L.A. Marathon 2013

I just completed the L.A. Marathon earlier today and although my time was slow (5:19) thankfully I didn’t completely “bonk out” and hit the wall, and was even able to put on a little speed the last couple miles (and yeah, I left my high heels at home!). The 26.2 mile-long course is fantastic, with lots of L.A. landmarks, including Dodger Stadium (where it starts), Frank Gehry’s chrome-plated Disney Hall, down Hollywood Blvd. and the walk of fame, past a crowd of cheering drag queens in West Hollywood (Yes!), along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and finally finishing in Santa Monica nearly at the beach. It was really tough and a complete blast – it’ll definitely be one of the high points of the year!

Granted, I didn’t run the entire thing. I was doing the “run, walk, run” technique, endorsed by Olympian Jeff Galloway, where I walked for one minute every half mile. These little rests make a huge difference and allow some time to recover, until you hit mile 20 or so and things just become generally painful! But there’s amazing support from the crowds, with people everywhere cheering you on and lots of bands along the way jamming out.

It was a great day and I’d have to say that anyone who’s moderately active could probably do the same thing with maybe six months of moderate training (which is basically what I did, and not even as consistently as I should have). I never thought I’d be able to complete a marathon so I’m walking on air tonight, and insanely sore! Also a bit concerned with how I’ll feel in the morning when I try to drag my legs out of bed! ;-)

5 thoughts on “L.A. Marathon 2013”

  1. congratulations: you are a remarkable person. I wish I could give you a foot message; I used to be pretty good.

  2. What a star you are! Well done Sandra

    I would have loved to have done it with you. Hang on a minute no actually tell a lie 10k nearly killed me! LOL

  3. Hey, congratulations! :D That’s a great accomplishment, one I know you’ve been aiming at for quite a while.

    Yay, you! :D

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