Bugs (and an Amphibian) for Dinner at Typhoon

My friend Krystle and I have been talking for a while about eating some bugs at this crazy restaurant in Santa Monica called Typhoon and we finally got to drive down there last night and enjoy some. I didn’t dress up for this outing but still had a blast. I won’t post the thumbnails here in case anyone is squeamish, although to be honest they’re not that bad (just be careful of the third link in the next sentence if you do choose to click!) We had ants, crickets, frogs legs, scorpions on shrimp toast, and the most disgusting looking: fried silk worm pupae. I always like to try new things (within reason) and eating bugs seemed totally reasonable! It actually wasn’t that hard to do once we dug in. With the dipping sauces it’s just like eating fried whatever. The frogs legs were one of the tastiest, definitely tasting like chicken and very warm and juicy. And a couple glasses of wine made it awesome – A totally fun night out!

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