Last Day at FetishCon

FetishCon’s winding up to be one of the best yet! I’ve been meeting a lot of people and doing some fun shoots, some of which should be quite unique. Just shooting one more time this evening and then heading down to the final Sunday night party, which is usually the best of the weekend. I’m flying back tomorrow, and I’ll have more of an update later this week and post a few pictures here. Tuesday I’m sleeping till noon if my body lets me!

Oh, and I met my goal of only one orgasm for July. When was it? Last night – no more details than that ;-) I’m going to start fresh and repeat the program for August…We shall see.

Waiting In DIA

It looks like my flight to Tampa for FetishCon is running a couple hours late so I’m just hanging out in the Denver airport again. Thankfully I wasn’t planning to shoot anything this evening, so it’s no big deal. I’ll probably just wander around the hotel and see if anyone I know is there, and then unpack and shave and soak in the tub tonight. Like I mentioned before, I hate packing for these things, though it finally all came together pretty easily yesterday. I’m always trying to streamline my travel routine, so when I get home I’m thinking I’ll take pictures of the contents of my bags, and then lay everything out according to what I wore / didn’t wear / bondage gear used / didn’t use, and take more pictures of the piles, which will probably help a lot with the next trip. It’s probably a little sad to admit but fussy things like that excite me almost as much as the convention itself! ;-)

Oh, and as for the Self Denial program (three blog posts below), here it is the 27th day of July and to quote Seinfeld, I’m still the Master of My Domain.

One More Leg Shot

Here’s one more extra shot from this week’s update. I liked this shot but the way I’m standing makes it look like I was chopped off at the waist and twisted around at a forty-five degree angle. Still shows the legs quite nicely though ;-) The bondage that goes with this one (check out that link above) was very strict and effective – there was no way I was getting out of that chair without a very long and drawn out struggle. And even then with the elbows tied I still might not have gotten free!

Packing for FetishCon – 7/27 to 8/01

Packing for a trip is one of my least favorite things in the world, so I’m trying to get a head start on FetishCon coming up next week. Since I started going back to L.A. last year fairly often, I made up a master list of things to take – outfits, duct tape, high heels and so on, which helps some though I can still find myself paralyzed by moments of doubt. I’m doing pretty well on getting things organized here but have yet to try to actually shove everything into two large suitcases, plus a laptop case and the camera bag. Schlepping all this stuff through the airport is a pain but it’s worth being there for the event. There are a few people I’m planning to shoot with and some new online folks I’ve been chatting with and look forward to meeting. It’s still a week away but should be a good time. I’ll probably be out of touch on the blog here while I’m gone and extra-bad with email but should have some nice new pictures when I get back. If you’ve never been there, it’s a great convention with loads of bondage models walking around. Hope to see you there!

Sexual Self Denial

This is probably one of those “too much information” posts, but recently I was chatting with some online friends about the subject of self-imposed chastity, or what I like to call self denial, where you limit the number of orgasms that you allow yourself during a given time period. This is obviously quite different from wearing an actual chastity device, a subject which also intrigues me, but not something I’ve ever tried. Instead of the control being imposed by a device and someone who perhaps holds the key for it (that does sound like fun, though the logistics of going to the gym and so on seem tricky), self denial on the other hand is simply using your willpower to keep yourself from masturbating and allowing the sexual tension to build up over time. I’ve found that I always enjoy my kinks and interests more if I have fewer orgasms and, not surprisingly, after a couple weeks of no release I find that when my mind turns to such things there’s usually a heightened intensity to them. Sometimes it’ll be pretty easy to go days at a time without any release, and other times it’s all I can do to not find some sexy pictures on Fetlife or Flickr and get it done!

Well, I haven’t done this sort of thing in quite a while, but I was thinking about it last month, so I decided to try to limit myself to one orgasm for the month of July and then see how the rest of the summer goes (thankfully FetishCon is at the end of the month – if any event can destroy my willpower that one certainly could). So far here we are on the early morning of day sixteen (just got back from Friday night karaoke) and surprisingly it hasn’t been too difficult, though I had a few tough moments when I saw some nice bondage pictures and some pictures of a very cute CD a few days ago that got to me pretty bad. We shall see how the rest of the month goes. I really don’t know how long I’ll last, or if I’ll be able to keep this up (so to speak) and of course I could always call in my one orgasm tomorrow, though that would leave the rest of the month ahead of me with no release at all, so I’d rather save it till the end of the month. Just as an aside, the longest I ever held myself back was actually two months and that was when I was a terribly guilt-ridden eighteen-year-old. I still don’t know how I lasted that long at such an early age, though my reasons for doing it were motivated by guilt and self-loathing then; whereas now it’s almost like an extended period of foreplay (as an online friend said). I’ll most likely be posting more updates here as things progress, for better or worse…

And just before heading out the door Friday night for the Santa Fe Tavern…And that same shiny blouse will be in the next update on the site.

Catherine Nylon, the Mysterious French Artist!

A while back I posted some pictures from a French CD who had made some really terrific damsel in distress drawings. A few weeks later I heard from Gwen in Corsica who’s friends with the girl who drew the pictures (I should have thought of asking Gwen years ago, as she seems to know everyone in Europe!) Gwen very kindly put me in touch with the mysterious artist, who left a nice blog comment. It was a real thrill to be chatting with Catherine Nylon, who indeed made the drawings in question (though she insists that she’s no artist – just someone who likes to draw her fantasies). I’ve wondered for over ten years who produced them, so it really did feel like a mystery finally being solved. We’ve been exchanging some emails and Catherine very generously agreed to let me post some more of her drawings here and a few of her self-bondage photos, which are also very nicely done and reflect her same interests that we see in her drawings.

