Some Full-Sized Ringgag Pictures

I used to back up all my old pictures on numerous CDs and DVD disks for many years, until switching to external hard drives a few years ago. I was organizing all the old disks over the weekend (been at home a lot getting over a cold) and found about 100 or so full-size versions of the old Ringgag pictures; he shot these on our very first meeting almost ten years ago!

I had always been disappointed that I only had small web-sized images from that intense weekend so it was a pleasant surprise to find some (but not all) of the full-sized out-of-the-camera files. Unfortunately many of my favorites were not included and there were lots of mediocre non-bondage shots but there are a few keepers. Ringgag was using a Sony CD Mavica camera back then, which was only 3 Megapixels, but that’s better than what I currently have for most of the shots. I still kick myself that I didn’t make more of an effort to get the original camera files from him, as they’re all long gone by now.

Anyway, with it being almost ten years ago that I last saw him, I was feeling a little nostalgic when I found these and thought I’d post a few of them. I do tend to revisit these pictures a couple times a year since like I’ve mentioned many times before, playing with Ringgag was always very intense and had that perfect edge of risk and excitement that’s so hard to find…

Winter Fetish Hoods – Ten-Year Anniversary Giveaways!

(Congratulations to Eryn and Miki and Audrey for winning the hoods! I’m doing another giveaway above for the Fashions4Fetish gift certificate and then a very big and desirable $75 dollar gift certificate in March from a company that any bondage fan would love! I’ll post more updates in the Yahoo Group as things proceed. Thanks again for all the nice comments!)

So for the next giveaway for the upcoming ten-year-anniversary of Trannies In Trouble (in March) there’ll be three brand new never-been-worn hoods from Winter Fetish, maker of high-quality stretch wear (love their stuff!). I originally was only going to give away one of them but the folks at Winter Fetish very generously donated two more when they heard about the giveaway! So for this one there will be three winners at the end of January, each one getting one of the hoods, selected at random from left to right in the picture below, so the odds of winner are even better this go around.

Once again it’s very easy to enter. Just leave a comment below and you’ll have to leave your email address. Then at the end of January I’ll use to select three of the comments and will email the winners to get a mailing address from them and will then mail them off, postage paid. It’s that easy! Again, to avoid any appearance of favoritism, I’ll unfortunately have to exclude people whom I’ve worked with before on the website. And you should not have won anything here within the last year. Also, although the packaging will be discreet, of course be sure you have a mailing address where it’s okay to receive fetish items – don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

I’m really looking forward to these upcoming giveaways and again really appreciate all the nice comments on the last one. Here are a couple pictures below with Paige (from some upcoming photo sets) wearing the same style of full hood with nose holes and also the sweet gwen hood. Good luck!