoots while I’m here the next few days, then looking forward to Club Fantasy on Friday. And finally back to Denver late on Sunday.

Club Fantasy, Next Friday, April 1st in North Hollywood

I’ve been having a nice time in L.A. and saw a lot of friends last night at the Femme Fatale Party at the Threshold Clubhouse. The Club Fantasy TG Party will be held in the same location next Friday, on April 1st. My friend Barbara is bringing several items to give away on the exchange table, so I packed several wigs to give away, still in excellent shape, that just didn’t quite work with my face. Hope to see you there on April Fool’s Day!

Back in the Denver Airport

After a sleep-deprived night I’m sitting here again in DIA, waiting on my flight to L.A. It’ll be nice to see old friends again though I wish it were under happier circumstances.

Been listening to: Since I’m heading back again it seemed appropriate last night to listen to The Thrills’ excellent album “So Much for the City.” I remember back in 2003 when it came out and there was all kinds of talk on the radio about these Irish guys who sang songs about California and had the jangly-guitar sounds and harmonies of surf music. They were gonna be huge! And then they released a couple more albums, which were good but never really re-captured the excitement of their first effort, and they’ve since been pretty quiet since 2007. Big Sur was one of their best songs. Ah, so young and full of promise. I miss those days…

Eight Years of Trannies In Trouble

Yet another year has passed with Trannies in Trouble online now for eight years. I’m always amazed when March rolls around, and usually this time of year I mention the Iraq war, which was just gearing up when I went online with the site back in ’03. Well, the war’s apparently officially over, though of course things are still a mess over there. Barring any unforeseen catastrophe – such as the internet imploding – I’m looking forward to the site humming along for many more years to come. I’ve really got my eye on year nine and especially year ten, which will be here in no time, and then onward into double digits. Really the site has been one of the best things in my life so far and I can’t imagine not doing it. And I have to give a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported the site over the years – I really couldn’t do it without you! So here’s to the next year and the next and onward!

Memorial for Paul Logan, March 27th / Club Fantasy, April 1st

I just learned that the memorial service for Paul Logan (aka Chainguy) will be held on Sunday, March 27th, from 1 PM to 3 PM at the Threshold clubhouse in North Hollywood, California. I’m going to go out there a couple days before so that I can also go to the Femme Fatale party at Threshold on Friday, March 25th and hang out with friends who knew Paul. And then I decided I may as well stay that week and go to the Club Fantasy party on April 1st. That’s always my favorite party but it’ll probably be tough this time, since Paul was a regular there every month. He was the kind of friend where everything felt better once he showed up. It was always, “Oh cool, Paul’s here, now I can relax.” There will be a lot of people there who knew him, though, so I suspect we’ll probably all hang out in the back room and have a good time.

If you’re on Fetlife, here’s more information on the Memorial Service for Paul.

And the Threshold website here.

Some Recent California Pics

Well, it’s taken me a while here but I finally have some preview pictures from the last California trip, which was a lot of fun. Here are some nice shots with Kaitlynn Nguyen (some more of them will be going up Friday on the site). Also my cute friend Vicky whom I’ve known for several years from the Club Fantasy parties, where we’ve spent many fun evenings hanging out, and a few more of yours truly in distress.

That strappado in particular was tough! Oh, and that steel hogtie out on the patio was equally so. It’s bittersweet for me looking at many of these pictures since more than half of them were shot by Paul (Chainguy) who just suddenly passed away. There will be no replacing such a good friend, of course, but I know he’d want his pictures to be seen and enjoyed. I’m still waiting on word on his memorial service, which will likely be later this month. I’ll post more here when I hear the final date and also in the Yahoo Group for those who knew Paul and want to attend. I’m sure it will be packed.

Sad News About Paul Logan

Some readers here I’m sure have already heard the news that my good friend Paul (aka Chainguy) recently had a major health crisis and passed away in the hospital on Saturday, February 26th. He was 51. These last few days have been tough and I’ve been having a hard time believing that he’s really gone. He was a very good friend with a dry and clever sense of humor, and he also had a huge impact on Trannies In Trouble, shooting many of the galleries on the site.

I’m just waiting on news of the upcoming memorial to be held for him, most likely at the Threshold Clubhouse in L.A., where he was very active and where I often hung out with him at the Club Fantasy parties and at other events, and where we did quite a few shoots over the years. Flying back to California under these circumstances will be heartbreaking but I would regret it forever if I didn’t make it to the memorial service. He was loved and appreciated by many and I’m sure there will be a huge turnout. I don’t know yet when I’ll be leaving but it’ll probably be in a week or two. I’m going to keep this short but will write more about Paul later when I feel more confident about things. The shock is wearing off but I’m left with that empty feeling of disbelief as I go about my day.