Crossdresser Police Cases

Here’s another fun magazine cover that my friend Mr. K. put together that I don’t think I’ve posted here before. The super tight bondage was done by Cincher and was completely inescapable as I remember he worked extra-long and hard on the wrist tie visible in the mirror, making it super tight and lashing it off to the chair with only an inch or two of movement from side to side . What could have brought Sandra to such a sorry state and what could possibly happen next…? (Shudder)

Gay Marriage on Time Magazine

I love the new covers on Time Magazine about gay marriage and the recent arguments before the Supreme Court – uhm, especially like the one with the girls ;-) It’s amazing how quickly attitudes continue to change. Who knows how long it will be before marriage equality is the law of the land in all 50 states but the inevitability of it continues to grow. (Now if only they could get this mess straightened out in California!) I find it so inspiring seeing things like this – Way to go Time!

Bugs (and an Amphibian) for Dinner at Typhoon

My friend Krystle and I have been talking for a while about eating some bugs at this crazy restaurant in Santa Monica called Typhoon and we finally got to drive down there last night and enjoy some. I didn’t dress up for this outing but still had a blast. I won’t post the thumbnails here in case anyone is squeamish, although to be honest they’re not that bad (just be careful of the third link in the next sentence if you do choose to click!) We had ants, crickets, frogs legs, scorpions on shrimp toast, and the most disgusting looking: fried silk worm pupae. I always like to try new things (within reason) and eating bugs seemed totally reasonable! It actually wasn’t that hard to do once we dug in. With the dipping sauces it’s just like eating fried whatever. The frogs legs were one of the tastiest, definitely tasting like chicken and very warm and juicy. And a couple glasses of wine made it awesome – A totally fun night out!

L.A. Marathon 2013

I just completed the L.A. Marathon earlier today and although my time was slow (5:19) thankfully I didn’t completely “bonk out” and hit the wall, and was even able to put on a little speed the last couple miles (and yeah, I left my high heels at home!). The 26.2 mile-long course is fantastic, with lots of L.A. landmarks, including Dodger Stadium (where it starts), Frank Gehry’s chrome-plated Disney Hall, down Hollywood Blvd. and the walk of fame, past a crowd of cheering drag queens in West Hollywood (Yes!), along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and finally finishing in Santa Monica nearly at the beach. It was really tough and a complete blast – it’ll definitely be one of the high points of the year!

Granted, I didn’t run the entire thing. I was doing the “run, walk, run” technique, endorsed by Olympian Jeff Galloway, where I walked for one minute every half mile. These little rests make a huge difference and allow some time to recover, until you hit mile 20 or so and things just become generally painful! But there’s amazing support from the crowds, with people everywhere cheering you on and lots of bands along the way jamming out.

It was a great day and I’d have to say that anyone who’s moderately active could probably do the same thing with maybe six months of moderate training (which is basically what I did, and not even as consistently as I should have). I never thought I’d be able to complete a marathon so I’m walking on air tonight, and insanely sore! Also a bit concerned with how I’ll feel in the morning when I try to drag my legs out of bed! ;-)

Latex Sandra

Recently I got to shoot some latex pictures with my friend GreggW (Ravenswalk), who’s a skilled photographer of kinky things. It was super sexy wearing this dress, which came from Syren, but it’s quite a production just getting into the thing! I had to wait for Gregg to arrive to help with doing up the zipper in back and to assist in forcing everything into place – Wow, it’s not like slipping into a regular dress or blouse! But it felt incredible once I was in it, and the way the latex clings all over is amazing. I kept staring at my forearms in particular and the way they were so smooth and glossy.

We shot a lot of pictures with this outfit and did several progressively more strict bondage positions, including using these inescapable “Hamburg 8” cuffs and then later some rubber straps and finally a tight rope hogtie. I’d love to do more stuff like this but just wish the latex outfits weren’t so incredibly expensive. You can easily spend several hundred dollars just on one outfit (and way more if you want to!) It was a fun shoot, though, and I’m really looking forward to posting the first half of it in just a couple weeks. Here’s a little preview in the meantime…Hope you like!