New York State and City

Wow, it’s been a busy week getting ready for my upcoming New York trip. I’m going to be shooting a lot for about a week and a half and should be meeting lots of new people and should have some cute new gurls on the website when I get back. I probably over-booked things so I’m just going to take it as the adventure that it is and try to roll with whatever happens. I’ll be starting out up near Rochester and then taking the train down to New York City, which I haven’t visited since my sessions with Mr. K. way back in 2006! So I’m really excited to see the city again, and am definitely planning to get into Manhattan next weekend, hopefully more than once. It’s an intense and challenging place, of course, but I’ve always enjoyed the energy when I’ve been able to spend time there…Wish me luck, always fun to travel and always nice to come back home when it finally winds down! :-)

Sybil Cuts Loose at FetishCon 2014

(I recently heard from Sybil and she very graciously offered to write up a little report on her recent visit to FetishCon in Tampa. It sounds like it was another really fun time and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there this year to share in the adventures and to hear your presentation – way to go, girl! For anyone who hasn’t been, FetishCon is definitely worth the cost and effort, and if you’re a CD it’s a great chance to dress for days at a time. Thanks so much, Sybil!)

Hi ladies and admirers, and thanks to Sandra for the opportunity to tell stories and post pictures out here on the best tranny bondage site anywhere in existence!!

I thought I’d post a report from FetishCon last month, especially since Sandra had a conflict with the dates and wasn’t able to join us this year. Can’t believe it’s been over for 3+ weeks already! FetishCon is a place where a gurl can go and fit right in – if you’re looking for a place to be yourself, it doesn’t get much better than this.

There were some changes at FetishCon this year, including a new red carpet photo opportunity, which was on the 2nd floor of the Hilton in downtown Tampa, right outside the ballrooms where the main show is held and the classes are taught. (This hotel was a Hyatt for a number of years before the Hilton company bought them out recently) The red carpet was fun and gave everyone an opportunity to be sexy, campy or just plain silly in front of a nice FetCon backdrop. Included here is one on the carpet with Jean Bardot and her slave, The Jeffrey, all of us rubbered out – they posted all the pics on the FetCon Tumblr site.

I offered to teach a crossdressing class at the event this year, something I hadn’t done for a couple years at FetCon. And we had a very nice turnout – everyone was super and there was plenty of interaction, with gurls throwing tips around for each other, which is what I’d hoped for! (Included is a picture with one of the class attendees, Jessica, who describes herself as a “translesbian” – I love that term!) For this class I did a series of transformation photos the morning before the class, showing how I went from boy mode to Sybil. I included a photo of the before/after here, but had to add a few dots to my boy pic to protect my secret identity

I did manage to get into a little trouble in Tampa! I spent some time with Master Allen from, doing mummification and pantyhose encasement scenes. We used a luggage cart for the encasement scene – it was my first time being encased in pantyhose and first time being made into luggage as well! Master Allen has shot often with Sandra, so we had a lot to chat about. Another spot of trouble happened when I was kidnapped by The Jeffrey in my room and was held for a ransom of Oreo cookies. Fortunately for me, nobody paid the ransom and I was left inescapably tied for at least two hours, probably closer to three. Jeffrey started with the bondage you see in the picture with me on the bed, and eventually made a tight hogtie out of that. The pic is from The Jeffrey’s phone – he was texting it to all potential ransom payers!

The last little bit of trouble was being part of the Sunday night performance at the FetishCon Ball with Jean. We did a crazy little routine in military-look latex, with me getting bound to a table and paddled for hijacking Mistress Jean’s foxtail butt plug. Jean hit me really hard on the stage – I was a little surprised and when I was yelling, I meant it! Actually, sometimes Sandra whacks me pretty good, too…I guess Jean and Sandra are just artists looking for authenticity, eh? In addition to a picture from the performance, there is also a pic from backstage before the performance – Jean and me with the Reverend B. Dangerous and The Jeffrey (in bimbo mode again).

All these stories are fun, but the best part of FetishCon for me is getting to see and hang out with so many good friends at this event. Making new friends is also fabulous, and it is so easy with so many interesting people who attend this event. Will certainly be back next year! Thanks so much for reading this if you’re still with me!! Xoxo, Sybil