FetishCon in Tampa

Well, FetishCon is coming up fast (August 2nd till the 5th). I’m going to be packing and planning things this coming week and getting the website updates ready for being away. It’ll be almost an entire week, flying out Tuesday and coming back Monday. There should be some interesting shoots and fun parties while there, and it’s always great to see people I only get to see once a year. And I’m hoping to get a couple unusual shoots in while there with a darker theme than normal (love the dark stuff!) As an aside, I was looking at some cute genetic girls’ model profiles and it’s always funny when they refer to themselves as nerds. Being super pretty AND a nerd – yeah, you can say so, but believe me, you’re not a nerd (even if you do like comic books).

Anyway, I’ll probably be a little nervous when I first get there but once it starts it’s go go go for several days. Should be fun and memorable.

Saturday at the Oxwood

My friend Kim and I went out to the Oxwood Inn last night for their weekly Club Shine tranny night. I’ve said this numerous times here on the blog but nights out at bars are weird. We had a pretty good time, but for me it was better earlier in the evening. As the night goes on there’s more alcohol in people and things get louder and more unpleasant. A guy I’ve known for years also got annoyed at me as I declined his offer to buy me a drink and then later confronted me as I went back a few minutes later to get my own drink (just OJ, as I was the designated driver). Maybe I should have waited a little longer but I didn’t realize I was being watched. To be honest, I’m not thrilled when guys offer to buy me drinks, and I almost always say no, unless they’re friends whom I know don’t have any ulterior motives. With this guy, he’s fine, but yeah, there’s always that sense when he’s talking to me that he wants more, and I’m not interested; it’s just a little bit uncomfortable.

Later, when we finally left at 12:30 the bar area was packed and you could only get out by taking a few steps here, a few there, till you finally got to the door. One guy was intent on getting through and literally pushed people ahead of him as he muscled his way across the room. By that point I’d had way more than enough. Although Saturday night is the happen’ night at “the Ox,” I much prefer the Thursday karaoke night, which is more laid back, with far less aggression and sexual tension in the air, and hey, singing! So although this post sounds like the evening was a total bummer, really it was okay and good hanging out with my friend and getting to talk earlier in the evening. Still, it’ll probably be six months before I go back on a Saturday ;-)

Here I am smiling but not totally comfortable…