Celebrity Sighting

Even though I live in Los Angeles, I very rarely ever see any famous people. I think I’m probably just too poor to go where they go, and, well, I don’t go out much anyway. But today I stopped by a large makeup supply shop / salon / day spa called Naimie’s and saw Jon Voight, of all people, chatting with someone at the counter.

I’ve never really liked to be the center of attention myself, and have always thought it would be really uncomfortable to be famous like that, always being recognized and watched wherever you go (and mentioned in stranger’s blogs). Which is kind of ironic, since I obviously do like some attention – why else would I have hundreds of bondage pictures of myself online? But real life and the internet are two different things. I can’t imagine how famous people can even bear to go out and constantly see that look of recognition in the eyes of other people whom they’ve never met and will likely never know. It has to be really weird and disorienting. You can understand how some of them must go a little crazy or become total recluses.

Still More Gay Marriage News

I promise this isn’t going to become the gay marriage blog, but hey, the news just keeps happening. The ACLU and other groups are already filing their challenges against Prop 8 with the California Supreme Court. And, very interesting, a ruling last month by the State Supreme Court in Connecticut will make gay marriage legal there starting next week. So soon there will again be two states where it’s legal.

The Day Arrives

Amazing – Barack Obama is going to be president.

Discouraging – It looks like the gay marriage ban in California is going to pass. The L.A. Weekly points out in their voter’s guide that “Proposition 8 marks the first time in history that an American will vote to take away a constitutional right.”

Until it’s reversed, and it will be.

Free Sex Toys for Voting

With the election coming up tomorrow, Babeland is apparently offering a free incentive if you visit one of their stores with your “I Voted” sticker. I don’t think I actually need a self-pleasuring sleeve, but I’ll definitely be visiting the polls early and looking forward to watching the results tomorrow evening – I always ridiculously enjoy the post-election reporting. I’ve got my fingers crossed.