My old high school French is really bad but I’ve been able to get the gist (sort of) of some of the captions on the drawings, which I’ll post below, referring to them with numbers from left to right, top to bottom. The numerous mistakes are of course my own.

1. Isabelle is the young servant of Myriam, who enjoys tormenting the young girl according to her whim. Having done a bad job at housekeeping, she’s bound and gagged the young girl to a post in the basement. “There you are Isabelle dear, tightly bound and gagged. I’m going to leave you here all day; that will teach you to do the housework!”

2. (This one is tough!) “There, my little pretty one. You’d better be smart or I’ll do something nasty to your pretty face!” Now at the hands of a dangerous psychopath…(the rest of it eludes me, something about poor Gwendoline).

3. NA

4. “It’s going to be hard to keep my hands off you, my pretty one, but now that I have you, I’m sure your father will pay me a nice ransom if he ever wants to see his little dear again safe and sound.”

5. In the den, Isabelle the young house servant was grabbed and made helpless by the female thief. To keep her quiet during the robbery, the woman tied Isabelle up like a sausage in her long nylon servant’s uniform and then tightly gagged her.

6. Caroline Garnier, the beautiful eighteen-year-old shopgirl at the bakery has been kidnapped by a thirty-year-old woman during the course of her work. The woman was so much stronger than Caroline and had no problem making her helpless and taking the young girl, who now ten hours later has been tightly trussed up like a sausage and thoroughly gagged. “Have some patience, my dear, I’m not going to untie you yet; I like you too much like that, tightly bound and gagged.”

7. Returning home, Yves Garnier had a terrible surprise finding his young and pretty wife Martine tightly tied from head to toe to a post in the living room and thoroughly gagged. It was earlier that the young woman, in her long nylon dress, as she was preparing to leave for work, was approached by a thirty-something woman who came to the front door. Once inside, being so much stronger than the young wife, she had no problem overpowering and silencing her young victim.

Catherine has also taken some terrific self-bondage pictures which show her love of “nylon blouses” and tight ropes and that look of distress. She’s also made some cute images on the Atari that have much the same style as her drawings. One interesting thing that she’s told me about is the style of garment in France called a “blouse,” which is different from what we would call a blouse here in the States. Apparently in France it’s more like a housecoat or over-garment that a housewife might wear to protect her dress. And although this kind of garment apparently is no longer in style, it’s still available and worn by some, mostly more mature, women at home. Catherine’s favorites are blouses in nylon, which almost always appear in her drawings. It’s always fascinating to see someone who has such a unique style to her approach to bondage and to making picture, and I really hope we’ll be seeing more from Catherine in the future.


Just as a quick follow-up to the “Hey, That’s Me” post two entries down below, here’s an example of a photo manipulation that I saw from someone on Facebook, where she used Photoshop to add her own face onto my body. This sort of thing I actually don’t mind, as it shows some actual effort and creativity. Although technically it’s not the greatest work, I’ve certainly seen much worse and I think we can all relate to seeing a hot bondage picture and imagining ourselves in the situation of the the poor girl who’s tied up. If anyone else has any more manipulations like this using Trannies In Trouble pics – with their face or body or mine – either done by themselves or things they’ve seen online, I’d love to see them and maybe post some of the best ones here. Here’s my email address.

First Friday at Tracks

I finally made it out to Tracks Nightclub (after a couple failed past attempts) for their First Fridy “BabesArounDenver” – basically a really big gay women’s night. I knew that several local cd’s / tg’s would be there so I headed out early to find some parking. The club is pretty nice and very large, with several different rooms; apparently it’s one of Denver’s biggest gay clubs. Once it really got hopping there were probably about 500 women there, most of them lesbians, some guys and some trannies.

I can’t say I had as much fun as I did at Milk Bar the other night but it was okay. I know I’ve talked about this many times here before, but I know some people absolutely love nightclubs and are out partying every weekend, whereas I, on the other hand, am a total buzzkill when it comes to clubs. I’d say I like the idea of them much more than the reality. I mean, what’s the real point? To get drunk or get laid. And I don’t drink much at all and rarely ever get laid (for various reasons). There are those brief transcendent moments of dancing that can be very nice, and I will admit that seeing young lesbians kissing is pretty easy to watch. The thing that makes me uneasy about clubs, though, is that with the mixture of booze and sexual tension, there’s so often a slight edge of aggression to the festivities, as though everyone is there to fuck or fight, and either one could happen at any moment. It could just be me and my past, as I had a tough time of it way back in school and may just be hyper-sensitive to aggression, although I have pointed out this observation to others and some say, “Oh, yeah, I totally know what you mean,” and others look at me like I’m crazy: “What? Agression in a club? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

At one point though, I was dancing with a cd friend whom I’ve known for many years and whom I only get to see from time to time and a straight couple were nearby dancing. The guy moved over and danced with us for a while but it was in that overly-pushy getting-in-your-space kind of way and it just made me feel uneasy. It was like, is he going to feel me up or punch me in the face? It just felt a little off and so often in clubs it’s a series of moments that just feel a little off. After closing, when people are in the street and trying to get out of the parking lot of course the behavior ratchets up a few more notches. So all in all it was, yeah, okay. I’ll probably go back eventually but I’m not making any special plans. In any case, here’s a quick shot last night just as I was heading out the door…